Whats the Best Scope for the Money in 2023

So what is the best scope for the money, and how do you know it’s the right one? Well, you can just buy a military grade scope such as the ATN X-sight II 3 . But, that’s not enough. Read on to discover the top scopes for hunting, older eyes, different prices, long range, among other factors.

Without the Best Long Range Scopes, taking a long shot is not easy, especially when you can barely see your wild pig or deer. That is why you need the Best Long Range Scope in 2019.

Such scopes take advantage of the best military technology available today. In this Best Long Range Scope 2019 review, we are going to look at the best scopes available today.

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11 Best Long Range Scopes Reviews

1. NightForce NXS

1. Magnification: 5.5-22X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 17.5’-7.7’
4. Exit Pupil: 10.2mm–2.5 mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.9″

2. Vortex Optics Viper

1. Magnification: 5-25X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 24.1′-4.8′
4. Exit Pupil: 4-24mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.4″

3. Swarovski Z5

1. Magnification: 3.5-18X
2. Objective Lens: 35-44mm
3. Field Of View: 30′-6′
4. Exit Pupil: 10mm–2.4mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.74″

4. Leupold VX-6HD

1. Magnification: 3-18X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 38′-7′
4. Exit Pupil: 16.7-2.8mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.7-3.8″

5. Athlon Optics

1. Magnification: 8-34X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 12.5′-3′
4. Exit Pupil: 7-1.7mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.3″

6. Trijicon VCOG

1. Magnification: 1-6X
2. Objective Lens: 24mm
3. Field Of View: 95′-15.9′
4. Exit Pupil: 10.4-3.8mm
5. Eye Relief: 4″

7. Burris 200116 Eliminator

1. Magnification: 4-16X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 26′-7′
4. Exit Pupil: 12.5-3.1mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4″

8. Nightforce Optics 5-20×56 SHV

1. Magnification: 5-20X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 17.9′-5′
4. Exit Pupil: 8.7-2.5mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.15-3.54″

9. Vortex Optics Razor

1. Magnification: 1-6X
2. Objective Lens: 24mm
3. Field Of View: 115.2′-20.5′
4. Exit Pupil: 4-24mm
5. Eye Relief: 4″

10. Trijicon ACOG

1. Magnification: 4-32X
2. Objective Lens: 32mm
3. Field Of View: 36.8′
4. Exit Pupil: 8mm
5. Eye Relief: 1.5″

11. Leupold 115370

1. Magnification: 5-25X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 14.6′-35.4′
4. Exit Pupil: 8.5mm–2mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.54″

Best Long Range Scopes 2021 Reviews

Firearm enthusiasts are now using sighting device on their gun, this is because nobody wants to miss the target and aiming is always the key priority.

It is very much easier to train shooting using a scope compared to the iron sight. It is with that in mind we have decided to review some of the top-rated scopes in the market.

1. NightForce NXS 5.5-22×56 – Best Long Range Scope for .308

Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 has proven to be the best long range riflescope thanks to MOAR reticles. This riflescope stands out because of its quality build, intricate ballistic reticle option, and clear glass.

Although a hefty price tag has been placed on it, the scope has never disappointed and has what we can consider a decent size reviewer base.

With an objective lens of 56mm, the scope is able to transmit enough light needed for pristine clarity, resolution, and magnification range.

Best Long Range Scopes for Money

At long ranges, precision accuracy is achieved by the scope wide magnification factor of 5.5-22.

When taking close-range shots, a power of 5.5 will be the most effective for clear shots.

The scope also has an integrated power ring, parallax side focus, and a high-speed turret system. That ensures you get the best viewing experience.

When you are specifically the line of Nightforce scopes, you will realize that NXS is the best for hunters.

Nightforce became the first company that committed itself in perfecting power scopes of extreme magnification.

With years of experience in long-range optics, you can be assured of best quality scopes and this is evidently seen with the kind of quality scopes that they build.

2. Zeiss Carl Optical Conquest HD5 5-25×50.

Zeiss Carl HD5 5-25×50 is the most powerful high magnification scope that is found in Conquest HD5 series and compact rifle scope category.

This has become one of the favorite scopes among shooter because of its quality of optics, pristine clarity of image and, ease of shooting with the scope attached and it’s finally its compactness.

Also, the choices available for the reticle on different shooting situation has made it stand out among others.

The scope has a wide magnification range that not only gives pristine clear and good quality images, but also bright images.

Best Long Range Scopes for Hunting

The scope has a 5x superzoom feature and a 50mm objective lens that helps in clarity in any range of magnification.

With all these features, you will be able to easily locate an object that is at a long distance.

The scope features a side parallax adjustment that is available in Rapid-Z 1000 and Z-Plex and both can be used with lockable target turrets, this, therefore, makes the scope easy to use.

The Zeiss scope has been found to have two important popular uses in vast western terrain, which is predators and varmint hunting using magnum caliber.

The Rapid-Z reticle has been found to be perfect for this hunting activities.

3. Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44 – Best Long Range Scope 2018

When it comes to long-range shooting, precision matters. Swarovski Riflescope comes with a state of the art precision technology that will help you overcome any situation in the field.

The scope has a wide power range that will enable you to change your scope setting when in vast open plains or the wooded forest. The scope has also a side focus and 4 points coil spring system that makes it outshine other scopes.

Because of the optical power range of magnification, we get the phrase Z5.this basically means that the difference between the highest and lowest magnification power is a factor of 5.

Further, the scope is enhanced by a 44mm objective lens which ensures there is enough light transmission of up to 90% to the field of view.

The latex parallax correction in the scope ensures that the image is faultless regardless of the target range. With this scope, you are guaranteed to make the correct shot on the first time and every time.

The Z5 can be your best-trusted companion when you are in the plain for long range shooting or at the mountains. The Z5 has over the years proved to be the best long range scope in the market.

4. Leupold VX-6HD 4-24×52 – Best Long Range Scopes

The Leopold VX-6HD 4-24×52 is a new and upgraded scope that has been fighting to remain at the top of all scopes, it’s by this that this scope has come with upgrades that enhance its performance.

These upgrades are the twilight max light management system that ensures there is an improved light transmission in the entire spectrum and high definition optics that ensures high contrast and the original color of the object.

Also, there is a fast CDS-ZL2 windage and elevation dial.

Another highlight found in this scope is the second focal plane Firedot duplex illuminated. These reticles contain a red Centre, a crosshair and tapered posts.

Best Long Range Scopes for Tactical

The reticle further has a canting indicator that will flash in case your firearm get misaligned. The scope has a 75 MOA windage that will help to compensate on the ballistic bullet drop and wind drift.

The housing of the scope is amazing with the lightweight and the ultra-durable aluminum alloy that features the main tube of 34mm.

The tube is filled with a mixture of argon-krypton gas that ensures the scope remains fog proof and waterproof. Having this scope, guarantees that you will never lose your customized adjustment.

That is because the zero lock windage prevents accidental changes to your scope.

5. Athlon Optics 8-34×56 Riflescope – Best Budget Long Range Scope

If you are getting started or looking to start on the PRS, then you should start by checking the Argos BTR family line of scope.

This is because the Athlon Argos BRT has features that can only be found on high-end scopes. This makes it a unique scope that stands out when compared to a similar scope that is on the same category.

The scope boast of magnification of up to 4x which makes it versatile in multiple shooting activities.

It delivers pristine crystal clear bright images in the dark thanks to the fully multicoated optics.

In addition, the Athlon Argos BTR has an exclusive XPL coating. The coating ensures that the lenses are protected from grease, dirt and even harsh weather conditions.

Any high powered Athlon optic comes already equipped with side parallax adjustment. That gives you the ability to adjust to any power range. Which makes it among the Best Long Range Scopes.

The body of the scope is also made of superior aircraft grade aluminum tube that has superior mechanical integrity and much strength.

That ensures that the high-quality optics are protected in case of an impact or fall. The scope has also a choice of ATMR first focal plane illuminated MOA or APMR first focal plane illuminated MIL in it.

6. Trijicon 1-6×24 riflescope – Best Long Range Scope 2020

The Trijicon 1-6×24 scope is undoubtedly one of the top-rated device used for sighting especially when it comes to firearms. The scope is ideal for long-distance marksmanship and close quarter battles.

It ranging reticles and bullet dropping compensating. These ensure that you are able to quickly and easily estimate the range of a target and get a hit.

The scope features high-quality glass optic and has zero distortion on light gathering capabilities. This ensures that the shooter is provided with pristine clarity and brightness at any time of the day.

Among the Best Long Range Scopes for Tactical

The work of the first focal plane reticle in the scope is to ensure that the suspension and drop remains true at any magnification.

In addition, it makes the shooter more flexible on various shooting position. The housing of the scope has a remarkable durability which makes it one of its main selling point.

It is made of high quality forged aircraft aluminum alloy and rugged robust finishing that makes it withstand any beating or fall that might occur in the field.

The amazing part of this scope is that by using a single lithium AA battery, the VCOG is able to give you a continuous 700hrs working hours.

7. Burris Eliminator III 4-16×50 – Best Long Range Scope 2020

Long range shooting is a skill that will not only take a massive amount of your time but also discipline, dedication, and money.

Scopes come in handy in helping those interested in long-range shooting to identify their target easily.

One such scope is the Burris Eliminator III that comes with a reticle that is sophisticated and complicated known as X96.

The scope has a laser ranger of a capability of up to 1200+ yds. And 750+ yds. with a reflective target and non-reflective target respectively.

The optics of the scope are made of high-grade optical glass which ensures durability and provide excellent clarity and brightness that is required.

Also, the high Lume and indexed match aids the scope during low lighting conditions and glare elimination.

The scope can be mounted easily and quickly on any weaver using the integrated scope mount with works excellently

This riflescope provides the shooter with an invaluable ability and helps him place the shots within seconds by just using the ‘split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology’.

The scope has also an ergonomic activation button that helps the shooter not to fumble when activating the scope or making any changes on the setting. The parallax adjustment here starts to work from 50 yards to infinity.

8. Nightforce SHV 5-20×56-1400 – Tactical Long Range Scope

Nightforce scope manufacturers are known for their quality scopes that are good on precision. The SHV line of Nightforce scope give the same performance but at an affordable price.

Many have gone on to say that these kinds of scope is cheap but looking at the quality of material and the skilled workmanship that was put on to make it wasn’t cheap.

The scope is versatile and has a wide range of uses from varmint hunting to target shooting.

The Nightforce SHV scope provides an excellent crystal clear and color contrast images in its magnification range, unlike others that will deteriorate when magnification power increases.

The scope also features a main tube of 30mm, multiple reticle zero set and illumination option making it ideal for long range shooting adventure.

This kind of scope has a less complex design and manufacturing process when compared with others. But still, the scope features quality components that are only offered in Nightforce scopes.

And in a compact and simpler package with simpler controls. The scope has a lot of value and outshines any scopes that range within its price. The best part of this scope is that it is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Vortex Optics 1-6×24 – Vortex Long Range Scopes

The vortex optics scope is made in a way that every feature, components, and performance are well thought and executed.

This is an incredibly versatile scope and is ideal for short to a mid-range tactical operation that requires the pinnacle of optical performance.

Certainly, the scope has the right magnification and versatile configuration that allows for close to mid-range shooting.

The optics of the scope delivers the highest level of resolution, clarity, light transmission, color accuracy and edge to edge sharpness.

In addition, the scope uses the optically index extra-low dispersion and apochromatic objective lens glass element.

That maximizes this scope’s ability to gather light and reduces chromatic aberration.

The illumination control of this scope can easily be turned on and off with just a single click in between the eleven intensity levels.

This will allow for access to the preferred illumination setting without necessarily progressing through each level.

The housing of the scope is machined from aluminum alloy.it also features a corrosion resistant finish and the tubes are argon filled to ensure that they remain waterproof and fog proof.

There is also the exposed lens surface that is finished with ArmorTek, which is a scratch resistant coating that is used to repel dirt and moisture.

10. Trijicon ACOG 4×32 BAC – Best Long Range Scope on a Budget

The ACOG 4×32 is mostly used on the battlefield by the US forces. This is fixed power scope with an illuminated pattern that is normally used in bright to low/no light conditions.

Every design and feature in this scope was specifically chosen to target acquisition easy in any lighting condition.

The Trijicon scope has a red dot sight that is used to provide optimum visibility on the target and helps in a quick acquisition of shot placement point.

Why Is It the Best Long Range Scopes?

The RMR (Ruggedized Mini Reflex) in the scope is configured with 4 red dots of MOA and powered just by a single CR2032 battery. That makes it reliable, and therefore, one of the Best Long Range Scope.

This will make the reticle remain red and will be visible anytime whether it’s during the day or night. The optical system of the scope exhibits zero distortion and has multiple anti-reflection coating.

The housing also of the scope is of high quality as it is made with military grade aluminum alloy that is very durable and nearly indestructible.

The aluminum alloy is further coated with a hard anodizing finish type III.it also features a waterproof and fog proof performance to enhance its durability. Because of these, the scope enjoys a lifetime warranty from Trijicon.

11. Vortex optics viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 – Best Long Range Scopes

You have probably come across the name vortex if you are a long range shooter enthusiast. The vortex optic viper PST meets the needs of any long range shooter, thanks to the engineering design, and forward thinking.

The scope is ideal for close to long-range shooting application. This scope was specifically designed for anyone who needed an improvement for their guns.

The optical features of the scope are the XD lens element that is of extra-low dispersion, this increases resolution and color contrast resulting in crystal clear and sharp images.

The optics are also fully multi-coated allowing enough light into the scope and anti-reflective coating. ArmorTek coating protects the glasses against grease and dirt.

The first focal plane on the scope is used to maintain the subtensions through the entire range of magnification and hold any power accurately.

The body of the scope is constructed with high-quality aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finish. The tubes are filled with argon gas that is used to ensure the scope remain fog proof and waterproof.

The scope also has a shockproof design that is made to withstand impact and recoil. So if you have been checking the best rifle scope that fits your need, then vortex optic viper PST is what you should choose.

What is the Best Long Range Rifle Scope?

Every scope has its usefulness and works best for its purpose, deciding the kind of scope you want to choose goes down to your preferred taste and preference.

It is good to understand the kind of job that you are going to task the scope before purchasing.

If you need to performance from your scope, then you have no choice but to go for the best. The above scopes use lenses that are hand crafted and the machined to the highest precision.

They are all made from the purest glass, and coated with the best light absorption coatings.

You can therefore expect nothing but the best performer from the above scopes. We hope that you got what you were looking for.

Overall, these scope will exceed your expectations, an they last much longer than regular scopes. Overall, they are the best that you can buy, and use for years to come.

Long Range Scope Buyer Guide

What You Will Learn About Best Long Range Scopes.

  1. How to choose a scope
  2. Discover how to choose a scope mount
  3. How to choose a scope for long range shooting
  4. Discover how to choose a scope for an ar 15
  5. How to choose a scope for 308
  6. Discover how to choose a scope for air rifle
  7. How to choose a scope for muzzleloader
  8. Discover how to choose a rifle scope for deer hunting
  9. How to choose a spotting scope

Are you searching for the best long range rifle scopes? When it comes to buying a long-range scope, the first thing that crosses your mind is its power. However, you need to realize that all the other important features have to work together.

It’s the only way you’ll end up with the best long-range riflescope. The market has several models available, but finding one that suits your needs can be challenging. For instance, many manufacturers promise buyers that they have the best models.

Some models will deliver the best results, but others may fail to meet your needs. With these 5 reviews, you should be able to find the best long range scopes.

Finding the best tactical rifle scope that suits your needs can be one daunting task. The market has many options, meaning you may be overwhelmed when shopping for the best tactical rifle scopes.

Moreover, most of these scopes are available at high-end prices, thanks to their technology and precision advantages.  However, by narrowing down your needs, you can find models that suit your budget and work just fine.

If you understand your rifle and scope well, you’ll be able to carry out your routine fast and accurately. We’ve reviewed 5 of the best models in this article. It’s our hope that you’ll be able to fit your AR with the right tactical scope. Read on to know more.

5 Best Tactical Rifle Scope Reviews

1. Rеdfіеld Rеvоlutіоn TAC 3-9Х40mm Rifle Ѕсоре

You don’t have to break the bank when buying tactical rifle scopes, thanks to the Rеdfіеld Rеvоlutіоn ТАС 3-9Х40 Тасtісаl Rifle Ѕсоре.

This affordable scope is among the most popular models among users for several reasons. For instance, the Rеdfіеld Rеvоlutіоn ТАС 3-9Х40 comes features crystal clear glass and precise adjustments.

Most importantly, this scope is made in the US. Redfield is well known in the military and tactical fields, meaning you can relax knowing you’re getting the best deal.

Its dials are compact and aggressively dialed, and the scope itself is well designed. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable tactical scope, Redfield offers you the perfect solution with this scope.

  • Magnification: 3 – 9 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View: 13.1 – 32.9 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit pupil: 4.7 – 21.1 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.7 – 4.2 inches

2. Меорtа Meopro 4.5-14Х44mm НТR – best tactical rifle scope

Just because you want the best tactical scope doesn’t mean you’ve to spend hefty amounts of money. What do you get when you choose the Меорtа МеоРrо 4.5-14Х44 НТR Тасtісаl Ѕсоре?

You’ll get is an American made optic that guarantees you the best service. This scope comes with some luxury features, which more costly brands have.

As its HTR name implies, you can use for hunting, tactical scenarios and at the range, something you’ll find impressive.

Any shooter looking for a high performing and versatile scope on a budget should consider this model. Its combination of glass-etched reticles, tactical turrets and lightweight design will impress you while in the outdoors.

  • Magnification: 4.5 – 14 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 44 mm
  • Field of View: 8.4 – 24.8 m at 100 m
  • Exit Pupil: 9.7mm to 3.14mm
  • Eye Relief: 88.9 mm

3. Lеuроld Mark 5 5-25Х56mm Rifle Ѕсоре

The Leupold manufacturer is well known for manufacturing the best rifle scopes. What does the Lеuроld Маrk 5НD 5-25Х56 offer?

It gives you an incredible tactical scope that will serve you beyond your expectations. This dual-purpose rifle scope features 1/10th МІL аdјuѕtmеntѕ.

Just as we have come to expect from Leupold, this scope is available with several tactical reticle types. They include the Соmbаt Соmреtіtіоn Нuntеr and the TMR.

That said, you should realize that this scope is specifically designed for combat use and sniper competition. Other applications will be simple tasks.

Moreover, this scope features a throw lever, which allows for fast power changes. The impressive 35mm tube on this scope makes this scope one powerful device. Combined with the fact that this is a Leupold device, you should relax knowing you’re getting the best deal.

  • Magnification: 5 – 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Field of View: 20.4 – 4.2 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 12.2-2.4mm
  • Eye Relief: 6 – 3.8 inches

4. NіghtFоrсе Optics 5.5-22Х56mm Rifle Ѕсоре

The NіghtFоrсе brand is well known among hunters and tactical shooters for providing quality and reliable tactical scopes.

It’s something you expect from any elite American brand. Why settle for the NіghtFоrсе NХЅ 5.5-22Х56 Rifle Ѕсоре?

The NXS scope gives you maximum performance and value for money. This scope comes with an illuminated .250 МОА tасtісаl rеtісlе but remember its also available with several types of reticles.

Moreover, the NіghtFоrсе NХЅ 5.5-22Х56 Rifle Ѕсоре features a Ні-Ѕрееd Тurrеt Ѕуѕtеm that ensures you enjoy extremely fast adjustments.

You’ll also find the іntеgrаtеd роwеr/еуеріесе ring to be an excellent addition when using this powerful and quality scope.

The 56mm objective lens on this scope provides you with impressive clarity along with resolution across its entire magnification range. If you’re searching for one of the best tactical scopes ever manufactured, you should settle for this model. The wide magnification on this series enables you to enjoy precision accuracy even at the longest range.

  • Magnification: 5.5 – 22x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56mm
  • Field Of View: 17.5ft at 5.5x 4.7ft at 22x
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 10.2mm at 5.5x 2.5mm at 22x
  • Eye Relief: 99mm

5. Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50mm – Best Tactical Rifle Scope

The Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50 is another model that makes the cut as one excellent tactical rifle scope for 2019. You’ll find its HD image quality, 30mm tube and ballistic turret to be incredible features.

When using a scope in the outdoors, you may be exposed to extreme weather conditions and heavy impacts, meaning need a submersion-proof and waterproof scope.

It’s the reason you need to consider buying the Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50, which boasts of these qualities.

Furthermore, this model has automatic features that extend its battery life. If you want to make long-range shots, the thrее zero ѕtорѕ on this scope make it easy for you.

By choosing the illuminated 4W-І rеtісlе that has fine cross hairs along with hash marks, you’ll correct wind drift with ease.

You may find this model to be an ideal hunting scope, but the added features on the Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50 will serve you well whenever you need accuracy in any tactical scenario.

  • Magnification: 3-18x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm
  • Field of View: 3-2.2 meters at 100 meters
  • Exit Pupil: 5mm – 3.8mm
  • Eye Relief: 74″, 95mm

Conclusion – Tactical Rifle Scopes

Tactical rifle scopes will always come with similar features. What separates the best from the average ones is how these features work. They should integrate well to ensure you enjoy an impressive performance from the scope.

Check the glass quality and magnification range to ensure you get the best results while in the outdoors. Most importantly, you should know your needs and look for models that come with modern features, which will serve you well.

You may find that a specific model from the above reviews serves you well, meaning you should consider buying it. By understanding your rifle and scope, you will be able to enjoy impressive results while out in the tactical field.

Tactical Rifle Optics Buyer Guide

Tactical Rifle Optics

Before you go shopping for the best tactical rifle scope, it’s extremely important you know the features to look for. You may be an expert shooter, meaning you may know what to consider.

On the other hand, beginners may find it daunting when it comes to choosing the best rifle scope for tactical shooting. Read on to know more about tactical rifle optics.


One of the most important things you should know about a scope is its power. How far you can see your target depends on the power of the scope.

The most common numbers you’ll see are 1-6×24 or 3×32. The 1 and 2 in both of these two series are the scopes “power”.  Higher numbers are an indication that the scope has a higher power.

A variable number, for example, (1-6) enables you to vary the scope’s power. It gives you a bigger range when you compare it with models with straight numbers such as 3x or 4x.

Many modern scope models offer users variable power and are usually available at higher prices. If you’re carrying out tactical shooting, you should opt for a higher distance scope.

Scope Objective

The scope number in the series is the scope objective. For example, a 1-6×24 variable powered scope will offer you a 24mm objective. The scope objective is measured in millimeters and is known as the lens size.

A large number ensures you enjoy bigger lenses.  It will provide you with a larger Field of View (FOV) distance. They provide you with more light and are ideal for hunting in low light conditions.

Some rifle scope models come with an adjustable objective lens, which makes the ideal to focus at longer distances you can choose to adjust the “parallax” that lets you fine-tune the target at a much longer distance.

You only need to worry about parallax if the power of your scope is over 10. The reason is most scopes under this power have a parallax which auto-adjusts.

tactical scope view

Eye Relief Distance

The eye relief distance is one of the most important tactical rifle optics. It refers to the distance you can hold your optic from your face comfortably when aiming.

It’s important to keep in mind that some AR-15s have recoils. It means you need to leave enough room for kick-back to reduce instances of a black eye.


Most people call the reticle the crosshairs of the scope. You use it for aiming and pointing the gun at before you shoot. Green dot scopes feature green dot reticle while red dot scopes will have a red dot reticle.


The MOA is the angular measurement. It gets bigger with distance. Expert shooters use the MOA to make sure that their targets are extremely tight together.

Conclusion – Tactical Rifle Optics Review and Buyer Guide

Knowing tactical rifle optics can be extremely challenging. It’s our hope that the above informative article helps you to make the right choice that suits your needs.

When buying a rifle scope, you should remember that you get what you pay for. High end models will provide you with modern and functional features as compared to budget friendly models.

5 Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

1. Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

The Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Riflescope is a variable power scope. It means you can use it in various applications.

The Leupold manufacturer combines expertise and the best engineering practices, to deliver you the best power and optics.

This scope offers you various power options, enabling you to settle on the ideal power for your application.

The VX-1 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope features optics that have been designed using lead-free glass. That means this model is environmentally friendly.

Moreover, its glass offers you sharper and bright images, even after you change the magnification.

This scope is available at a budget-friendly price and offers you impressive features. In addition, you’ll love the sleek design that makes it extremely appealing to the eye. The Leupold brand is well known, meaning there are no annoying brand labels on this device.

The duplex cross-hair reticle on this scope offers you the best service, just as it has done over the years. While in the outdoors, you’ll find it easy to carry this lightweight scope. It’s one of the best long range rifle scopes to use in target shooting and hunting applications.

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Objective lens diameter: 40mm
  • Field of View: 14.6ft-34.6ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 13.3 – 4.4 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.7-4.2″

2. Sightron 10-50×60 SIII LR Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

The Sightron 10-50×60 SIII Rifle Scope is designed to ensure you enjoy incredible magnification. It enables you to target game accurately and precisely from hundreds of yards away.

To ensure you’re successful in hunting and shooting expeditions, this scope provides you with a 10x-50x magnification.

When you compare this model with other scopes, you’ll realize that it provides you with increased magnification. The mil-dot reticle, military-grade specs, materials and sleek design ensure you get the best performance from this scope.

The Sightron 10-50×60 rifle scope provides you with the ability to shoot game or hit the target accurately. This scope ensures you enjoy incredible brightness, thanks to its clear glass and excellent design. You’ll get the best service when using this high-end scope, something that you want whenever you spend your money.

  • Magnification: 10 – 50 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 60 mm
  • Field of View: 2 – 9.6 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit pupil: 1.2 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.8 – 4.5 inches

3. SWFA SS 3-15×42 Rifle Scope

The SWFA SS 3-15×42 Rifle Scope has a matte black finish that gives it an elegant look. With features such as fully multi-coated lenses, incredible magnification and patented Mil-Quad reticle, this scope is a must buy.

It offers users easy windage and elevation adjustments, enabling you to customize it depending on the surroundings. Moreover, you can use this scope without worrying about damage.

Its waterproof, fog proof and shock proof, qualities that protect your investment. What’s more? This scope is designed using the right coating and sealing, ensuring this scope serves you for longer.

The SWFA SS 3-15×42 Rifle Scope offers you incredible features at a lower price. Target shooters and hunters looking for a variable power scope should consider this model. Its excellent reticle, solid design and usable makes this scope to be a worthy investment.

  • Magnification: 3-15x
  • Lens Diameter: 42mm
  • Field of View: 34.78 – 7.21 at 100 yards (ft)
  • Exit Pupil: 2.8 – 11.8mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 – 3.8 inch

4. Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Riflescope

Burris is well known for its gun scopes. They offer hunters and target shooters several scope options at varying prices, meaning you can find something that suits you.

If you’re looking for the best scope for long distance shooting, you should check out the Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Rifle Scope.

The Burris XTR II provides you with exceptional precision for both competitive shooting and tactical purposes. Its adjustable reticle ensures you get the best results when in the outdoors.

For extra support when using this rifle scope, the thick tube construction ensures that this model is durable and shockproof.

If you want to enjoy faster and easier shot taking, you should look for an adjustable scope. This scope offers you a 3X-15X-50mm magnification, meaning its one of the best long distance scopes.

  • Magnification: 3 – 15 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View at 100 Yards: 36 ft – 7.5 ft
  • Exit Pupil: 16mm to 7.5mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.25 inches

5. Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24×50 FFP Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24×50 FFP Riflescope comes with the right specs, which is something you may be looking for.

With a matte finish, this scope has features such as an illuminated reticle, incredible magnification and 30mm tube.

The simple windage and elevation adjustments are other features that make this scope great.

This model can serve you well in all types of hunting and target shooting scenarios since it’s a Precision Shooting Tactical (PST) scope.

This functional scope is lightweight, enabling you to carry it around with ease. The clear and bright images it offers you ensure you get the best results in your expedition.

  • Magnification: 6 – 24 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View: 5.1 – 17.8 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 2.08 – 8.33 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches

Conclusion – 5 Best Long Range Scopes

With the above 5 reviews of the best long range rifle scopes, you should be able to settle on one that suits your needs. In our view, the SWFA SS 3-15×42 Rifle Scope stands out as one of the best models for long distance hunting and shooting.

It’s an affordable scope, which provides you with several qualities. You’ll love its extreme clarity, excellent eye relief and great magnification. Moreover, the SWFA SS 3-15×42 Rifle Scope is shockproof and waterproof.

These qualities enable you to use it in the outdoors without worrying about damage. If you’re looking for the best long range scope, you should consider buying this model. On the other hand, the other 4 models will still provide you with the best service if you’re looking to try other brands.

Hunting scope Reviews5 Best Hunting Scope for Old Eyes

Do you want to buy the best hunting scope? If you love hunting game, for example, deer or wild hogs, you want to use the best hunting equipment.

You may be able to shoot one of these animals from far, but having the best rifle scope is an added advantage. The market has several scopes, making it a challenge to find the best scope for hunting game.

When carrying out these five reviews, we considered several factors, which enabled us to determine their performance and quality. We checked each scope’s magnification, objective lens diameter and field of view.

In addition, we looked at their exit pupil diameter and eye relief distance. Let’s now look at the five best scopes for hunting in detail.

1. Nikon Prostaff (3-9×40) Best Scope

The Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 is one hunting scope that’s designed for hunting. Made using aluminum materials, this scope can withstand heavy impact impacts used robustly and during recoils.

The lens of this scope offers you a 3x to 9x wide magnification. You may find it quite limited in the case you want to use it for deer hunting.

The objective lens diameter of the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 scope measures 40mm.  They are coated with several layers to increase light transmission.

For instance, when using this scope, the lens will transmit as much as 98% of the light.

The eye relief distance of this scope is 3.6 inches. The field of view (FOV) at 100 yards when the scope is at its lowest magnification setting is 33.8 feet. When the magnification is at its higher setting, the FOV at 100 yards is 11.3 feet. Finally, this scope offers you an exit pupil diameter of 13.3mm (3x), 4.4mm (9x).

2. Ledsniper Riflescope – Best Hunting Scope

 The Ledsniper Riflescope is another model, which you’ll find ideal for hunting. It features three reticles that have a sunshade that measure three inches long.

When using this scope, you can choose between red, green and illuminated mil-dot reticle that offers you five brightness levels.

The 6X to 24X wide magnification setting means you’ll find this model to be ideal for long distance hunting.  The eye relief distance varies from 2.5 to 4.25 inch, that’s for every magnification setting.

The objective lens diameter measures 32mm while the field of view is 16.1-4 ft at 100 yards. In addition, the Exit pupil diameter is 8.3-2.1 mm.

3. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Hunting Scope

 The Simmons 8-Point (3-9x50mm) is a budget-friendly rifle scope designed for deer hunting. However, you should be careful when using it since it’s a bit flimsy.

The best thing about this scope is its lenses. The TrueZero windage along with elevation adjustment system enables your riflescope to remain zeroed.

The fully coated lenses ensure you enjoy viewing clearer images. The 3X to 9X magnification range of this scope means that you’ll enjoy your hunting expedition.

The field of view of this scope is 31.4 feet and 10.5 feet at 100 yards. The 3.75 inches eye relief ensures you enjoy using this scope. Its exit pupil diameter measures 3.75/95mm. That is why I recommend it as the best hunting scope.

4. Vortex Optics Viper HS 4-16×44 Best Hunting Scope

 The Vortex Optics Viper HS (4-16×44) Riflescope is made using aircraft-grade aluminum materials.

That means it’s durable and ideal for extensive hunts. Moreover, you can use this scope even if it’s raining heavily since its lens can’t be penetrated by weather elements.

The lens on this scope is sealed with an O-ring, meaning you can hunt even if it’s raining heavily.

Moreover, no foam can occur inside the lenses since they have been purged using Argon. You’ll love its of 4X-6X magnification setting that comes with the MAG-View fiber optic feature. It enables you to see the reference point more easily.

The Vortex Optics scope has a 44mm objective lens diameter and eye relief of 4 inches. In addition, the 27.4-7.4 feet/100 yards field of view will improve your chances of a successful hunt.

5. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm – Hunting Scope

 The Leupold VX-2 (3-9x40mm) Rifle Scope is arguably the best hunting device. Its body measures 14 x 3.2 x 3 inches while the tube diameter is one inch. It weighs 2.7 pounds and you will find it to be the best companion for hunting.

This Hunting Rifle Scope is stable when using it against heavy recoil. It’s designed using aluminum material and has a matte black finish. This scope offers minimal glare, making it the best option for hunting.

On the other hand, its lens has a DiamondCoat, which makes it resistant to scratching. You will find its revolutionary quantum optical system to be the best feature on this scope.

This system ensures you enjoy crisper images when hunting. Moreover, you will enjoy improved light transmission when using this scope.

The Leupold VX-2 scope is ideal for long-distance shooting thanks to its 3X to 16X magnification range.  Its Field of View is 34.6 – 14.6 feet/100 yard while the eye relief is 3.7″ – 4.2″. The non-critical eye relief means that your eyebrows will be safe when using this device.

Its objective lens diameter on this riflescope is 40mm while the magnification range is 3x to 9x. You will find it comfortable to use because of its amazing 3.7 inches to 4.2 inches eye relief.

Remember that when buying a scope for hunting, the most important things to consider are magnification, brightness, and clarity. They ensure you spot your target accurately and make the right shot.

Conclusion – Best Hunting Scope Reviews

When buying the best hunting scope, you should keep in mind that there are several models on the market. However, not all of them are designed to provide you with the best service when hunting deer, coyotes or wild hogs. The 5 scopes above will provide you with the best performance and results.

The Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, in our view, is the best option for deer hunting. It offers you excellent durability and the best service. Moreover, its performance exceeds its value. We hope that these reviews will enable you to make the right choice as you shop for the best scope for hunting.

best long range hunting scope

9 Best Long Range Hunting Scopes

You may have a rifle capable of shooting 1000 yards with great accuracy. However, only the best long range hunting scope can help you hit the bull’s eye on your first try.

The best scope helps you to see your distant target clearly, and make accurate calculations. For some of you, you may have only one chance to do that.

Therefore, you will definitely want to get it right the first time, that’s what the best long range rifle scope is for. Unfortunately, rifle scopes are not multi-purpose optics.

That is why you need to have the right scope for the job.

1. AR15 Combo C4-16x50EG Long Range Hunting Scope

2. ATN X-sight II 3 Military Grade Tactical Scope

3. Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1 Long Range Hunting Scope

4. Leupold 115044 Mark 6 Long Range Hunting Scope

5. AR15 Tactical Rifle Combo C4-16X50 EG

6. UUQ C4-12×50 Long Range Hunting Scope

7. Bushnell Torphy Rifle Long Range Tactical Scope

8. Eotech 512 Long Range Hunting Scope

9. UTG 3 – 12X44 30mm scope Long Range Hunting Scope

How to Choose the Best Long Range Hunting Scope

A basic scope that does not include night vision technology. Therefore, it will not give you a clear image under low light conditions.

Moreover, it helps if the scope includes a laser system in its design. A laser will come in handy during target practice.

That is because it allows you test your calculation against what you are seeing on your scope, with greater accuracy. With that in mind, we found some high performance scope rifles that may help you get your shots right.

First, check out what I considered when reviewing them.

1. Scope Magnification

rifle scope magnification

Scopes come with two types of magnification; fixed power and variable power. A fixed power scope is uses one specific magnification power, and you cannot be change it.

This gives clear and brighter visuals as it has one less lens for light to travel through. However, this has a disadvantage of not changing the power if need be.

On the other hand, variable power scope is more versatile as it gives the shooter the control to change the power under different conditions.

2. Scope Objective Diameter

rifle scope parts

This is important as it determines of how much light will go through the scope. A 40mm objective lens will allow less light compared to a 50mm objective lens.

You should always  consider what power and scope you will need when choosing an objective lens size. If you need a more powerful scope, then go for a bigger objective lens.

The bigger objective lens will give you a clear image even under low light conditions.

3. Reticles

rifle scope reticle

Every shooter has his preference when it comes to reticles. Manufacturers are now developing the mil-dot reticle, duplex reticle and the MOA and BDC.

Those are advanced reticles you may use for long-range shooting. The mil-dot reticle is gaining popularity thanks to its ranging estimating capability.

It is actually a military grade reticle, which you may use for fast targeting and shooting. You will also find it to be valuable when you are taking long-range shots.

4. Scope Eye Relief

long range hunting riflescope eyer elief

This is also an important measurement when choosing a scope. A scope’s eye relief is the distance that you have to hold the ocular or rear lens from your shooting eye.

At that distance, you should see a magnified and sharp image. Typically, the more magnification a lens has, the shorter the eye relief.

That means your eye gets much closer the scope. Generally, you want to have as much eye relief as possible. High caliber rifle and shotgun firearms should be coupled with optics that have long eye relief range.

That is essential for the safety of the shooter.

5. Field of View

Best Long Range Rifle scope FOV

When checking through different scope, you will find that the field of view varies from one scope to another; this is because each scope is manufactured slightly different.

When shooting on a thick cover, having a wide field of view will help you to pick the target faster. This is because when you see more you will pick your target quickly.

The field of view will always not be critical when shooting longer distances.

6. Parallax

Parallax compensation rifle scope

This is an important feature, especially when shooting at a distance that is more than 100 yards. Parallax occurs when an object primary image is formed either behind or in front of the reticle.

When the eye is moved from the optical axis of the scope, then we find that the image parallax occurs. That is why parallax correction is important.

Ge a  high magnification scopes with parallax correction. That is quite important for long-range shooting scopes, where even  slight error gets highly magnified.

In the parallax animation, the first image where the reticle is shifting from the  target, there is no parallax compensation. The lower stabilized image, is what you would see through a scope with parallax compensation.

7. Turrets

Turret rifle scope

Depending on your shooting, turrets style and turret adjustment are very important. Turrets are offered either covered or exposed from ½ MOA adjustment to 1/8 MOA.

Each with specific needs for precise target shooting and hunting. Exposed turrets are used for target shooting as adjustments are made easily during changing of distance to the target.

Covered turrets are used for hunting since the scope is sighted once and cannot be changed.

8. Tube Diameter

rifle scope tube width

Scopes are usually made in different tube sizes with most of them being 1 inch and 30mm. Many people have always misunderstood the tube diameter for allowing much light which is just false.

Scopes that are made with tube diameter of 30mm and larger have proven to be strong and versatile as they can offer more adjustment with turrets. This is ideal on high magnification scope when adjusting them to long ranges.

9. Light Transmission

Rfile scope Light Transmission

This is where the light transmitted through the lens of the scope is measured. High-quality scopes are known to transmit light at a rate of 95% and higher. This means that the 95% of light is not reflected back from the lens.

Other factors that may determine the transmission of light are the magnification lens. A scope will be clear and easier on your eyes if it has good light transmission.

10. Exit Pupil

rifle scope exit pupil

This is the measurement of light transmitted through the scope to the eyes. It is measured by taking the measurements of objective lens and dividing it with magnification or power.

This number is important since we understand that a healthy human being eye pupil will only dilate 7mm.  Any measurement above this is just wasted.

As a person gets older, the ability of eye decreases in adopting to low light. That affects the amount of light that can be accepted in exit pupil.

11. Brand

We all know the popular saying, ”you get what you pay for”. Majority of brands are making good scopes but there are brands that are out there to make profit on their cheap scopes.

Checking within the brands, you will realize that there is a substantial difference. Knowing the basic terminology of riflescope will help you when buying a scope as it will give confidence that you purchased something of quality.

For example, a brand such as American Technologies Network Corp (ATN) offers miltary grade scopes, only available to Americans. International buyers need special licenses to buy them.

Best Gun Mounted Camera For Hunting is Tactacam 4.0

hunting camera with Flat Black Stabilizer Rechargeable Battery

This is among the best selling cameras in the market. The kit comes with a battery, camera, USB cable and charger, user manual, camera bag and a tactacam decal.

The Tactacam 4.0 most unique feature is the ability of one to be able to have the control of the camera by using the phone through the tactacam app.

With this app, one is able to change the setting or begin recording without reaching for the camera.

You can also set timer, change from video to pictures and basically do everything virtually. Camera and mount here are made very well with durable and good quality materials.

The stabilizer mount in it is made purposely to replace the stabilizer that is on the bow and by this, the camera automatically becomes part of the bow.

The video quality from the camera is just clear and this enables one to clearly see the target. Adding on the camera is 360 degrees mic that is able to capture and record any sound around the camera.

5x Zoom Capability

The Tactacam 4.0 also has 5x zoom ability which is very important in getting that clear target. Regardless of the distance you want to shoot or the mode of the camera, this ultra sharp lens is able to maintain the focus.

There is no any footage that is wasted by the camera. The best part of this is that the camera is able to record at low light quality video like no other.

Tactacam 4.0 is ideal for hunting and range shooting. It can also be used for other recreational activities as they also offer head mount. By purchasing this, one is assured of a long lasting scope camera.

Discover Top 9 Best Long Range Hunting Scope

1. 1000 Yard Scope On A Budget Hunting – AR15 Combo C4-16x50EG

XOPin Hunting Rifle Scope Combo C4-16/12x50EG Dual Illuminated with Green Laser Sight 4 Holographic Reticle Red/Green Dot for Weaver/Rail Mount

The high optical clarity in the Hunting AR15 scope makes it the ideal Tactical Rifle Scope and as well as a hunting scope. The scope has a magnification ability of 4X to 16X and a 15mm objective diameter.

It’s by this that hunters prefer this scope as they can easily have wide view from the 15mm objective diameter and bring closer the target by zooming and pulling the trigger.

The scope is multi-optical coated and illuminated with green or red color and which ensures that the scope can function well under different light condition.

The red laser and sight allows for quick target acquisition of fast moving target, and close quarter at a range of 300 meters. That is why it is among the 1000 yard scope on a budget.

The other good thing with the scope is that other equipments like flashlight can easily be installed, this may come in handy when hunting under dark environment.

Unlimited Eye Relief for Increased Shooting Comfort

The scope has a field of view at 100 yards and unlimited brightness controls. This ensures that the scope can still perform under low light situations as the eye relief is also unlimited.

Mounting this scope does not come with challenges as there are no tricks required when mounting it on a rifle. This is made even easier as it comes with the user manual that guides one on the steps to be followed.

The scope is build to last long with quality materials, this is because the scope is waterproof, shock resistant, fog proof and the lens are fully coated and filled with dry nitrogen.

The scope can work under these conditions without any problems. That is why we had to include it here as among the Best Long Range Hunting Scope.

Buying this scope comes with a 12 months warranty that will ensure any problems arising are repaired. in case of any issues the customer care service is available and is offered to everybody.

2. Best Rifle Scope Under 500 is the ATN X-sight II 3

The world has been revolutionalized by night vision technology. This technology has made low light surveillance and hunting possible during the dark situations.

This is evidently proven by the new ATN X – sight II – 14x/50mm, which offers a high-performance visibility in low light situations.

This product is highly developed and is geared towards achieving digital optic that is fully packed at a reasonable price.

The best feature in this optic being the inbuilt smart rangefinder that helps in taking perfect shots.

It also helps in calculating short and long distance shots. Its two – click feature is used to range a target easily. The shooter only needs to know is the approximate size of the target.

The best part comes when the shooter is ready to fire. Its reticle automatically adjusts the point of impact. That helps you to hit the target successfully on the first shot.

HD Recording for Quality Shares

best long range hunting rifle scope

With the full HD 1080p video recording, one is able to record the interesting videos. You will also capture stunning photos that you wish to remember in later years.

The zooming ability is also designed very well. With the 3-14x magnification, you can zoom in and out without losing what is in the FOV. That makes it the Best Long Range Hunting Scope for  hunting.

You will also have a clear vision under low light conditions. The optic also has a 3D gyroscope that is inbuilt. That is important as it is the one that keeps the image steady and with no blur.

This scope also is wifi enabled, and with this, one is able to share the photos and videos recorded. You can send them to your tablet or a Smartphone. That feature is very important especially when training new shooters because you get to compare notes easily.

Owning this state of the art, high caliber, digital night vision scope is within everybody reach. Every shooter should at least have one.

3. Best FFP Scope For The Money Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1

Armasight Orion 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

This is a midrange night vision scope that provides a high performance in low light and dark conditions. The optic is made up with Gen 1+ vision technology.

It gives you the required accuracy to hit the target. During the dark hours, you will able to shoot with precision using this technology. The Armasight Orion 5x has turrets also for elevation adjustment and windage.

If you are looking for magnification, then Orion 5X is what you need as it performs best on hunting operations and midrange tactical. The illuminated red cross reticle and variable reticle are used in amplifying ambient light in dark condition.

That enables the shooter to see clearly bright images in the dark. Additionally, below the accessory rail is the dedicated dial that can be used to adjust the brightness in the optic.

Rigged Design

best long range hunting scope

The construction of the Orion 5X is of the top notch. With the rugged and weather sealed aluminum body that is rubberized, this Best Long Range Hunting Scope can withstand recoils that come from light caliber.

Also, inside the body house, there are image intensifier tubes and optics that are shock protected and cannot break in case of impact. When making adjustments, the grip is maximized by the adjustment dial and the texture control.

If you are looking for a durable optic, then this is the best, especially for night vision. The lenses in the optics comes with cover which protects them when not in use.

The batteries are long lasting hence you should not worry while on the field. Lastly, the optics comes with a 2 years warranty and this is quite enough time to have it replaced or repaired freely within that period.

4. Leupold 115044 Mark 6 – Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money

best long range hunting scope

The Leupold Mark 6 was engineered to over perform with its superior optics and gain advantage in law enforcement, tactical operators and competition on shooters from midrange to CQB scenario.

The optic is small and nimble in size compared to other optics and can be used on any AR-15 variant.

The magnification range of the Leopold Mark 6 ranges to 12X.  That brings the target closer, and offering a wide field of view which enables the shooter to quickly pick the target.

The professional grade lenses in the optic uses the extended twilight lenses system. It is known to offer edge to edge clarity, and has anti-reflection coating that maximizes transmission of light wavelength.

Also, one is able to use the zero lock to fine tune the measurement hence locking out the elevation turrets and windage.

Scope has Ballistic Aiming System (BAS)

best long range hunting scope

The reticle of this optic is located just within the first focal plane which is visible in any light settings and has a Ballistic Aiming System (BAS).

This is very important as the BAS improves the accuracy of the shooter, while shooting on longer ranges by providing various aiming point.

In addition, the reticle also features a 0.5 MOA Dot that is surrounded by a circle of 5-MOA. Being a light optic, the housing is lightweight. It’s made from durable materials which enable it to be waterproof and shock resistant.

The best part of this Best Long Range Hunting Scope, is that it is made in a fog proof design and this comes in handy when moving in places where the temperature is fluctuating.

The housing also features a low profile tactile zoom lever that allows a very first one finger operation and a lockable fast focus eyepiece.

Purchasing this optic may not be easy like other optics, this is because export of this optic is regulated by the US Department of states and the department of commerce.

That just goes to show you how much value this scope offers you. Overall, this scope is the Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money.

5. Best Long Range Scope For 308 is the AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope

XOPin Rifle Scope Combo C4-16x50EG/12x50EG Dual Illuminated with Green Laser Sight 4 Holographic Reticle Red/Green Dot for Weaver/Rail Mount

Finding the best scope for hunting is every hunters dream as hunting requires accuracy and precision. The AR15 tactical rifle Combo C4-16X50 EG, may be an option for the undecided hunter.

Known for its clarity, this rifle scope can be ideal for long range shooting as they can easily magnify and zoom in images that are at a distance by bringing them closer and enabling the shooter to hit the target.

The 50 mm objective diameter in the scope is just enough to give the shooter a wide field view. This is important as the shooter will be able to easily acquire the target; this also helps the shooter shoot the target when moving at speed.

The red laser and sight plays a major role in the acquisition of the target. The optic has a magnification ability of 4-16/4-12.

Illumination Feature

long range hunting scope

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope features dual-illuminated range finders that help the shooter in determining the target. The scope has unlimited brightness control and by this, the shooter is not affected in any way by the reflected rays of light.

Moreover, the scope is able to transmit enough light and this ensures the shooter can conveniently view the target clearly at a distance.

The scope is ideal for AR15 rifles as it is designed to fit in Picatinny rail of 22mm.it has 5 levels of multi-X reticles and the scope itself being red. Interestingly, the holographic sight can be mounted separately or on top of the riffle.

When it comes to the 4 reticles, they all work well. Adjustment on elevation and windage can only be made using an Allen wrench.

The scope is made to last for long periods as it is waterproof, fog proof and shock resistance. In addition, the scope comes with a twelve-month warranty.

That ensures that the scope will work for the longest period possible without incurring many expenses on it.

6. Long Range Scope On A Budget is the UUQ C4-12X50 Riffle Scope

best long range hunting scope

If you are tired spending more time hunting and getting nothing, then UUQ C4-12×50 will take your hunting experience to the next level.

This has been every hunter dream scope with its high optical clarity at 4x to 12x zoom that ensures you are able to bring closer the target without losing the focus.

Also the scope features a the 50mm objective diameter that offer a wide view and ensures you are able to acquire a shot on the target of a fast moving object.

The wide field of view from the tubeless design has intense magnification that allows easy shooting at moving target and also normal shooting.

The optic also features a dual-illuminated range-finding reticle that ensures you have aid in acquiring the target at ease.

It also ensures you have unlimited brightness during dark conditions and during sunlight. This is made possible by the red dimming and green dimming mode as transmission is seamless to any context.

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope is Easy to Install

hunting scope

Installation of this scope comes without a hassle as long as you are using the correct gun. The built 22mm rail is compatible with the 22mm and 11mm rail.

The lasers in the optic are detachable and they contain a tube of 26mm in diameter.

The laser is compatible with any 22mm rail. The best thing about the rail is that they are inbuilt and one does not necessarily need to re-zero, when mounting it to a dismounted sight.

You can count it among the best long range scope for 308. The UUQ C4-12×50 has proven to be up for hunting challenge.

The scope is coated in a high-quality black matte that ensures the scope lives its long life. Also, the scope is fog proof, waterproof and the scope are filled with dry nitrogen.

The scope comes with a 1-year warranty that guarantees no damage will happen within that period. Lastly, should anything happen, you should not be afraid to get in touch with customer care as they are very friendly and phenomenal.

7. Best Rifle Scope Under 100 is the Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope

long range scope

The Bushnell Torphy Rifle is little scope but performs well thanks to its multi-X Recticles design. This is an all one piece that is less likely to break and it’s durable.

This kind of optic can spot up to 100 yards and it is easy to zero in. It features multi-coated lenses which helps the shooter to be free of the light reflection and glare.

In addition it transmit up to 91% of light even in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, the reticles are not illuminated and this may become a problem in low light as you cannot make out the reticle. However, that also makes it the long range scope on a budget.

Looking at the magnification, this Best Long Range Hunting Scope performs quite well as it ranges between 3X to 9X . You will be able to bracket your target at 3X and zoom in up to a magnification of 9X.

The image resolution is just fantastic when you zoom as this gives you an excellent accuracy in your target image. Moreover, the scope offers an eye relief of 5 inches which is enough for one to slide his cheek.

You may then get an amazing image quality without affecting your eyeball during the recoil.

Easy Mounting

Mounting this riflescope requires no special tricks and this, therefore, minimizes any challenges. Sighting in is made easy thanks to the fingertips windage and elevation adjustment knob.

You don’t have to use additional tools. Since they do not come with rings, you will be required to purchase one and you will be good to go.

The Bushnell is built to last long as it is waterproof and fog proof. The 30mm one-piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum and this ensures that it is durable.

The best thing with this optic scope is that after you purchase it, you are assured of a lifetime warranty on repair.this gives you a peace of mind as you know the scope will last you for years.

8. Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under 500 is the EOTech 512.A65

long range hunting sight

This scope is among the best tactical weapons that use holographic image illumination technique. It is designed mainly for close range shooting. The Eotech 512 scope is able to reflect a laser into complicated raticles compared to the red dot optic.

This optic features a square lenses and body. This gives the shooter a wider view of the field thereby creating higher situation awareness.

The sighting system is mainly based on a holographic technology, this simply means that the equipment carry out the bulk work and the shooter only thing is to pull the trigger.

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope boast of its many brightness settings that ensure the scope can perform perfectly under any light condition without the reflected light affecting the shooter.

This optic is ideal for shooting within a range of 200 yards and works better in a bad breath distance. The reticles in here are made for both extended and close ranges.

Using it with both eyes open will work well with the parallax 0* magnification. it works perfectly on AA batteries which can either be alkaline or lithium. The battery lasts for about 4-8 hours and includes a low battery indicator option.

65 MOA reticle Circle

Using this optic FOV is totally passive and this means that since it does not emit any light and therefore locating the shooter might not be easy. Think of it as the best fixed power scope for long range shooting.

It also features a rapid target acquiring property that enables the shooter to easily locate and shoot the target. The optic has a 65 MOA reticle circle and a 1 MOA aiming dot. It is with this reason that the military have preferred this choice.

Installation of this scope is simple and as it comes with user manual to guide you through. The scope is made up durable material that will ensure it lasts long, it is weatherproof and the casing gives it an advantage over the competition.

In case of any inquiries, the Eotech customer cares are always ready and willing to help when reached.

9. Best Rifle Scopes Under 200 is the UTG Compact Scope

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings

The UTG 3 – 12X44 30mm scope has been well designed using the latest technology that ensures your hunting experience is convenient and fun. It is among the best long range scope for 6 5 creedmoor.

The Best Long Range Hunting Scope can also be used in tactical hunting, big game hunting, and predator hunting as it has shown its capability in these fields.

The locking target turrets and zero resetting ensures that there is accuracy in acquiring and shooting the target as you can easily modify and adjust to match your aim.

The scope also features an illumination enhancing reticle that contains personalized illumination and multi-color mode which uses a total of 36 colors. Using the spectrum in different environment and lighting condition is just amazing.

The lenses are multi-emerald coated with integrated angled sunshade that ensures there is maximum light transmission.

Moreover, the scope has sunshades used to lower glares, as well as lens caps that are of high quality. The housing is also designed in a way that the scope’s  illumination is not interupted even under heavy recoil.

Side Wheel Adjustable Turrets (SWAT)

The Side Wheel Adjustable Turrets (SWAT) helps the shooter in achieving an excellent shot from 10 yards and more. The SWAT make it easy to adjust the scope setting without having much movement.

In addition, one is able to get an optional wheel that will allow one to turn the setting to his preference with ease.

With the magnification of between 3X to 12X, the scope is very versatile. The TS in the scope ensures that the scope is waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant. The TS further, allows you to continuously enjoy your shooting even when the temperature changes.

Moreover, the scope also includes a Smart Spherical Structure (SSS) that is used to control the joint between the inner and outer tube of the scope.

Tactical Mil-Dot Ranging Estimating

Best Long Range Hunting Scope for Money

Your budget doesn’t matter when going out to purchase a rifle; this is because there is always a rifle scope that is purposely designed for your needs.

Finding the best rifle scope that will fit your needs will be the best thing you do for your rifle. A great scope allows you to have a pleasureful shooting experience.

For example, if you need to shoot in low light conditions, then you can go for the Armasight Orion 5x.

Buying unknown Hunting Scope brands may end up to be waste of money. Choose a well-known Best Long Range Hunting Scope brand such as American Technologies Network Corp (ATN) best long range thermal scope. It’s also advisable to check on reviews.

They will help you to understand the experience people have encountered while using that specific brand. Any worth mentioning optic has been reviewed here, this will help you in making decision before purchasing.

Best 308 Scope TacticalBest 308 Scopes Tactical

Why go for the Best 308 Scopes? Well, the days when you would take a long range shot without  a scope are long gone.

You would therefore agree that taking a shot without a scope isn’t one of the best ways to use your ammo.

In that regard, we are going to look at some of the Best .308 Scope for Tactical rifle scopes.

The M5Xi 5-25×56 from Steiner features military grade technology in its design and engineering. It is crafted to withstand battlefield conditions.

That makes it an ideal scope for tactical and mission critical operations. Even under low light conditions, this scope allows you to have visibility that extend over 1,500 meters.

It has a tube that measures just 34mm and gives x25 of true magnification. Its other outstanding and performance enhancing features include etched glass Reticle, as well as a dual scale elevation.

The dual scale elevation has a second-rotation that remains hidden when the scope is not in use. That makes it feature among the Best .308 Scopes.

What Makes it Feature Among the Best 308 Scopes?

  • Magnification 5x-25x
  • Battery CR2450
  • Item no. 8704-MSR V2 (MSR2)
  • Tube Diameter 34mm
  • Length 16.6
  • Item no. 8704 (Horus H59)
  • Item no. 5525 (G2B Mil-Dot)
  • Item no. 8704-T3 (Horus Tremor 3)
  • Item no. 8709 (Coyote Brown color, Horus Tremor 3)
  • Item no. 5525 (G2B Mil-Dot) FOV at 100 yds 23.6 – 4.6
  • Item no. 8704 (Horus H59) FOV at 100 yds 23.6 – 4.6

What to Expect from the M5Xi 5-25×56

One-Piece Design

It comes in a single 34mm tube that is designed for reliability and strength. Moreover, the tube provides greater windage and elevation, which allows you to make long-range adjustments.

Anti-Reflection Coating

When taking shot in low light, you need all the illumination you can get. The Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 has anti-reflection coatings that ensure over 94% of the light is transmitted to the eyepiece. That allows you to see your target with maximum clarity, even at dusk.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the M5Xi 5-25×56 is designed with functionality in mind, and not just robustness. It offers a larger and positive grip elevation, illumination, windage, and parallax knobs, as well as a nonslip magnification and diopter adjustments.

Illuminated Reticle

When engaging your target at night, you will have access to seven levels of night illumination, and four levels of day illumination. Moreover, there are two “OFF” positions at both ends of the scope, as well as quick standby levels.

This advanced design allows you take control of this scope and quickly set it to your preferred shooting setting, depending on your current needs.

Flexible Mounting

This scope is designed to be mounted on various scopes, and can be adjusted to offer optimal performance and on different scopes or in use with other equipment.

Elevation and Windage Adjustments

The Steiner scope is designed to offer greater accuracy when making adjustments through its click-by-click feedback mechanism. You can therefore see, hear, and feel as you make any optical adjustments.

Water and Fog Proof

This scope is waterproof for a depth of up to 33 feet, and it can be used in both wet and cold conditions.


As you would expect from a high-end tactical scope, its rugged design allows it to withstand impacts forces of as high as 900 Gs, for all its inbuilt electronic and optical components.

Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56

Overall, this military grade scope is the best there is, and its value exceeds every cent you spend on it. Whether you are hunting or executing a life-critical mission, this scope will not disappoint you.

1. Primary Arms – Best .308 Scope Tactical for Under x3 Mag.

If you’re searching for the Best 308 Scope Under 500, the Primary Arms (1-8 X 24mm) Scope is one excellent scope that provides you with several qualities.

It’s an entry level scope but still among the Best .308 Scopes , meaning it’s a great choice. Even below 3x, it shows a clear and bright image and remains bright up to 8x.

The Primary Arms (1-8 X 24mm) Scope only becomes a bit blurry when it’s beyond 3x at a shorter range, for example, 25 yards.

The clarity of images that you get improves when the user is an extended range.

Its ACSS 2nd (focal place reticle) is best at what it does. For instance, it provides you with accurate and fast solutions at 400-500yards and further.

Bright Images

Another great feature about this scope is its illumination. It offers you 12 settings, the first two being (NIGHT VISION COMPATIBLE) and the rest giving you enough light, that’s except for the (BRIGHTEST) targets which that are under the sun.

The Primary Arms (1-8 X 24mm) scope is durable, solid and heavy duty, which means it will provide you with extended service. It’s fog resistant, nitrogen purged and waterproof; features that most users look for.

Home defense shooters, 3-gunner and plinkers will love this amazing scope.

Best Compact Scope for 308

The 12 brightness settings for you to choose mean that you can select your preferred brightness depending on your surroundings. This scope uses a single CR2032 battery, which is included in the package.

Some users may find its solid and heavy duty make to be slightly heavy. It means you should consider your needs and the terrain you’ll be carrying out your shooting. Its glass may not be very clear to some users, that’s especially when you compare with its competitor’s.

Overall Primary Arms (1-8 X 24mm) scope will offer you some excellent service. It will serve you for extended periods, which means it offers you value for money.

2. Nikon M-308 SF Best .308 Scope Tactical for Dusk Ops.

The Nikon M-308 SF scope is made for the 308/7.62mm cartridge (168 grain) HPBT match round, but works well on the many other calibers and loads. It comes with a 42mm objective lens, ensuring you get plenty of light transmission.

It measures 13.5 inches and weighs 19 ounces, meaning it’s a bit weighty. Its eye relief ranges from 3.7 to 4 inches, which is quite generous. The eye piece on this scope ranges from 2.6mm to 10.5mm and depending on your magnification.

The Nikon M-308 SF Riflescope provides you with adjustable magnification that ranges from 4X to 16X, ensuring you get a clear and crisp image at all powers.

Easy to Focus and Offers Bright Images

The Nikoplex duplex reticle gives you the ability to adjust the elevation fast based on the range to the target. The (adjustable side) focus knob makes it simple for you to get a sharp image from your target in an instant.

The Nikon M-308 Riflescope optics are fully multicoated and provide for 95% light transmission through the scope’s objective lens.

Nikon M-308 isn’t very generous with field of view, which is (6.3 feet at 16X) magnification, to (25.2 feet at 4X) magnification, that’s from 100 yards.

The Nikon M-308 Riflescope offers you 95% light transmission, meaning its transmittance is pretty outstanding. No matter the time of the day, you’ll get a clear and sharp image.

That means you can use this scope from dawn to dusk comfortably. Depending on your needs, this scope will give you value for money.

Nikon 308 Scope

Mounting the scope is easy, but you may be disappointed to hear that Nikon no longer includes rings with this model. However, using standard 1-inch rings, you should be able to mount this scope.

It’s easy to sight in the Nikon M-308 Riflescope, which means you will enjoy using this scope.

Overall, the Nikon M-308 is designed to last. Its fog-proof and waterproof, the optics chamber is nitrogen purged and its lenses sealed with O-rings. The result is you get a durable scope and value for the money.

3. Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Best .308 Scope Tactical

The Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Riflescope is designed with the M–16 and AR–15 hunter in mind, meaning you’ll get a scope that offers you the best features.

This scope provides with an objective lens 40mm, which ensures lots of light transmission.

It measures 12.6 inches long and weighs 12 ounces, meaning its lightweight.

The objective lens measures 2 inches in diameter, meaning there is plenty of clearance between your rifle’s barrel and it.

The Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Rifle scope provides you with a magnification that ranges from 3.3X to 8.6X.

Although it’s marketed as a 3X to 9X rifle scope. Its index-matched lens coatings ensure you get the best clarity, contrast and crispness.

The optics on the Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Rifle scope are fully multi-coated, ensuring maximum image quality and light transmission.

Leupold BDC reticle

Its Firedot-G TMR reticle gives 10 range compensation markers towards all directions along with an illuminated green dot at the cross hair’s absolute center. It enables you to enjoy easier target acquisition no matter the lighting conditions.

It Offers Excellent Visibility

The 40mm objective lens and fully multi-coated optics enable the Leupold Mark to have the best transmittance. This scope provides you with a generous field of view, which is 14.1 to 33.5 feet at 100 yards.

That’s depending on the magnification level you set.

Mounting the scope is easy since it comes with the required rings. That means you won’t need to buy them when purchasing this scope.

Sighting in the scope is easy. Ensure you use your (laser bore-sighting) tool to get started and the head to the rifle range. The P5 dial has very precise 0.1 milliradian adjustments for both elevation and windage.

That means you can easily attain narrower or one-inch groupings from as far as 200 yards.

Many scopes have optic chambers, which are O-ring sealed, and nitrogen purged to make them fog-proof and waterproof.

Leupold has gone further and used a proprietary blend of krypton and argon gases to virtually eliminate thermal shock effects.

4. Athlon Argos BTR- Best .308 Scope Tactical

The Athlon Argos BTR Riflescope is a scope that offers you value for money. Its lenses have two coatings.

They include a multi-coat to enhance image clarity and brightness at dawn and dusk.

That’s when the light is dimmest and an XPL coating to protect the scope’s lens from grease and dirt.

The purpose of the multi-coating treatment is to increase transmission of light and reduce any reflected light.

That produces a brighter image when compared to the usual single coated lens.

This scope has a magnification range of 8-34, which means you can leave your spotting scope in your truck. The Athlon Optics (Argos BTR) also has a side parallax adjustment.

That is one feature that most users want on the rifle scopes. It enables you to dial the focus to the specific distance you’re scanning, giving you crisp details.

Reticle and Optics – Best 308 Scope Tactical

Its reticle, which is etched on the glass, gives you fantastic backing support. It also offers you greater durability and a much higher resistance to the recoil.

These excellent optics are protected by the aluminum tube (6061T6 aircraft grade), which has superior mechanical integrity and exceptional strength. It means no matter the punishment you give this scope, you’ll get the best value for money.

Overall, the Athlon Optics (Argos BTR) model is an excellent scope. It weighs 32 ounces, meaning you may find it a bit heavy. Remember that Athlon argon purges all their models of scopes to get rid of moisture out of the scope’s tube when manufacturing.

It makes them waterproof in the case that you accidentally submerge your scope or expose it to rain. Another benefit of purging is that it provides the scope with stability when in different temperatures.

For instance, it prevents the buildup of fog when you emerge from a wall tent or truck into the morning air.

5. Vortex Optics HP 4-16×42: Best Vortex .308 Scope

The Diamondback (HP 4-16×42) builds upon the popular diamond series to provide you with additional features that you’ll appreciate as a hunter or shooter. That means you get the best returns from your investment.

Among its best features is the Dead-Hold BDC reticle which is perfect for any shooting or hunting at varying ranges in instances where the estimating holdover may be a concern.

The Diamondback (HP 4-16×42) features XR (fully multi-coated) lenses and dispersion glass (extra low) that result in a clearer and sharper picture along with increased light transmission. In addition, the 4x zoom range extends the magnification versatility.

Diamondback HP 4-16x42mm – Best 1000 Yard Scope for 308

You can access the side focus easily from any shooting position, and it provides you with parallax removal and optimal image focus. For easy and quick reticle focusing, the fast focus eyepiece ensures you get this.

The reset turrets (finger adjustable and capped) can be set to zero by the user after sighting in, meaning you get the best shooting or hunting results.

The Diamondback (HP 4-16×42) is nitrogen purged, comes with strong and sturdy O-ring seals, and is shockproof, waterproof and fogproof. That means no matter the weather conditions in the outdoors, this scope will serve you well.

Best Scope for 308 Long Range

Overall, the Diamondback (HP 4-16×42) is designed for discriminating shooters and hunters. For instance, they provide you with the highest levels of reliability and performance.

With features such as the long eye relief, rugged construction and 4x optical zooms, these model is ready for any hunting or shooting situation.

If you’re looking for a full array of features, this rifle scope will provide you with excellent service. Keep in mind that the XR (fully multi-coated) lenses will maximize every photon of the shooting light.

The XD dispersion glass (extra low) will increase color fidelity and resolution. The Diamondback (HP 4-16×42) rifle scope will serve you well if you are shooting or hunting at varying ranges where estimating the holdover is of concern.

The 5 Best Rifle Scope under $100 Reviews

When buying the best rifle scope under $100, what you get is the right deal at an extremely affordable price. If you cannot justify buying a 4-figure scope, then this guide will come in handy.

A $100 scope delivers you reliability and dependability from its quality features.

Target shooters and beginners will find the best deal by choosing to buy scopes within this price range. These budget-friendly scopes are ideal gifts.

Anyone who loves hunting will appreciate them as gifts. You can think of them as a temporary option, but they will still deliver you the best service when in the outdoors. Read on to find 5 models to consider buying.

1. Вuѕhnеll Ваnnеr Duѕk & Dаwn 3-9Х40mm Rifle Scope

The Вuѕhnеll Ваnnеr Duѕk & Dаwn 3-9Х40 is a versatile scope that offers you customization possibilities. It’s among the best rifle scope under $100 you can find in the market. This affordable scope offers you the best finishes, reticles and illumination options. Moreover, it’s lightweight, compact and doesn’t need special rings to mount.

The generous eye relief of this scope means that you don’t have to worry about recoil. In addition, its recoil-proof construction enables you to avoid a black eye. You’ll find this scope ideal for predator hunting, varmint hunting and target shooting.

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View: 40 – 14 feet at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 13 – 4.4 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.3 inches

2. ВАRЅКА 3-12Х50mm ІR Нuntmаѕtеr Рrо Rifle Scope

Buying a rifle scope under $100 doesn’t mean that you have to forget about getting fancy features. If you choose the ВАRЅКА 3-12Х50 ІR Нuntmаѕtеr Рrо Rifle Scope, what you’ll get is an affordable scope which comes with several amazing features.

The ВАRЅКА 3-12Х50 scope features a large aperture along with an extended 12Х rеасh. You’ll enjoy an incredible optical performance at a friendly price, something that will cost you more if you choose other options. Furthermore, this scope has an illuminated reticle at its price range.

The ВАRЅКА 3-12Х50 scope is fully shockproof and weatherproof. That means you can use it in the outdoors without having to worry about extreme weather situations and heavy impacts.

  • Magnification: 3-12X
  • Objective Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View: 35 – 10 feet at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 16.7 – 5.6 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.3 inches

3. Моnѕtrum Тасtісаl 3-9Х32mm Rifle Scope

The Моnѕtrum Тасtісаl 3-9Х32mm Rifle Scope is easy to use and comes with several luxury features. You’ll find its 3-9х mаgnіfісаtіоn to be versatile, meaning you can use it for hunting or target shooting. Its 32 mm aperture may be on the lower side, but it enables you to keep the rifle scope mounted low. Moreover, this scope is compact and lightweight, enabling you to use it in several applications.

The internal chamber of this scope has been nitrogen purged to ensure its water and fog resistant. The rangefinding reticle on this scope enables you to estimate distances to objects and targets of known size. However, you should be at its maximum power of 9х to use this reticle in this manner.

The crosshairs on this scope can be illuminated to help you find the target and draw your eyes to its center. You can turn on the green and red light in conditions where you may need it. On the other hand, you can use the black crosshairs, which are visible.

The Моnѕtrum Тасtісаl scope is a dependable scope whether you’re using or not using the illumination setting or reticle. You’ll find it ideal for use in close-mid range situations. The Моnѕtrum Тасtісаl has a responsive customer care service. If you have any issues, they will respond fast to your needs.

  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Field of View: 37.5(at 3x)-12.4(at 9x) feet at 100 yards
  • Exit pupil: 13.3mm (at 3x)-4.4mm (at 9x)
  • Eye relief: 3.5-3.8 Inches

4. Ѕіmmоnѕ 8-Роіnt 3-9Х40mm Rifle Scope

The Ѕіmmоnѕ 8-Роіnt 3-9Х40 Rifle Scope offers you the best deal possible under $100. Its optical quality is among the best you can find in the market. Moreover, its quick focus eyepiece ensures you find focusing easier and fast.

The Ѕіmmоnѕ 8-Роіnt 3-9Х40 is compact and lightweight, which means it you’ll find it ideal for use in the outdoors. Another thing you will find impressive about this scope is that it has features common on models that are more expensive. They include fully multi-coated optics, weatherproof and shockproof benefits and the ТruеZеrо ѕсоре аdјuѕtmеntѕ ѕуѕtеm.

With this model, Ѕіmmоnѕ delivers you quality, price and performance.

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Objective Diameter: 32 mm
  • Field of View: 31.4 feet at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 10.7-3.6 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.75 inches

5. UТG 3-9Х32mm АО ВugВuѕtеr Rifle Scope

The UТG 3-9Х32 АО ВugВuѕtеr Rifle Scope is the right scope for use in eradicating pests. It’s priced under $100 but has features common on scopes twice its price. It features both the green and red illuminated reticle and emerald coatings. These features ensure you enjoy improved light transmission. This scope also features zero lockable and resettable turrets.

To enable you to enjoy parallax-free aiming, this amazing scope features an AO. This scope comes with more than the usual accessories. For only a hundred dollars, you will get more than you could have expected.

You’ll enjoy incredible optical aiming and shooting performances from this scope that comes with a range estimating mil-dot reticle. If you still need reasons to buy this scope, UTG gives you free mounting rings whenever you buy this scope.

Hunters and target shooters have found this scope to be useful. However, you should keep in mind that defective and counterfeits have left some people thinking twice when buying UTG products. That said, this scope offers you the best functionality and price. You can purchase it with peace of mind that it will deliver you the best service.

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Objective Diameter: 32 mm
  • Field of View: 37.7-14 feet at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 10.6-3.6 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.2-3.2 inches

Conclusion -Best Scopes for Money

If you’re searching for the best rifle scope under $100, the above 5 reviews should make your work easier. By looking around, you can get the best scope at an affordable price. You no longer have to look for scopes and know how every feature works. Spending less when buying a scope gives you peace of mind that you’re getting a device to use in various applications at an affordable price.

By choosing one of the scopes in this list, you can get something that you’ll use in hunting or target shooting. The market has several models of rifle scopes which are available at varying prices. By looking around, you can spend less knowing that you’re getting a good deal.

5 Best Rifle Scope Under $200

Previously, many hunters and target shooters had difficulties choosing the best rifle scope under $200. Nowadays, there are a range of rifle scope models available at this price range.

A good rifle scope should be able to serve you well regardless of the light conditions.

You should check for features such as illuminated reticles, bullet drop compensators, and fingertip adjustable turrets. Read on to know 5 models that will cost you less than $200.

1. Nikon ProStaff Rimfire BDC Reticle 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope

The Nikon ProStaff Rimfire is among the best rifle scopes under 200. Most shooters train using rimfire cartridges when training. In addition, rimfire offers noise reduction.

This rifle scope has an elegant design, meaning you will love using it in the outdoors. Rimfire rifles are popular among beginners, and their budget-friendly price makes them even more appealing.

  • Magnification: 3 – 9 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View: Range 11.3 – 33.8 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit pupil: 13.33 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.6 in

2. Mueller APV AO Rifle Scope

The Mueller APV AO is a budget-friendly and all-purpose rifle scope. When it comes to durability and performance, this scope ranks among the best. Its 25mm main tube is durable and scratch resistant, meaning the optics are well protected.

It protects your position by preventing reflection, thanks to its matte black finish. This scope is waterproof and fog proof, qualities that ensure you can use it in the outdoors with peace of mind.

Its fully multi-coated optics ensure you enjoy incredible light transmission. You will enjoy exceptional clarity, contrast and brightness. The ¼ MOA adjusters enable you to carry out precise elevation adjustment and wind drift correction.

  • Magnification: 4.5 – 14 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View: Range 9 – 27 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Range: 8.8 – 2.8 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.25 – 3.5 in

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Rifle Scope

The Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope is a versatile and budget-friendly model. Designed using aircraft-grade durable aluminum, this scope can withstand dangerous game hunting.

This material makes it lightweight, meaning you can use this scope for extended periods while in the outdoors.

Its design protects it from heavy impact and water, ensuring that this device serves you for long. In addition, the capped turrets protect this scope’s optics.

This rifle scope has multi-coated lenses which ensure you enjoy increased light transmission. You’ll enjoy clear and bright images when hunting, something that enhances your chances of getting accurate shots.

Moreover, this scope has a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that lets you carry out a range and holdover assessment. If you’re looking for the best rifle scope under 200 to use in tense situations, you should choose this scope.

It features quick-set systems that help you to deal with the situation at hand. The Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope is the best model under 200 to use in long-range applications. You can use it on your muzzleloader or shotgun and you’ll be sure to get the best results.

This scope has a matte finish that protects your shooting position by preventing reflection when hunting big game. In our view, this model is a must buy if you want to enjoy your hunting expedition.

  • Magnification: 4 – 12 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 11.3 – 32.4 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit pupil: Range 3.3 – 10 mm
  • Eye Relief: Range 3.1 – 3.4 inches

4. Leupold VX-1 Rifle Scope

The Leupold manufacturer is well known for designing high-quality scopes. With the Leupold VX-1 Rifle scope, what you get is a device that outperforms high-end scopes from less known brands. It’s perfect for big game hunting and is durable.

This multi-purpose scope offers you incredible benefits at an affordable price. It’s the reason you should purchase this scope that has a matte black finish.

Moreover, this scope offers you incredible optics that includes the Quantum Optical System from Leupold. This system provides you with excellent clarity and clarity when hunting in low light conditions.

With these qualities, what you’ll get is a functional, durable and versatile scope. That should make it an obvious pick considering its price is within most hunters budgets.

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Field of View: 34.10 – 14.10 feet/100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 13.3 – 4.4 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.20 – 3.60 inches

5. UTG 3-9X50 Hunter Rifle Scope

The UTG 3-9X50 Hunter Rifle Scope is a budget-friendly scope that offers you incredible service. It’s available under the $200 budget and is designed to provide you with longer service and the best performance.

This scope is the best companion if you’re looking forward to hunting big game. The Mil-dot reticles on this scope provide you with the best range estimating service.

You’ll enjoy an impressive aiming and shooting performance. This scope performs well in even the toughest hunting conditions, one reason being it’s shockproof.

You can use it even when it’s raining, the reason being it’s sealed. Moreover, it’s fog proof. The flip-open lens caps means that the optics of this scope are protected. This scope should be among your top options when looking for the best scope under 200.

  • Magnification: Range 3 – 9 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View: Range 12 – 35.6 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 16mm to 5.5mm
  • Eye Relief: Range 3.2 – 3.9 in

Conclusion – Get Best rifle Scope Under 200

When shopping for the best rifle scope under 200, you should never compromise on the quality of the optics. Any model you choose should come with some extra features and options. The models reviewed in these reviews are among the best scopes you can find under 200. They offer you the best performance, quality optics and are lightweight.

In our view, the Leupold VX-1 Rifle Scope is the best choice if you’re searching for scopes under 200. Moreover, its compact design makes it one durable scope. Furthermore, the Quantum Optical System from Leupold ensures you get images even under low light conditions.

11 Best Rifle Scope Under $300

Sometimes, a quality budget scope is the “tipping force” that gets the job done. The Best Rifle Scope Under $300 definitely falls into that category.

Read on to find out what to expect from the various best budget scopes, that are designed for hunting and target shooting.

1. Vortex (Optics) Crossfire II 6-24x50mm Scope

2. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Rifle Scope

3. Nikon P-223 4-12×40mm Rifle Scope

4. Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40mm Scope

5. Mueller Target 8-32 x 44mm Rifle Scope

6. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

7. Nikon Prostaff 5  3.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope

8. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

9. Nikon PROSTAFF 2.5-10x40mm Rifle Scope

10. Bushnell Banner 3-9x 40mm  Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Rifle Scope

11. Primary Arms 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope

Now that we have listed the 11 Best Rifle Scope Under $300 in 2019, let us look at what makes them stand out.

You may also check the best long range scope, if you are willing to pay more for extras.

Last but not least, if there is a scope you would recommend, please let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

1. Best Rifle Scope Under $300 – Vortex Crossfire II

Best Scope under 300

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24x50mm is in our view, the best rifle scope under 300 dollars. That’s because it comes with several features that makes it easy to use.

For instance, its Dead-Hold BDC Reticle is ideal for various ranges, meaning you don’t have to worry about holdover.

It offers you the best adjustable objective, ensuring you great value for money. This scope has fully multi-coated and anti-reflective lenses.

That gives you clear and great images, even under lower light conditions. Additionally, you’ll love its parallax removal. That makes it the Best Rifle Scope for Deer Hunting.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II scope is designed for discriminating shooters and hunters, that’s according to its manufacturer. It’s something that we tend to agree with.

What you should realize is that its finish and compactness is another reason you should buy this budget scope.

The Vortex Optics offers you a long and nice eye relief. According to some users, its eyebox is forgiving. It means as a user, you’ll get your rifle on target and make a shot quickly.

The fast focus eyepiece may be the reason for this ability. Keep in mind that most any rifle shooter or hunter will be thankful for this feature.

Target Acquisition

budget rifle scope

Among our reasons for picking the Vortex Optics Crossfire II as the Best Rifle Scope, under $300 is the long eye relief in addition to the fast-focus eyepiece.

The multi-coated lenses along with re-settable MOA turrets, ensures users have an easy time acquiring targets.

This budget scope is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, meaning its fog proof and waterproof. The single Focal Plane Reticle enables you to maintain a perfect sight picture, meaning value for your money.

If you want to get bright pictures, you should consider this model, which is shockproof. Remember it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum single tube.

It’s not every day that you get the best features from an affordable scope.  However, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II budget scope provides you with the best value for money.  If you’re a discriminating shooter or hunter, its one must buy for you.

2. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme – Best Rifle Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

When you compare the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Riflescope X30 6-24×50mm with other scopes in its price range, you will realize that its 30mm tube makes it stand out.

This advantage is rare for budget scopes available at its price and offers you several benefits. For example, it ensures the scope has a larger light inlet, the result being low light conditions are improved.

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme also features a large objective lens (50mm) meaning you should consider buying it.

The Bushnell X30 6-24×50 offers you a large adjustment range. Remember that scopes with large magnification such as the Trophy Xtreme benefit from a large range.

The Bushnell comes with top quality glass and uses its own coating referred to as the HD rain guard. It ensures you get bright and clear images no matter the conditions of your surroundings.

For instance, whether it’s foggy or raining, you’ll get clear results. The Trophy Xtreme scope makes sure you get excellent images.

Target Acquisition

That’s because its high-quality glass in combination with large tube ensure you get clear and crisp images, even at long distances.

This scope is shockproof since it’s designed for demanding hunting trips. Overall, it’s sturdy and well designed, meaning you can mount it rifles that have heavy recoil without any issues.

Since the eye relief is 3.6 inches, it should be adequate for rifles that have heavy recoil. The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Rifle Scope is quite heavy, thanks to the large objective size, large tube and solid build.

However, it’s this reason that makes it perfect for long distance shooting and hunting. The elevation and windage adjustments are easy to reach, which ensures you get precise adjustments.

With this affordable scope, Bushnell has ensured you get a budget scope with the best features and quality. If you enjoy long distance shots, this budget scope is one must buy for you.

3. Long Range Scope on a Budget – Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

You may not be surprised to find a scope with this magnification at a price under $300. However, what is surprising is finding a Nikon scope at this cost.

Among the reasons why you should opt for this scope is that it’s reliable, made from the best components and is rugged.

That means you’re guaranteed to get the best value for your money since the budget scope will serve you for longer.

The Nikon P-223 Riflescope 4-12×40mm BDC 600 is specifically made to be used on AR rifles. For instance, it comes with enhanced magnification.

That allows for longer shots using that type of rifle. The reticle comes with bullet drop marks that effectively allow you to compensate for shots, which are up to 600 yards.

It means you get the best shots when using this scope.

For a clearer and sharper image, this scope has Nikon’s (multi-coated) optics. Keep in mind that the multi-coating reduces glare and reflection, which results in improved visibility in conditions that are low light.

The turrets on the Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope feature Spring-Loaded (Instant Zero-Reset) settings. Additionally, the turret adjustments are precise and easy, which means using this budget scope will result in the best experiences.

Target Acquisition

If you happen to own an AR rifle and looking to make medium or long-range shots, the Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope should be among your top options.

However, you should bear in mind that the magnification’s lower end makes it quite hard for you to track targets at the lower ranges.

However, the moment you reach around 100 yards, you’ll be good. This budget scope is ideal for AR rifles and available at a customer friendly price.

Among the benefits of buying this budget scope is that you’ll get sharp and clearer images as a result of the multi-coated optics. They will reduce glare and reflection, which means even if you’re in low light conditions, visibility will be improved.

4. Vortex Diamondback – Best Long Range Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

If you want to enjoy medium range shots, one of the best choices for you should be the  Vortex Diamondback Riflescope 4-12×40mm, which is a high-performance budget scope.

The Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope offers you several excellent mechanical and optical features, the result being the best value for your money.

For example, its power level adjusts from 4x-12x magnification. The lenses on this budget scope are entirely multi-coated using Vortex’s proprietary coating.

Keep in mind that the coatings are designed to reduce light reflection off the Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope (4-12×40) lenses and enhance light transmission.

When using magnification settings, which are on the higher side, you’ll experience glare. However, since the lenses are coated, this glare is reduced.

During hunting expeditions, you may experience tough conditions. The Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scope (4-12×40) comes with a tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum (high quality).

That means your scope is protected from any tough conditions in the outdoors. An additional advantage is that the tube is purged using argon gas, which means internal fogging is prevented.

Target Acquisition

The mechanical side of the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope features accurate and precise adjustments for elevation, range and windage. To compensate for bullet-drops, this scope features Vortex’s BDC reticle.

In the case you’re searching for a hunting scope that’s ideal for medium to long-range shots, the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope is one perfect option for you.

It provides you with the best optics under the $300 price range, which you may find it hard to get anywhere else. You should consider buying this scope if you are under a tight budget.

Remember it’s a high-performance rifle scope, which is ideal for medium range shots. You want a budget scope that will survive tough outdoor conditions.

Since the Vortex Diamondback Rifle scope comes with a high-quality tube, you can have peace of mind that it will serve you for extended periods, the result being value for money.

5. Best Rifle Scope Under $300 – Mueller Target Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

The Mueller Target Rifle Scope 8-32 x 44mm provides target shooters and long-range hunters with outstanding magnification.

Usually, if you prefer long distance shots, you’ll have to spend more money if you want to get better optics on your rifle scope.

However, with this Mueller model, you’ll get the best features at a great price. The Mueller 8-32 x 44mm is not meant for everyone.

The reason is its lower end magnification that many hunters may not like, but if you love long-distance shots, this scope is the perfect budget scope for you.

Its magnification’s upper end which is at 32x makes it ahead of other scopes.

The Mueller 8-32 x 44mm features high-end materials and optics and is solidly built. It provides you with a 30 mm tube along with 44 mm lens, which is what you need and expect.

It’s a standard that you may find hard to get on a scope at this price.

Target Acquisition

When it comes to its elevation, windage and magnification, you’ll find that its settings are easy to adjust, which means using this budget scope is easy.

Even when shooting with rounds and rifles with heavy recoil, this scope retains zero, which is an added advantage.

Its lenses provide you with crisp images of any target at any magnification level since they are multi-coated, which means they prevent glare.

The larger tube and lens diameters enable the budget scope to get maximum light transmission even in low light capabilities.

For long-range shooters on a budget, this is one fantastic choice. It’s hard to find such a scope under the $300 range which offers you the above long distance capabilities.

However, you should only buy this brand if you’re looking to get the best long distance shots. It’s among the best scopes you can find below $300 and offers you the best service if what you’re looking for are long distance shots.

6. The Vortex Strike Eagle – Best Scope Under 300 Bucks

Best Scope under 300

The AR15 is one favorite rifle in modern sporting history. That means no discussion about the best scopes under $300 is complete without mentioning it.

The AR15 offers users many qualities, which makes it one excellent option for sporting, self-defense, home-defense, targets and hunting.

It’s ergonomic and has many accessories available for it, since it has been around for a long time.

It’s a pleasure to shoot with, the reason being it offers a light recoil.

Among the features that should make you buy the Vortex Strike Eagle Scope, is that you can adjust it to six power, meaning you can engage targets which are far away.

Its fully multi-coated lenses ensure you can get crisp sight pictures even in conditions with low light. The third reason why you should check out this model is its glass-etched BDC reticle.

It offers you 11 amazing illumination settings, which ensure you can cope with the changes that happen in ambient light.

The windage cap gives you some space to store your extra battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Target Acquisition

The fast focus dial is another reason why the Vortex (Optics) Strike Eagle is among the best scopes in the market. You can quickly acquire your targets day and night.

You can have peace of mind that this budget scope will serve you for long since its fog proof, shockproof and waterproof.

The Strike Eagle is one powerful budget scope that lets you focus on your target fast, even if it’s close. When you combine this quality with other features of the scope’s other qualities, what you get is good value for money.

The Strike Eagle is one versatile budget scope that’s ideal for various applications. If you’re looking for the best scope for target practice, hunting or tactical operations, you should consider it.

With a weight of 18 ounces, it’s a must buy for you. Two layers of glass illuminate and protect the reticle, meaning this budget scope is reliable and durable.

7. Nikon Prostaff 5 – Best budget Rifle Scope

Best Scope under 300

Nikon is one proven, great and trusted brand. It means that the Nikon Prostaff 5 is one of the best scopes under $300.

Its reticle comes with in-built aiming pints, which makes it easier for you to carry out elevation adjustments.

The Nikon Prostaff 5 features instant zero-reset turrets (spring loaded), making it one of the best in the market.

Target Acquisition

You’ll get clear, nice and bright pictures, thanks to the multi-coated lenses.

The eye-piece (quick focus) ensures you have the ability to bring its reticle into focus fast.

You can use this scope with Spot on Ballistic Match Technology from Nikon. It enables you to use an app to carry out some of the work for you.

Best Zoom

The many technological updates on this budget scope, means you’ll be getting is value for money. For example, its 4x zoom ratio is among the best you can get under $300.

The bright and nice optical system, hand-turn reticle adjustments, and zero-reset turrets, ensure you get the best service.

The Nikon Prostaff 5 holds zero well and is easy to use. Its finish, compactness and overall feel is good. If you’re looking for a durable budget scope, you should consider buying the Nikon Prostaff 5.

If you prefer a Mil Dot scope, you should consider this brand since it’s among the best scope you can find under $300. Keep in mind that Mil is a short term for “milliradian.”, which is a military unit of angle.

Many users love Mil dot scopes, which mean if you’re one of them, you should make sure you purchase the Nikon Prostaff 5.

Its durability, ease of use and the ability to hold zero will ensure you get impressive results when using the budget scope. You won’t go wrong with this Mil Dot scope available under 300 dollars the moment you start using it.

8. Leupold Rifle Scope – Best Budget Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm is one excellent product, which is available at a very good price.

Among its best offers is its standard magnification that is arguably the best you can get at below $300.

If you’re looking for close range shots, this budget scope can provide you with as low as 3x magnification.

On the other hand, if what you want are precise shots at mid-range, the range can be tripled to 9x.

Fast Target Acquisition

Leupold Rifle Scope turrets are easy to use and enable you to have a precision adjustment. That means you get the best returns from your investments.

The lenses on Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm are multi-coated, meaning they are waterproof and fog proof.

Additionally, this scope is filled with Leupold’s proprietary Krypton and Argon blend of gases, meaning its one quality budget scope.

This scope gives you the ability to hold your selected focus even after a heavy recoil while its eyepiece is lockable.

By choosing to get this scope model, what you’ll be getting is an easy to use budget scope and the best service.

Leupold Rifle Scope may not offer you the best features that you can expect from high-end budget scopes. However, at its price, what you get are features that suit your needs.

For the best outcome, you should check your budget estimates and needs and determine whether this brand is the best option for you.

Best Rifle Scope Under $300 with Clear Images

Remember you want clear and bright images, which means the lenses on this budget scope will serve you well. The budget scope itself will last longer and will ensure you benefit from precision adjustment.

This review finds Leupold Rifle Scope VX-2 3-9x40mm to be among the best buys under $300 since you can enjoy both close-range shots along with precision shots from mid-range.

The ability to hold focus after heavy recoil is another reason why it’s a worthy buy.

9. Nikon PROSTAFF – Best Rifle Scope Under 300

Best Scope under 300

The Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle scope 5 2.5-10×40 BDC provides you with a slightly better magnification than other models at its price range.

However, you should realize that being  Nikon scope, it will offer you outstanding reliability along with the best quality. In this review, we’ll look at why you should consider checking it out.

By choosing to get this budget scope, you’ll benefit from getting sharp, crisp and clear images. The Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle Scope offers you a range of magnification in addition to an improved range for shooting.

Multiple layers of anti-fog and anti-reflective compounds coat the optics, which means that low light ambience is improved in addition to optimizing light transmission.

Target Acquisition

This scope comes with adjustments that are precise and easy to use, which is something you expect from a Nikon scope.

On the other hand, its turrets provide you with (spring loaded) instant zero-reset capability.

If you were searching for the best scope under $300, you should consider the Nikon PROSTAFF Rifle Scope. That’s because you will benefit from its excellent magnification levels.

As you would expect from a hunting scope, the optics on this budget scope are waterproof, which means you can comfortably and securely use it in the outdoors.

It provides you with a better range of magnification when you compare it with the Leupold and Vortex scopes. Check it out when shopping for your next hunting scope.

Budget Hunting Scope

The manufacturer of this scope, Nikon, is known to design scopes that are reliable and of the best quality. It’s one thing you need to remember when looking for the best hunting scope since you want value for your money.

The easy to use and precise adjustments ensure you get better results while in the outdoors.

Any user wants to get crisp, sharp and clear images when using a rifle scope. It’s the reason why this review recommends that you check your needs and consider buying the Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope.

10. Bushnell Banner 3-9×40 – Best Budget Scope Under $300

best scope under 300

This rifle scope works best when used for hunting especially in the wee hours of the morning or evening.

That is why we find that its name has the word Dusk and Dawn which is simply an indicator when to use it.

The scope features a Dust and Dawn Brightness (DDB), which has multiple coated optics lenses that maximizing light transmission.

That gives the shooter brighter and clear images to get the right precision.

This, therefore, makes hunting fast and easy as you will be able to clearly see what you are hunting.

Target Acquisition

The scope features a fast focus eyepiece that has a grip zoom ring, and its power mode can be adjusted and focused in seconds in low light conditions.

The magnification power of this scope is placed in the medium category. Another amazing thing about this scope is that it weighs only 13 ounces and has a length of 12 inches.

The lightweight part of it is very interesting as this will give relief to  muscle in case one is going on a long hunting trip.

This type of scope is a second focal plane category, by this, we mean that the reticles do not change in size when magnification changes but rather remains constant.

This, therefore, might lead to loss of accuracy when there is a change in the power of magnification.


  • Waterproof, shockproof & fog proof
  • Wide field of view
  • When set properly, it maintains zero.
  • Easy Zoom
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable turrets


  • Loose eyepiece
  • Quality control issue

11. Primary Arm 4-14x44mm FFP – Best Rifle Scope Under $300

Best Scope under 300

This is a strong kind of scope made of aluminum alloy for recoil resistance and durability, it is also made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The eye relief of the scope ranges from 3.14 to 3.12, this is meant to protect the user from heavy recoil and also shooters who wear glasses.

There is a side mount parallax adjustment knob on the scope that helps in ensuring that the reticle parallax is free and the target appears sharp from a long distance.

The scopes also provide a shooter with a magnification power that ranges from 4x to 14x, this ensures that the image obtained is closer and clear from a distance.

The scope also has an objective diameter of 44mm which is enough to transmit the required amount of light for brighter objects.

Target Acquisition

In addition, it is good to note that the primary arm 4-14×44 FFP scope comes with 6 different lighting on magnification which is just amazing.

A quick ranging in the scope can also be easily achieved thanks to the patented ACSS ORION reticle which helps in this. This scope, therefore, is able to provide any shooter with all the required features needed for effective hunting session.

The primary arm is a well-known company for producing scopes with quality optics, and it is located in Japan. In case you settle in purchasing this scope, you will be awarded a three years warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Durable
  • Wide field of view
  • Easy to use
  • Shockproof, waterproof and fog resistant


  • Windage is a bit finicky

Choosing the Best Rifle Scope Under $300

When it comes to choosing the best scope, you will want to go for one that is lightweight, offers a sufficient FOV, and allow you to make fast adjustments.

You will also have to  make sure that it self-adjusts to your original setting after a recoil. Most important, it should have some form of weather proofing to make sure that it does not malfunction when you are out in the field.

5 Best Rifle Scopes Under $500What is the Best Rifle Scope Under $500

Why get Best Rifle Scope Under $500? Well, there are times that you really want to buy the best rifle scope, if only the were priced a little bit lower.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to find a scope that is priced under $500, and still works as well as the one in the $1000 range.

In that regard, we decided to research about the best rifle scope under $500, and this is what we found. Read on to learn more.

1. Nikon Monarch 3 BDC Rifle Scope

The Nikon Monarch 3 BDC Rifle Scope is arguably among the best rifle scope under 500. Hunters looking for the best medium range rifle scope should consider this model.

For instance, if you love stalking big game, this rifle scope should be included in your hunting gear. Its price shouldn’t deceive you since it will serve you for longer.

Weighing only 20oz, this scope is made using high-grade aluminum. Hunters who love long hunting sessions will find this lightweight scope to be the perfect companion.

Moreover, the magnification and focus rings on this scope function well without grinding.

This rifle scope offers you incredible optical quality. Its chromatic aberration is excellently controlled at all magnification levels. In addition, the sunshine adaptable feature aids the chromatic aberration well.

The 50mm ocular lens on the Nikon Monarch 3 BDC Rifle Scope features the incredible Ultra ClearCoat Optical System. It provides the shooter/hunter with a sharp and bright flat sight picture of the target. In addition, this rifle scope offers you excellent clarity without any blurriness, thanks to its 95% light transmission.

The Nikon Monarch 3 BDC utilizes an interchangeable turret technology. It’s customizable with the target and windage style elevation knobs and caps.

  • Magnification: 4 – 16 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 42 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 6.3 – 25.2 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 2.6 mm
  • Eye Relief Distance: 4 inches

2. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X50 – Best Rifle Scope Under $500

The Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X50 is another rifle scope under 500 which competes with the best models on the market. It has incredible features that you’ll find useful in your hunting expedition.

This scope features a mil-dot reticle, which you’ll find highly convenient and effective when hunting. One function of this reticle is estimating the bullet holdover, target range and windage.

The reticle makes this rifle scope highly efficient and effective for competitive shooters and long range hunters.

The Argon purging and O rings sealing ensure that this scope is fog proof and waterproof, which means it will serve you for a long time. You can re-index to zero quickly whenever you sight the target, thanks to the capped turret settings on this gun. Furthermore, the turrets have maximum protection from the caps.

The Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X50 features a single piece 30mm tube. It maximizes the alignment to ensure you enjoy excellent vision performance, strength and accuracy. The Glide rector system makes sure that the zooms lens mechanism utilizes quality components for smooth magnification adjustments.

  • Magnification: 6.5 – 20 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 2 – 17.4 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 2.5 – 7.69 mm
  • Eye Relief Distance: 3.1 – 3.3 in

3. Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 Rifle Scope

The moderately priced Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 Rifle Scope has features commonly found on high-end scopes. Its features ensure you enjoy the best performance in all light situations.

It features a single piece 30mm tube, which is made using aircraft caliber aluminum. The strong tube provides this scope with incredible rigidity and strength.

It also offers you adequate room for long distance elevation adjustment and windage. Furthermore, the fast focus eyepiece on this scope gives the reticle an easy and quick focusing.

This rifle scope features an illuminated reticle. The reticle performs well in low light conditions, thanks to the electronic illumination.

With a simple click between the intensity levels, you can easily turn off and on the illumination. That means you can select your favorite illumination setting with ease.

On the other hand, this scope has XR multi-coated lenses, which ensure you enjoy viewing bright images along with incredible light transmission even when hunting in low light conditions.

The Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 Rifle Scope also features a glass-etched reticle, which provides incredible durability and reliability. You will also find the rotational stop (CRS) zero stop (customizable) to be extremely useful.

It prevents the hunter or shooter from dialing several rotations below zero. You will avoid losing zero whenever you dial large elevation corrections figures.

  • Magnification: 1 – 4 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
  • Field of View: 27.5 – 98 ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 24 mm – 6 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches

4. Nikon M 308 4-16X42mm Rifle Scope

The Nikon M 308 4-16X42MM Rifle Scope is one excellent product offered by the Nikon manufacturer. It’s a well-designed scope which is compatible with a number of rounds and calibers, but perfect for use with the 308 7.62mm.

This rifle scope features a 42mm objective lens which ensures you enjoy improved light transmission.  Another useful feature on this scope is the adjustable knob.

That enables you to take sharp images on your target quickly. On the other hand, the Nikon duplex Reticle provides you with the chance to adjust the elevation.

That allows you to target objects at varying ranges target.

The fully multi-coated optics on this under 500 scope ensure you enjoy up to 95% of light transmission through its quality lens.

This incredible light transmission enables you to enjoy viewing clear and bright images in all light conditions. Its ultra-clear coat optical system provides you with incredibly clear images.

  • Magnification: 4-16x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
  • Field of View: 6.3-25.2ft at 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 2.62-10.5mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.7-4inches

5. Sightmark Photon XT Rifle Scope – Best Rifle Scope Under $500

The Sightmark Photon XT Rifle Scope performs well regardless of the light conditions. Whether you want to use it for hunting or competitive shooting, you will find its 4.6X42 magnification powerful.

The lightweight construction of this scope ensures you find it easier to handle when in long hunting expeditions. Moreover, this scope offers you 6 reticle options. They ensure you enjoy an added advantage while hunting.

The night vision capability of this scope makes it ideal for use for hunting after sunset. During nighttime hunting, this scope magnifies and focuses your target with incredible optimal clarity.

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
  • Field of View: 7.5 m at 100m
  • Exit Pupil: 6mm
  • Eye Relief: 60mm

Conclusion – Best Rifle Scope Under 500

If you’re searching for the best rifle scope under 500, the above 5 reviews should enable you choose the right model. Keep in mind that the rifle scope industry has progressed, resulting in the wide availability of rifle scopes under 500. Beginners may find it challenging when searching for budget-friendly scopes.

We’ve focused on the best models, which will ensure you enjoy hunting. Remember you want a device, which can serve you well whether you’re hunting in low light conditions or nighttime. Make sure you know the features and parameters of a scope before you make a purchase. It will enable you to make the right decision.

Parts of a Rifle Scope: Learn About Rifle Scope Parts

Rifle scope parts are as important as the scope itself. It’s best to familiarize yourself with basic parts of riflescope before making any purchases.

Apart from it being a tube with the lens fixed at each end, it is also a complex device that one needs to understand parts that make it function .lets now go through the part to part that comprises a riflescope.

Parts of a scope

1. Ocular Lens

When the shooter aims, the lens that faces him is what we call the ocular Len, this lens is much smaller when compared to the objective lens. What this lens does is it focuses the gathered light from the objective lens into the viewer’s eyes.

2. Eyepiece

This is the part of scope where we find the ocular lens are held. In many models, we find that the eyepiece features dials. That will allow for focus adjustment of the reticles so as to provide pristine clarity when viewing the target.

3. Objective Lens.

This is the lens at the other end of the scope tasked with gathering light into the scope back to the ocular lens. They are of different sizes and the larger it is, the heavier your scope will be. Depending on the quality and brand of the objective lens on the scope, they will be coated with different finishes that will help in maximizing light transmission.

4. Power ring

Many consider this as the mother of all features when it comes to scope, this is because it allows for the adjustment of magnification. When the power ring is dialed up and down, the shooter is able to zoom in and out of the target.

It’s important to note that scopes having one set of magnification or fixed magnification doesn’t have power ring since they can’t be adjusted.

5. Scope Tube

This is a solid tube piece of metal that bridges the ocular lens and objective lens and only comes in either of these two sizes, that is one inch and 30mm.the bases or scope rings are then fixed on the body of the scope tube so as to attach the scope to the firearm and make it stay in place.

6. Windage Turrets.

This is found on the right side of the scope and it’s used for horizontal adjustment of the reticle called clicks. This can be done in two different way, some scopes will require the use of a screwdriver or a small coin, while others will simply work by just use of hands.

7. Elevation Turrets

This one sits at the top of the scope and allows for vertical adjustments of the reticles. Typically, the elevation turrets and windage operate on the same increment in any scope. They are also measured in either MRAD (milliradian) or MOA (minutes of angle).

8. Parallax Error Adjustment.

This is a very important feature that one should consider in case he will be shooting over a long distance. We find that when you dial up the magnification to a certain level, it creates what we call parallax error. This is a situation where the images or reticle appear to shift.

It happens when you look through a rifle scope and move your eyes side to side. The parallax is said to be corrected when the target appears focused with no reticle movement as the eyes change position.

9. Objective Bell

This is positioned at the furthest end from the observer and it holds the objective lens, this basically can be called an aid of an objective lens. This is because it is a light gathering apparatus providing extra light to the large objective lens.

Rifle Scope Parts – Know Them Before Buying A Scope

The above information should be useful to familiarize yourself with before purchasing any scope. Understand that your ideal kind of scope will depend on several factors. Namely, your personal preference on features, shooting conditions and the gun you are using.

How to Choose a Rifle Scope

When it comes to guns, many firearm enthusiasts prefer to include optical sighting devices on them. Not just on rifles, but handguns and shotguns as well. One reason for this is simplicity. That’s because by aiming through A RED DOT SIGHT or scope, you completely eliminate ta 1/3 of the complexity that comes with lining up (Iron Sights).

1. Why Buy the Rifle Best Scope

With Metallic Sights, you’ll need to line up the rear sight with your target and the front sight. With a scope, you’ll only have to line up your (reticle) crosshairs with the target. It’s easier for you to learn how to shoot using a scope than with iron sights.

Since many scopes have magnifying abilities, your target appears closer, meaning you’ll find it easier to see it. You can make a more precise shot on the target. Individuals with problems in their vision can adjust the reticle focus, which is at the eyepiece (ocular) for their eyes. Thus enabling them to get a clear and crisp sight picture.

Remember that older eyes may find it impossible or difficult to switch their focus to a front sight from rear sight to a target as needed without a scope, which is one frustrating thing. However, by having a scope, you’ll avoid this problem.

Riflescope Features

2. The Right Tool for the Job

Every year, Magnumitis sinks its claws into large numbers of hunters. Scopes and cartridges are getting more powerful with each passing year. Many uninformed users often utilize these combinations for hunting whitetail deer, where almost all shots are under a hundred yards.

Powerful scopes and magnum cartridges account for more wounded game and missed game than appropriate scopes with standard loads. You should realize that more doesn’t mean you’ll shoot any farther. Optics will magnify more and bullets will go faster since they sell.

Depending on what people want, manufacturers will ensure you get your choices. That means you need to ensure you use the right tool for the job. The reason is if people want square main tubes or pink scopes, manufacturers will design them, which is fine, but you won’t get the desired results.

A typical deer rifle used to feature a 3-9 scope, and it was for good reason. Three power is low enough, and with an adequate exit pupil along with the field of view for close shots in a majority of applications. For longer shots, nine power provides excellent magnification.

However, many people now want to select scopes with top magnifications for whitetail deer. They include these of fourteen, twenty or even more, which is more often a mistake.

Remember that less is more. Whistles and bells, similar to giant turrets, bubble levels and lighted reticles, are in most cases a waste, especially when it comes to budget-friendly offerings.

If you have them in a scope, what you’ll get is a less reliable, less usable and more complicated product. You have enough work to do, which means you want an easy to use scope. The best scopes have quality features, which you can rely on.

Higher magnification subtracts from the available light and from your exit pupil size. On the other hand, the lower end of a scope (high magnification) is too much for you to take an extremely close shot. On a whitetail rifle, the scope should always be kept at the lowest power.

If the power happens to be 5 or 6, in many instances the deer, which is only yards away, will appear as one hairy patch on the scope. If the field of view is narrow, you can’t find him or her and if it’s dark, you can’t figure him out.

It’s important you know how low the scope goes, and not how high, which is what Navy pilots do. In most instances, low is important since you can always shoot with low power or have the time to turn your scope up.

However, you can’t use higher power to shoot close since the field of view (FOV) and the exit pupil is small. We may be getting ahead in our descriptions but will look into them as we go on.

3. The Numbers

In the case that you’re using a 3-9X40 scope, it means 3X or three power. That means the image you’ll view through the scope will appear three times (3X) closer than it could have appeared if you used your naked eye. The 9 refers to nine power, or (9X) nine times closer it looks than it will appear with your naked eye.

The (40) forty is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. It’s a variable scope since it gives you the ability to vary its magnification from three to nine, and stopping anywhere between.

You can describe the scope as a “three to nine by forty”. Some types of scopes provide you with a 3x magnification range, for example. 3-9. On the other hand, some offer you more such as 4-12. For some new scopes, the magnification range is available at 8x or more.

What you should realize is that you’ll have to pay more for a scope that comes with a larger magnification range since they are more versatile. It’s the reason that many users prefer them.

Many scopes, for example, those in the United States come with main tubes, which measure one inch in diameter. It means they utilize one-inch rings. Some scopes have main tubes measuring thirty millimeter, meaning they use thirty-millimeter rings. You can use many types of bases to connect rings to a firearm.

You need to make sure you know the type of base you have in order to find out the exact kind of the thirty or once inch millimeter rings you’ll use for your type of scope.

The objective lens diameter determines the height of the rings you need, in addition to the ocular bell diameter, bolt lift, action type and size and barrel thickness. For choosing mounts, bases and rings, check out this article of mine.

4. Light Transmission and Eye Relief

Keep in mind that scopes do not gather light, even if the term “light gathering ability” is commonly used. What happens is that the scope transmits any available light to your eye through the lenses, while lowering a bit in the process. Only the very best and expensive scopes can offer you a light transmission of almost 98%.

That means anything that’s above 95% is considered to be among the best, and most scopes offer you around 90%, take or give a bit. Make sure you accept light transition figures only after reading the best reviews.

That’s because manufacturers use various means to measure light transmission, and at times, some wavelengths will boost their numbers.

The more magnification a device offers you, the less light your eyepieces will get. If the objective lens is large, you’ll get more from your eyepiece.

Younger eyes can open up to seven millimeters or more, while aged eyes can only dilate to around four millimeters. If the exit pupil is larger than your eye can use, it’s a waste.

The exit pupil refers to the small circle of light, which appears when you hold your scope at arm’s length. For example, take your variable scope and then put it at its lowest power. You should then hold it at arm’s length. In the ocular lens, the circle of light is the exit pupil.

The diameter of the circle of light in millimeters is the size of the pupil size. You can turn your scope up, to its highest power and try the process again.

You’ll realize it gets smaller. In the event that you’re using the scope when lighting conditions are poor, for example, when hunting expeditions in the dusk or dawn, will you be able to see well through such as a small cycle of light? How dark and small will the exit pupil be?

The exit pupil’s formula is as follows: divide the objective lens size into millimeters by its magnification. For instance, if the 3-9X40 scope is set at 3X, you should divide the 40 by 3 equals, meaning it will be 13.3 millimeters. It’s large enough for most low light scenarios.

If the scope is set 9X, you should divide the 40 by 9 equals, making it 4.44 millimeters. This difference in the light available from the (LARGER) EXIT PUPIL is large.

If the exit pupil is larger, it means your head’s position will be less critical in relation to your scope. The eye relief is the distance that your eye should be to the device’s ocular lens to get a clear and full picture. Scopes that are lower powered will have a longer range of distance, which is available for a full view.

A High-powered devices are sometimes important in regards to centering your eye through the tube’s middle, and the distance your eye should be from the device’s ocular lens. At times, you only have a half inch farther or closer you may be able to view the whole scenario.

For a standard riflescope, the current largest eye relief available is about four inches, which is great since it offers adequate room for the gun to recoil while avoiding hitting your face, that’s if you do the job well. The majority of standard riflescopes have between 3 and 3 1/2 inches.

Higher recoiling guns, which include slug guns need lots of eye-relief to avoid ” scope eye” or the cut which some individuals get as a result of the scope’s ocular lens coming back (Under Recoil) and then cutting a gash (semicircular)above the user’s eye.

Some dangerous game scopes, muzzleloader and shotgun at times have 5 or 6 inches of eye relief to avoid scope eye. However, it’s often at the expense of field of view.

“Scout scopes” or (Intermediate Eye Relief) IER scopes get mounted in front of a long gun’s receiver and need around 9-12 inches of eye relief. “Pistol scopes” or LER (Long Eye Relief) scopes, which are used on handguns, have an eye relief of around 16-20 inches.

When you’re mounting a scope, ensure it’s at the highest power and in a position that your neck and head are comfortable. You should position your head on the stock of the position, which you’ll be shooting at most. For example, if you sight your gun while shooting off a bench rest, your head will tend to sneak up on your stock a bit.

If you use this gun for snap shooting deer in the woods, your eye relief may not be the best or optimal, nor your sight picture. That means you should always mount the scope in a way that you won’t have to move your head to get an optimal field of view. Move your scope to your eye, not your eyes to the scope.

5. Changing Magnification Range

As mentioned before, a scope that offers you a magnification range of 3-9 for a device such as a whitetail deer gun is quite a standard. In the Western states for antelope or mule deer, a 4.4-14 or  4-12 isn’t too much, for instance, if the user’s average shots are as many times as it can be in the Eastern whitetail woods.

If you are in an open country or on the plains, you can choose to leave the scope at a higher power.

You will in most instances have a good view around you, with little chances of a hunt or animal surprising you, which they do sometimes. On other occasions, you may have to shoot from hilltop to another or mountain-to-mountain. Scopes that provide you with this magnification range are perfect for other activities such as target shooting.

On the other hand, an 8-25X or 6-20X variable scope won’t provide you with adequate power if you’re looking forward to target shooting or for prairie dogs. You should also realize that during hot days, heat waves and mirage could make even high power scopes almost unusable.

Due to their fewer moving parts and simplicity, some users opt for fixed power scopes. On some specific rifles, you may like nothing more than a fixed 4X. Many .22s for plinking and squirrel rifles are excellently equipped with this magnification. Some target shooters prefer to use fixed power scopes that have a high magnification of 24, 36, 40 or higher.

For a handgun that has a magnified scope, a 2X scope is the most common choice. Remember that if you have more magnification, you will find it harder to find your target and sight picture, which means that your eye relief will become closer and critical.

If you’re handling anything above 2X, you should remember that you’ll need lots of practice if you’re going to shoot with a handgun with a scope. Scopes with a high-powered variable are really meant for an experienced shooter and are mostly used from a rested position.

Muzzleloaders and shotgun scopes will in most cases have lower power scopes meant for deer hunting (short range) with slugs and for turkey. Again you’ll find the 2X to be the standard, but the trend is for the 2-7 variable power or even 3-9 scopes.

Muzzleloaders and sabot slugs fly much flatter and faster than the Maxi Balls and Foster type slugs, which they replaced not too long ago.

These new projectile types ensure that shots which were way out of range in the past two decades very possible now. Parallax will in most cases be factory set at 50, 60, or 75 yards. Muzzleloader and shotgun scopes come with a generally maximum (available) eye relief to avoid or prevent “scope eye.”

6. Parallax

Most people find it hard to understand parallax. The best way to explain it is to imagine the following scenario: The majority of riflescopes that have a medium to high (variable) power range.

For example, 10X or slightly higher, that often do not have PARALLAX ADJUSTMENTS (external) are parallax corrected at either 150 or 100 yards. You should proceed and take one of these scopes, set it at 100 yards and then put it in high power vise.

Center the cross-hairs on a bull’s eye, that is on a target at 25 yards.  Then move your head in a small manner off the center to the right and left or down or up. What you’ll see is the cross-hairs moving off the bull eye, that’s even though the scope hasn’t moved.

The scope’s “eye” isn’t focused at the proper distance. It will also happen if the target is set at a further distance, for example, 300 yards.

You can also look at it this way: proceed and put one small mark from a pencil on your table. You should then put an inch of water in a drinking glass, which is clear. Hold the glass at an inch over the mark and ensure you move it around slightly towards different directions.

Looking down in your glass, you should watch the dot move on directions, which are other than where it should ideally be.

External parallax adjustments, which are referred to as side focuses or adjustable objectives are usually on scopes which have more than 10 power or on other scopes which are used on close distances

In recent times, it has become common to install parallax adjustment dials to the left of the turret housing. It’s more user-friendly and convenient, meaning it will become even more common.

Even for targets within 10 meters, airgun scopes will have at times have a high power of 18 or even more.  A bad parallax setting can not only look out of focus but also will ruin your group images, that’s even though your shooting may be technically excellent.

If you’re hunting game, an error in parallax won’t be as significant as the movement your breathing or heartbeat will cause. If you need to adjust something, you should realize that you’ll have another thing to worry about, that’s using precious time and perhaps having hurried shot or missed one.

You aren’t parallax free just for the simple reason that you’re getting a clear picture.

Recently, someone inquired if they could get clear pictures through 2X handgun scopes at the 12-foot distance that they shoot their air pistol in their houses. We went into the warehouse and checked out several varying brands.

The answer to them was positive, a clear picture. However, by nodding our heads even slightly, the cross-hairs moved some inches off our targets.

It means that these scopes can be practically unusable at that particular distance. If you only looked directly through your scope’s center at the same every time, parallax won’t be an issue. However, it’s only a robot which can do that, not a human being.

Generally, you won’t need adjustable objectives for hunting scopes which are under 10 or even more power. The reason is its one unnecessary feature which shouldn’t make your job harder.

The best way is to keep it simple. Remember the slightly varying points of impact possible in hunting devices and applications make the importance of this feature negligible.

Higher power scopes and airgun scopes will in many cases have adjustable objectives, which go down to 33 feet or 10 meters, which happens to be the standard (airgun competition) distance.

Airguns are mostly listed as such and are sturdy and durable enough to withstand the hard punishment that a spring piston air rifle (reverse-recoil) delivers. On rimfire scopes, parallax is often set at 50 yards, while for riflescopes; it’s at 100 or 150 yards. Shotgun scopes are in most cases at 60 or 75 yards.

7. Objective Lens size and Tube Diameter

It’s now time to look at the objective lens sizes. For a medium variable riflescope, a 40 to 44mm is quite a standard. Nowadays, it’s trendy to have large objective lenses of 50, 56 and even 75mm or more in some particular cases. In most instances, you don’t need the large ones, and they are even laughable.

When you compare large objective lenses with small ones, what they will only do is transmit additional usable light, that’s if you set them at their highest power in conditions that are dimmest. This detriment is ease and comfort of eye alignment. If you mount your scope properly, you should have the ability to close your eyes.

Then shoulder your gun with a reputable and proper stock weld. (Keep in mind that a stock weld refers to the firm, repeatable and comfortable position of the user’s face on the gun stock). You should then open your eyes and then look directly into your scope’s center every time.

Large objective lenses will prevent this scenario from happening. That’s because of the ring height needed to keep this type of lens of your gun barrel. Some scopes need such types of high mounting, meaning that only the user’s chin touches the stock.

These types of scopes are additionally heavier, unwieldy, clumsy and unbalanced to carry. They are also less comfortable and slower to shoot. For instance, some of these scopes can weigh up to 3.5 pounds, which is unbelievable.

The Leupold brand offers users their excellent VX-L model of scopes, which combine a large objective lens, ensuring that you enjoy a better range of elevation adjustments, but not improved light transmission. However, the resolution can improve.

In fact, many 30mm scopes offer the same lenses’ sizes that are in tubes that measure one inch. As mentioned, large tubes don’t mean more light.

8. Lenses and Coatings

Most scopes are waterproof and foolproof with coated lenses. These coatings are expensive and vary in number, quality and type. It’s possible to have a scope that comes with single coated lenses outperforming a scope which offers you multi-coated lenses.

The quality of the coatings and glass determines if you’ll get the best service. Remember good quality products don’t come cheap.

Below are the accepted terms for coatings:

  • Fully coated: It refers to a single layer on entire air to glass surfaces
  • Fully multi-coated: It means multiple layers on entire air to glass surfaces
  • Multi-coated: It refers to multiple layers on at least one of the lens surface
  • Coated: It means one of the lens surface has a single layer of coating

Among the benefits of coatings is that they reduce glare and prevent loss of light as a result of reflection. More coatings mean that you’ll get improved light transmission along with sharper contrast. Additional coatings are also scratch resistant.

  • Many optics come with coatings which prevent water from staying on the glass.
  • Hydrophobic coatings make water to bead from the glass.
  • Hydrophilic coatings make water to sheet from the glass.
  • Both of them work to shed any water and enable clearer views in misty or rain conditions.

9. Field of View

Field of view (FOV) gets measured in feet at 100 yards. It refers to the amount of view which you can see using the scope, that’s from right to left at that particular distance. When you increase magnification, the FOV will come down. When you decrease magnification, FOV will increase.

For example, a typical 3X variable scope may come with a FOV at 100 yards of little over 30 feet. At 9X, the Field of view can be around 14 feet. One thing that can’t change these figure is a larger (objective lens) diameter. The eyepiece construction is directly related to the FOV.

10. Anything Called Tactical

Anything marketed as “tactical” sells a lot nowadays. The many Military semi-automatic rifles in the hands of civilians who love this advertising will usually have super-high magnifications on the scopes which can event include the 40 power scopes, which are ridiculous. They have an absurd 75mm objective lens and weigh several pounds.

What you should realize that is that real military snipers only use the best quality fixed 10X in most cases. They have mildot reticles, which when in a team of two or with a practiced individual, in most cases with calculators, and knowing their target’s approximate size, can estimate the elevation or hold-over clicks and estimate distance.

Mildot calculations, in most cases all, must be made while the scopes are at their highest power. To eliminate miscalculations, fixed scopes are used since they have a scope that is set at less than the highest power it can get. The “mil” in mildot means milliradian, not military. It’s a unit of measurement, which is around 3.6″ at 100 yards.

Many Stateside agencies that deal with law enforcement usually use variable scopes that are of the highest quality, and mildot type reticles at not usually used. That’s because they clutter the FOV (field of view), and the longest shots which can be taken over a street and mostly under 100 yards.

In most users’ scopes, the Mildot reticles are nothing more than an added expense and a marketing gimmick. You may never use them in the way that they were designed for, which is just fine.

However, you can use them while in the outdoors to accurately determine (hold-over) at distances. A great time you can enjoy their use is when plinking wild pigs.

11. Repeatability

A good quality scope is repeatable, that’s if you can adjust the elevation and windage dials for a point of impact using one setting and proceed to move them around and shoot towards varying places. Often, it will be in a square grid, and then back to the original place. The point of impact should be at the very same place you started.

Excellent scopes will move the point of impact whenever you adjust the dials, that’s without having to “settle in”.  For example, if you move the elevation dial upwards three inches, the point of impact should reflect that immediately.  The sad thing is that lower quality scopes can’t do that.

First they have to shoot a few times in order to “settle in” the internal adjustments of the scope. Some users will use a cartridge case or coin to “tap” on the scope in order to assist this process. One good test of repeatability is “Shooting a box”.

However, for some scopes, repeatability isn’t that important. In most instances, you’ll sight in a rifle and then leave it alone, that’s except for small adjustments needed due to changes in the ammunition type.

In the case you have a .22 and only want a budget-friendly scope to top it off, you will be mostly fine without having absolute repeatability, which increases the cost of your device significantly.

12. Minute of Angle (MOA) and Turret Adjustments

Adjustments are made in (MOA) “Minutes of Angle”. It refers to a circle’s unit of measurement and is .0472 at 100 yards. However, for practical reasons, it’s called 1 inch at 100 yards, 5 inches at 500 yards, 2 inches at 200 yards or half an inch at 50 yards.

SCOPE (ADJUSTMENTS) are usually made in A 1/4 inch (INCREMENTS) at every 100 yards. Every “click” of a windage or elevation turret will result in your point of impact moving A 1/4 inch at 100 yards. The same A 1/4 inch click will make the point of impact move 1/8 inch at 50 yards or 1/2 of an inch at 200 yards.

Some scopes feature clicks that are 1 inch or 1/2 inch. On the other hand, some types of adjustment dials do not have any clicks at all, just a (FRICTION) type of adjustment, which is (infinitely) adjustable.

If you own a scope that has A 1/4 MINUTE CLICKS and the bullet hole is at around four inches low at a hundred yards, you will have to adjust the dial towards the up” arrow’s direction on the turret 16 clicks. Remember it all depends on your bullet’s trajectory.

The turrets are located the scope’s center, that’s in a protrusion called turret housing. These turrets are sometimes designed to be turned on by a coin and are at times finger adjustable. Target turrets are designed tall, and the clicks are easily felt and seen.

They are most suited for use when they don’t get snagged on brush or gear and when they won’t get banged. It’s the reason why hunting scopes do not feature them and instead are lower profile.

Turrets are mostly sealed with “O” ring and help prevent debris and moisture from entering the scope through the parts that are weakest. To prevent inadvertent movement, many scopes now come with large dials that have locking adjustments.

Most turrets have a way of removing or moving a turret or part or a turret to ensure it (corresponds) to zero after the user sights it with a specific load.

13. Bullet Drop Compensators (BDCs)

Reticles and BDC dials were mostly set for a few cartridges, for example, 7.62 (308) 168 grain, or 5.56 (223) 55 grain and 62 grain at the turn of the century. In terms of being accurate, they were very suspect.

Atmospheric conditions varied, but BDC dials stayed the same way no matter the temperature, projectile BC (ballistic coefficient), cartridge velocity, elevation or barrel length.  They were not precise but ballpark, except on rare occasions.

In the mid-2000s, the Nikon “Spot on Technology” website entered the scene. It was my best new device at the Vegas Shot Show for that particular year and was simply fantastic. All you had to do is enter the ballistic information of any cartridge, whether handload or factory and get the cartridge’s trajectory with any type of the atmospheric condition.

People use it to determine the distances, which the Nikon BDC (reticle circles) will line up with any magnification. It also functions well with any scope from any manufacturer. You can decide to print it out for reference purposes or proceed to size it to be taped to your scope or stock for fast references in the field.

Many companies have come up with their technologies with similar benefits since the “Spot On”. Some of them are quite good, while others are complicated and heavy. When it comes to rifle use, these programs are the most significant and valuable developments in decades.

They mostly cater to many hunters’ desire or ability to achieve longer shots that it could have been possible before.  It matters not whether you choose to use a turret for you to adjust for distance, or utilize stadia circles or lines in your reticle.

They will be here to stay, and a lot of the guessing game is now completely gone. When used with a laser rangefinder and skill, these websites and reticles combine to ensure you feel emboldened and empowered. They assume that the user will make ethical shots while in the outdoors.

The only manner to achieve this is by burning powder with trigger time and excellent practice, not just by shooting.  For more information about reticles, you should have a look at our Advanced Reticle Guide.

14. Sighting In

If you mount your scope correctly, using a boresighters should enable you to get close enough in order to be able to print a bullet hole on a large target or object at 50 yards. Keep in mind that no laser boresighters or boresighters will sight in the gun for you.

For you to sight in, you must shoot the gun and ensure you adjust your scope accordingly, bearing in mind that every gun is an individual. It means that if a specific gun shoots well using a certain brand of ammunition, there is no guarantee that a similar gun will be like it at all.

However, if you mount the best scope on a good gun with bases and rings, and find a certain ammunition, which shoots well, along with a bullet that serves you well, you’ll be the winner. Make sure you purchase a case with similar ammunition along with the same lot number. Keep it in your gun and avoid changing anything.

It’s important that you realize that your scope will be at its best and strongest when your elevation and windage adjustments are in the center of the adjustment range available. It’s referred to as mechanical zero. When purchasing a scope, make sure you turn the dials all the way in one way and then the other.

Count how many partial and full turns you get and split the number in order to determine the middle. For your adjustments, ensure you start there. Most rear bases feature windage adjustments. Remember to use them.

15. What to Spend

In my view, it’s better to have an excellent scope than a good gun. That’s because your gun will function the moment you pull the trigger, but it will be useless if you can’t view where to put the bullet. It means if you can’t rely on the bullet placement, it will be hard to target shoot or hunt.

Many people take long vacations, for example, a week or more, spend $1000.00 on a rifle and thousands more on a hunt. However, they will only buy $20.00 bases and rings along with a $150.00 scope.

The result is countless dollars wasted and lost, ruined hunting expeditions and guns wrapped on trees because of selecting unreliable scopes. It’s better you spend $500.00 on a gun, $500.00 on a good scope with excellent bases and rings, lots of trigger time and lots of ammunition/ammo to know your gun.

Remember that during hunting expeditions, you have many things to think about, which include scent, concealment, high elevations and even breathing, meaning you want a good gun that you understand.

Spend as much as you can on a new scope, and less on something else osuch as a firearm if you have to. However, ensure you get a quality glass, which you can rely and count on. You can choose to use a rangefinder, but for long shots, you must know and understand the trajectory of your bullet.

And be sure that you can place your entire shots in the crucial area of the quarry each time. Remember that for easier success, good quality glass is crucial.

How to Sight In a Scope in 7 Simple Steps

A scope is a must have for anybody doing shooting whether, for fun or hunting, this is because accuracy is always the key priority to anyone. However, you need to know how to sight in a scope, even when using the best scope in 2019 such as Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm.

Having a scope mounted on a rifle does not mean that you can hit the target, this is because one needs some technical skills and understanding. Having the right information is the first step in understanding how u can well use the scopes. If you are a beginner, the following steps will help you get started.

Long Range Rifle Scope

Step 1: Ensure the scope is installed properly

Check and ensure that scope rings and mount are properly fit on the rifle the way you prefer. Determine the distance that you want the scope sighted too, 50 to 100 yards is always the most recommended distance. But if you intend on zeroing at a longer distance like 300 yards, then you should sight in first from just a short distance.

Step 2: Adjust the eye distance

Get yourself in a comfortable place and ensure that the position of the eyepiece is in a way that you can clearly see crystal clear images. It is good to fine tune the scope and ensures that you create the perfect distance between your eye and the scope. This is very important as recoil might injure your eyes when the eye relief is closer.

Step 3: Get level

You will need a stable platform that will enable you to quickly and efficiently sight a scope. Looking at most ranges, you will find that they have solid benches that are very stable. The rifle also will need a good rest, if the shooting bench does not have a mount, then it is recommended to use a bipod.

However, you should know that rifle mount is known to reduce recoil up to 95% while holding the rifle securely on the target.

Step 4: Align the reticles

Many shooters do not put into consideration the alignment of their reticle when zeroing in. this results in what we call “reticle cant”, this happens when the crosshair of the scope is not perfectly aligned and this may cause a shot to hit the target.

Align the reticles by ensuring that the horizontal and vertical elements are exactly horizontal and vertical.

Step 5: Setting your MOA

Setting your zero can be said to be a major step, this can easily be done at a range as you will need multiple target distance. We recommend that you use at least 100 yards. Looking at various rifles, they will allow adjustments of the crosshair in ¼ MOA increments.

Step 6: Fire the shots in a group of three

Finally, the moment to fire a shot is here, once everything is lined up, fire the shot to the target. Note that you need to pull the trigger gently rather than tugging it, this is because tugging will make you miss the target.

Fire on your three targets then go and inspect to see where the bullet hit, measure the bullet hole from the bullseye position and write it down.

For instance, we can assume that you had a miss that was two inches high and three inches low, you can be able to adjust this. We said that a click moves ¼ of an inch at 100 yards because the distance is at 25 yards.

You need to multiply the number by four.in the above case where the bullet missed by two inches high and three inches low, you will need 32 clicks on the left and 48 clicks upward.

Step 7: Keep tweaking

Repeat shooting at a different distance until you are able to hit close to the bullseye consistently. Mastering this might not be easy but after you understand it, you can try long distance shooting and still get to hit your target. Note that you should factor in environmental variables as they might affect the direction of the bullet.


After sighting your scope, then you are good to go. Always ensure that when you go hunting, stick to the same load and ammunition that you initially used during the sighting, whether it is reloaded ammunition or factory.

This will ensure that you never miss your target at any point and also allow you to fine tune your accuracy. After everything has been adjusted, bullet drops will never be a worry when shooting at long distances

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