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Sometimes, a quality budget scope is the “tipping force” that gets the job done. The Best Rifle Scope Under $300 definitely falls into that category.

Read on to find out what to expect from the various best budget scopes, that are designed for hunting and target shooting.

Best Rifle Scope Under 300 Bucks

No Product Name Quick Facts Pros Cons
1 Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50mm – Under $300
– Best for deer hunting, target shooting
– Dead-Hold BDC reticle
– Great value for money
– Parallax removal
– Long eye relief
– Fast focus eyepiece
Not for beginners
2 Bushnell Trophy Xtreme – 30mm tube
– Large objective lens (50mm)
– Large light inlet
– HD rain guard coating
Quite heavy
3 Nikon P-223 4-12×40mm – Designed for AR rifles
– Bullet drop marks up to 600 yards
– Reliable and rugged
– Enhanced magnification
Limited at lower ranges
4 Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40mm – 4x-12x magnification
– Multi-coated lenses
– Good for medium-range shots
– Durable
Glare at higher magnification settings
5 Mueller Target 8-32 x 44mm – High magnification for long-range shots – High-end materials and optics
– Easy to adjust settings
Not for everyone
6 Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm – Designed for AR15 rifle
– 11 illumination settings
– Fast target acquisition
– Durable
Not mentioned
7 Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5-14x40mm – In-built aiming points in the reticle
– Spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets
– Clear and bright pictures
– Quick focus eyepiece
Not mentioned
8 Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm – 3x to 9x magnification – Easy to use turrets
– Multi-coated lenses
Limited features
9 Nikon PROSTAFF 2.5-10x40mm – Slightly better magnification compared to others in the price range – Sharp and clear images
– Improved low light ambience
Not mentioned
10 Bushnell Banner 3-9x 40mm Dusk & Dawn – Designed for hunting during dawn and dusk
– DDB multi-coated optics lenses
– Wide field of view
– Lightweight
– Adjustable turrets
Loose eyepiece
11 Primary Arms 4-14x44mm FFP – Made of aluminum alloy
– Eye relief between 3.14 to 3.12
– Durable
– Good for long-distance shooting
Not mentioned

Now that we have listed the 11 Best Rifle Scope Under $300 in 2019, let us look at what makes them stand out.

You may also check the best long range scope, if you are willing to pay more for extras.

Last but not least, if there is a scope you would recommend, please let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

1. Best Rifle Scope Under $300 – Vortex Crossfire II

4.5/5 - (2 votes)
Quick fact:
  • Price Range: Under $300
  • Best for: Deer hunting, target shooting, and for discriminating shooters and hunters.
  • Special Feature: Dead-Hold BDC reticle suitable for various ranges, eliminating concerns over holdover.
What we like:
  • Adjustable Objective: Clear images, great value.
  • Parallax Removal: Ideal for deer hunting.
  • Long Eye Relief: Comfortable, quick target acquisition.
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece: Enables rapid shots.
  • Multi-Coated Lenses: Easy target, adjustable turrets.
  • Durability: Durable, waterproof, fog-resistant material.
What we not like:
  • Just Fit with Beginner

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24x50mm is in our view, the best rifle scope under 300 dollars. That’s because it comes with several features that makes it easy to use.

For instance, its Dead-Hold BDC Reticle is ideal for various ranges, meaning you don’t have to worry about holdover.

It offers you the best adjustable objective, ensuring you great value for money. This scope has fully multi-coated and anti-reflective lenses.

That gives you clear and great images, even under lower light conditions. Additionally, you’ll love its parallax removal. That makes it the Best Rifle Scope for Deer Hunting.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II scope is designed for discriminating shooters and hunters, that’s according to its manufacturer. It’s something that we tend to agree with.

What you should realize is that its finish and compactness is another reason you should buy this budget scope.


The Vortex Optics offers you a long and nice eye relief. According to some users, its eyebox is forgiving. It means as a user, you’ll get your rifle on target and make a shot quickly.

The fast focus eyepiece may be the reason for this ability. Keep in mind that most any rifle shooter or hunter will be thankful for this feature.

Target Acquisition

budget rifle scopeAmong our reasons for picking the Vortex Optics Crossfire II as the Best Rifle Scope, under $300 is the long eye relief in addition to the fast-focus eyepiece.

The multi-coated lenses along with re-settable MOA turrets, ensures users have an easy time acquiring targets.

This budget scope is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, meaning its fog proof and waterproof. The single Focal Plane Reticle enables you to maintain a perfect sight picture, meaning value for your money.


If you want to get bright pictures, you should consider this model, which is shockproof. Remember it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum single tube.

It’s not every day that you get the best features from an affordable scope.  However, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II budget scope provides you with the best value for money.  If you’re a discriminating shooter or hunter, its one must buy for you.

2. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme – Best Rifle Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

When you compare the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Riflescope X30 6-24×50mm with other scopes in its price range, you will realize that its 30mm tube makes it stand out.

This advantage is rare for budget scopes available at its price and offers you several benefits. For example, it ensures the scope has a larger light inlet, the result being low light conditions are improved.

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme also features a large objective lens (50mm) meaning you should consider buying it.


The Bushnell X30 6-24×50 offers you a large adjustment range. Remember that scopes with large magnification such as the Trophy Xtreme benefit from a large range.

The Bushnell comes with top quality glass and uses its own coating referred to as the HD rain guard. It ensures you get bright and clear images no matter the conditions of your surroundings.

For instance, whether it’s foggy or raining, you’ll get clear results. The Trophy Xtreme scope makes sure you get excellent images.

Target Acquisition

That’s because its high-quality glass in combination with large tube ensure you get clear and crisp images, even at long distances.

This scope is shockproof since it’s designed for demanding hunting trips. Overall, it’s sturdy and well designed, meaning you can mount it rifles that have heavy recoil without any issues.

Since the eye relief is 3.6 inches, it should be adequate for rifles that have heavy recoil. The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Rifle Scope is quite heavy, thanks to the large objective size, large tube and solid build.

However, it’s this reason that makes it perfect for long distance shooting and hunting. The elevation and windage adjustments are easy to reach, which ensures you get precise adjustments.

With this affordable scope, Bushnell has ensured you get a budget scope with the best features and quality. If you enjoy long distance shots, this budget scope is one must buy for you.


3. Long Range Scope on a Budget – Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

You may not be surprised to find a scope with this magnification at a price under $300. However, what is surprising is finding a Nikon scope at this cost.

Among the reasons why you should opt for this scope is that it’s reliable, made from the best components and is rugged.

That means you’re guaranteed to get the best value for your money since the budget scope will serve you for longer.


The Nikon P-223 Riflescope 4-12×40mm BDC 600 is specifically made to be used on AR rifles. For instance, it comes with enhanced magnification.

That allows for longer shots using that type of rifle. The reticle comes with bullet drop marks that effectively allow you to compensate for shots, which are up to 600 yards.

It means you get the best shots when using this scope.

For a clearer and sharper image, this scope has Nikon’s (multi-coated) optics. Keep in mind that the multi-coating reduces glare and reflection, which results in improved visibility in conditions that are low light.

The turrets on the Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope feature Spring-Loaded (Instant Zero-Reset) settings. Additionally, the turret adjustments are precise and easy, which means using this budget scope will result in the best experiences.

Target Acquisition

If you happen to own an AR rifle and looking to make medium or long-range shots, the Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope should be among your top options, you should bear in mind that the magnification’s lower end makes it quite hard for you to track targets at the lower ranges.

However, the moment you reach around 100 yards, you’ll be good. This budget scope is ideal for AR rifles and available at a customer friendly price.


Among the benefits of buying this budget scope is that you’ll get sharp and clearer images as a result of the multi-coated optics. They will reduce glare and reflection, which means even if you’re in low light conditions, visibility will be improved.

4. Vortex Diamondback – Best Long Range Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

If you want to enjoy medium range shots, one of the best choices for you should be the  Vortex Diamondback Riflescope 4-12×40mm, which is a high-performance budget scope.

The Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope offers you several excellent mechanical and optical features, the result being the best value for your money.


For example, its power level adjusts from 4x-12x magnification. The lenses on this budget scope are entirely multi-coated using Vortex’s proprietary coating.

Keep in mind that the coatings are designed to reduce light reflection off the Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope (4-12×40) lenses and enhance light transmission.

When using magnification settings, which are on the higher side, you’ll experience glare. However, since the lenses are coated, this glare is reduced.

During hunting expeditions, you may experience tough conditions. The Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope (4-12×40) comes with a tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum (high quality).

That means your scope is protected from any tough conditions in the outdoors. An additional advantage is that the tube is purged using argon gas, which means internal fogging is prevented.

Target Acquisition

The mechanical side of the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope features accurate and precise adjustments for elevation, range and windage. To compensate for bullet-drops, this scope features Vortex’s BDC reticle.

In the case you’re searching for a hunting scope that’s ideal for medium to long-range shots, the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope is one perfect option for you.


It provides you with the best optics under the $300 price range, which you may find it hard to get anywhere else. You should consider buying this scope if you are under a tight budget.

Remember it’s a high-performance rifle scope, which is ideal for medium range shots. You want a budget scope that will survive tough outdoor conditions.

Since the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope comes with a high-quality tube, you can have peace of mind that it will serve you for extended periods, the result being value for money.

5. Best Rifle Scope Under $300 – Mueller Target Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

The Mueller Target Rifle Scope 8-32 x 44mm provides target shooters and long-range hunters with outstanding magnification.

Usually, if you prefer long distance shots, you’ll have to spend more money if you want to get better optics on your rifle scope.

However, with this Mueller model, you’ll get the best features at a great price. The Mueller 8-32 x 44mm is not meant for everyone.

The reason is its lower end magnification that many hunters may not like, but if you love long-distance shots, this scope is the perfect budget scope for you.


Its magnification’s upper end which is at 32x makes it ahead of other scopes.

The Mueller 8-32 x 44mm features high-end materials and optics and is solidly built. It provides you with a 30 mm tube along with 44 mm lens, which is what you need and expect.

It’s a standard that you may find hard to get on a scope at this price.

Target Acquisition

When it comes to its elevation, windage and magnification, you’ll find that its settings are easy to adjust, which means using this budget scope is easy.

Even when shooting with rounds and rifles with heavy recoil, this scope retains zero, which is an added advantage.

Its lenses provide you with crisp images of any target at any magnification level since they are multi-coated, which means they prevent glare.

The larger tube and lens diameters enable the budget scope to get maximum light transmission even in low light capabilities.

For long-range shooters on a budget, this is one fantastic choice. It’s hard to find such a scope under the $300 range which offers you the above long distance capabilities.


However, you should only buy this brand if you’re looking to get the best long distance shots. It’s among the best scopes you can find below $300 and offers you the best service if what you’re looking for are long distance shots.

6. The Vortex Strike Eagle – Best Scope Under 300 Bucks

Best Scope under 300

The AR15 is one favorite rifle in modern sporting history. That means no discussion about the best scopes under $300 is complete without mentioning it.

The AR15 offers users many qualities, which makes it one excellent option for sporting, self-defense, home-defense, targets and hunting.

It’s ergonomic and has many accessories available for it, since it has been around for a long time.

It’s a pleasure to shoot with, the reason being it offers a light recoil.

Among the features that should make you buy the Vortex Strike Eagle Scope, is that you can adjust it to six power, meaning you can engage targets which are far away.


Its fully multi-coated lenses ensure you can get crisp sight pictures even in conditions with low light. The third reason why you should check out this model is its glass-etched BDC reticle.

It offers you 11 amazing illumination settings, which ensure you can cope with the changes that happen in ambient light.

The windage cap gives you some space to store your extra battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Target Acquisition

The fast focus dial is another reason why the Vortex (Optics) Strike Eagle is among the best scopes in the market. You can quickly acquire your targets day and night.

You can have peace of mind that this budget scope will serve you for long since its fog proof, shockproof and waterproof.

The Strike Eagle is one powerful budget scope that lets you focus on your target fast, even if it’s close. When you combine this quality with other features of the scope’s other qualities, what you get is good value for money.


The Strike Eagle is one versatile budget scope that’s ideal for various applications. If you’re looking for the best scope for target practice, hunting or tactical operations, you should consider it.

With a weight of 18 ounces, it’s a must buy for you. Two layers of glass illuminate and protect the reticle, meaning this budget scope is reliable and durable.

7. Nikon Prostaff 5 – Best budget Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

Nikon is one proven, great and trusted brand. It means that the Nikon Prostaff 5 is one of the best scopes under $300.

Its reticle comes with in-built aiming pints, which makes it easier for you to carry out elevation adjustments.

The Nikon Prostaff 5 features instant zero-reset turrets (spring loaded), making it one of the best in the market.


Target Acquisition

You’ll get clear, nice and bright pictures, thanks to the multi-coated lenses.

The eye-piece (quick focus) ensures you have the ability to bring its reticle into focus fast.

You can use this scope with Spot on Ballistic Match Technology from Nikon. It enables you to use an app to carry out some of the work for you.

Best Zoom

The many technological updates on this budget scope, means you’ll be getting is value for money. For example, its 4x zoom ratio is among the best you can get under $300.


The bright and nice optical system, hand-turn reticle adjustments, and zero-reset turrets, ensure you get the best service.

The Nikon Prostaff 5 holds zero well and is easy to use. Its finish, compactness and overall feel is good. If you’re looking for a durable budget scope, you should consider buying the Nikon Prostaff 5.

If you prefer a Mil Dot scope, you should consider this brand since it’s among the best scope you can find under $300. Keep in mind that Mil is a short term for “milliradian.”, which is a military unit of angle.

Many users love Mil dot scopes, which mean if you’re one of them, you should make sure you purchase the Nikon Prostaff 5.

Its durability, ease of use and the ability to hold zero will ensure you get impressive results when using the budget scope. You won’t go wrong with this Mil Dot scope available under 300 dollars the moment you start using it.

8. Leupold Rifle Scope – Best Budget Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm is one excellent product, which is available at a very good price.

Among its best offers is its standard magnification that is arguably the best you can get at below $300.

If you’re looking for close range shots, this budget scope can provide you with as low as 3x magnification.

On the other hand, if what you want are precise shots at mid-range, the range can be tripled to 9x.

Fast Target Acquisition

Leupold Rifle Scope turrets are easy to use and enable you to have a precision adjustment. That means you get the best returns from your investments.

The lenses on Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm are multi-coated, meaning they are waterproof and fog proof.

Additionally, this scope is filled with Leupold’s proprietary Krypton and Argon blend of gases, meaning its one quality budget scope.

This scope gives you the ability to hold your selected focus even after a heavy recoil while its eyepiece is lockable.

By choosing to get this scope model, what you’ll be getting is an easy to use budget scope and the best service.

Leupold Rifle Scope may not offer you the best features that you can expect from high-end budget scopes. However, at its price, what you get are features that suit your needs.

For the best outcome, you should check your budget estimates and needs and determine whether this brand is the best option for you.

Best Rifle Scope Under $300 with Clear Images

Remember you want clear and bright images, which means the lenses on this budget scope will serve you well. The budget scope itself will last longer and will ensure you benefit from precision adjustment.

This review finds Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm to be among the best buys under $300 since you can enjoy both close-range shots along with precision shots from mid-range.

The ability to hold focus after heavy recoil is another reason why it’s a worthy buy.

9. Nikon PROSTAFF – Best Rifle Scope Under 300

Best Scope under 300

The Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle scope 5 2.5-10×40 BDC provides you with a slightly better magnification than other models at its price range.

However, you should realize that being  Nikon scope, it will offer you outstanding reliability along with the best quality. In this review, we’ll look at why you should consider checking it out.


By choosing to get this budget scope, you’ll benefit from getting sharp, crisp and clear images. The Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle Scope offers you a range of magnification in addition to an improved range for shooting.

Multiple layers of anti-fog and anti-reflective compounds coat the optics, which means that low light ambience is improved in addition to optimizing light transmission.

Target Acquisition

This scope comes with adjustments that are precise and easy to use, which is something you expect from a Nikon scope.

On the other hand, its turrets provide you with (spring loaded) instant zero-reset capability.

If you were searching for the best scope under $300, you should consider the Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle Scope. That’s because you will benefit from its excellent magnification levels.


As you would expect from a hunting scope, the optics on this budget scope are waterproof, which means you can comfortably and securely use it in the outdoors.

It provides you with a better range of magnification when you compare it with the Leupold and Vortex scopes. Check it out when shopping for your next hunting scope.

Budget Hunting Scope

The manufacturer of this scope, Nikon, is known to design scopes that are reliable and of the best quality. It’s one thing you need to remember when looking for the best hunting scope since you want value for your money.

The easy to use and precise adjustments ensure you get better results while in the outdoors.

Any user wants to get crisp, sharp and clear images when using a rifle scope. It’s the reason why this review recommends that you check your needs and consider buying the Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope.

10. Bushnell Banner 3-9×40 – Best Budget Scope Under $300

best scope under 300

This rifle scope works best when used for hunting especially in the wee hours of the morning or evening.

That is why we find that its name has the word Dusk and Dawn which is simply an indicator when to use it.

The scope features a Dust and Dawn Brightness (DDB), which has multiple coated optics lenses that maximizing light transmission.

That gives the shooter brighter and clear images to get the right precision.

This, therefore, makes hunting fast and easy as you will be able to clearly see what you are hunting.


Target Acquisition

The scope features a fast focus eyepiece that has a grip zoom ring, and its power mode can be adjusted and focused in seconds in low light conditions.

The magnification power of this scope is placed in the medium category. Another amazing thing about this scope is that it weighs only 13 ounces and has a length of 12 inches.

The lightweight part of it is very interesting as this will give relief to  muscle in case one is going on a long hunting trip.

This type of scope is a second focal plane category, by this, we mean that the reticles do not change in size when magnification changes but rather remains constant.


This, therefore, might lead to loss of accuracy when there is a change in the power of magnification.


  • Waterproof, shockproof & fog proof
  • Wide field of view
  • When set properly, it maintains zero.
  • Easy Zoom
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable turrets


  • Loose eyepiece
  • Quality control issue

11. Primary Arm 4-14x44mm FFP – Best Rifle Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

This is a strong kind of scope made of aluminum alloy for recoil resistance and durability, it is also made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The eye relief of the scope ranges from 3.14 to 3.12, this is meant to protect the user from heavy recoil and also shooters who wear glasses.

There is a side mount parallax adjustment knob on the scope that helps in ensuring that the reticle parallax is free and the target appears sharp from a long distance.


The scopes also provide a shooter with a magnification power that ranges from 4x to 14x, this ensures that the image obtained is closer and clear from a distance.

The scope also has an objective diameter of 44mm which is enough to transmit the required amount of light for brighter objects.

Target Acquisition

In addition, it is good to note that the primary arm 4-14×44 FFP scope comes with 6 different lighting on magnification which is just amazing.

A quick ranging in the scope can also be easily achieved thanks to the patented ACSS ORION reticle which helps in this. This scope, therefore, is able to provide any shooter with all the required features needed for effective hunting session.

The primary arm is a well-known company for producing scopes with quality optics, and it is located in Japan. In case you settle in purchasing this scope, you will be awarded a three years warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Durable
  • Wide field of view
  • Easy to use
  • Shockproof, waterproof and fog resistant


  • Windage is a bit finicky

Choosing the Best Rifle Scope at Anorther Price

When it comes to choosing the best scope, you will want to go for one that is lightweight, offers a sufficient FOV, and allow you to make fast adjustments.

If you want more suggestions on the best scopes then check out the article Whats the Best Scope for the Money now

You will also have to  make sure that it self-adjusts to your original setting after a recoil. Most important, it should have some form of weather proofing to make sure that it does not malfunction when you are out in the field.

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Francisco Cole
Francisco Cole
5 years ago

I like that budget is the first thing in your steps. A scope/optic has to fir in most peoples budget somehow, and it’s very easy to spend more than you intended. At this time, I only have one rifle fitted with an optic, and that’s my AR 15. While I look, watch and drool with envy over the number of high end scopes and optics, spending 4 figures for use on a $900, just isn’t an expense a retiree can easily justify. I have both a scope and a holographic Red Dot on quick mounts. The scope is a Vortex Diamondback Tactical Rifle, with 4 – 16x, the Red Dot a Vortex Venom 1x. I’ve had both for about 5 years now, and other than replacing batteries, no issues to date with either.

5 years ago

I want to buy a riffle for deer hunting also write an article on my blog about that specific riffle. You have exposed here so many details of riffles. Actually, I bookmarked it due to it piqued my attention. Thank you very much. I love to visit this website again and again.

J Adam
J Adam
5 years ago

I like that financial limit is the primary thing in your means. A degree/optic needs to many people groups spending plan by one way or another, and it’s extremely simple to spend more than you planned. Right now, I just have one rifle fitted with an optic, and that is my AR 15. While I look, watch and slobber with jealousy over the quantity of top of the line degrees and optics, burning through 4 figures for use on a $900, simply isn’t a cost a retiree can without much of a stretch legitimize. I have both an extension and a holographic Red Dot on brisk mounts. The degree is a Vortex Diamondback Tactical Rifle, with 4 – 16x, the Red Dot a Vortex Venom 1x. I’ve had both for around 5 years now, and other than supplanting batteries, no issues to date with either.

M. Victor
M. Victor
4 years ago

$300 is too steep for most budget hunters. The absolute best deer rifle scopes under $200 can be found here:


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