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How to Hunt CoyotesAre you searching for the best tips on how to hunt coyotes? The wary nature of coyotes makes them challenging to hunt.

However, if you’re looking for the best way to improve your hunting skills, you should go after these predators.

Why? Well, you may shoot a buck and track him across the hunting property.

When you find the carcass, a couple of coyotes will be busy eating it, spoiling your hard work.

No matter the reason for hunting them, these 8 great ideas will be of help to you.

How to Hunt Coyotes

1. Use the Best Coyote Hunting Equipment

One of the best ways to hunt coyotes is to use the best hunting equipment. They will increase your chances of success when in the outdoors.

Using good binoculars, a spotting scope, or a rifle scope increases your chances of finding and shooting coyotes. You want to enjoy your venison at the dinner table.

One other thing you must have is a coyote reaper hunting light, or at least a night vision scope.


A good option can be out in the article Best Rifle Scopes for Coyote Hunting. It will help make your night hunting efficient and fast. There is no reason why you should let coyotes terrorize your farm or home.

2. Check the Weather Conditions

Before heading out to hunt coyotes, you should remember that certain weather conditions will affect your expedition. If it’s deep in the winter season, you should hunt coyotes in wooded areas.

Coyotes will have trouble walking on the deep snow, meaning they will stay in the woods. That’s until the weather improves.

You should move your hunt to areas that are more open or food plots when the weather improves. Avoid open fields since coyotes will spot you. Look for areas with slight cover to increase your chances of a successful hunt.

3. Hunt Them in the Mornings and Evenings

You may be lucky to kill a coyote or two in the middle of the day, for example, on weekends. However, if you want to attract them with your calling, you should consider hunting in the dusk or dawn periods.

Coyotes howl at the moon since they are nocturnal. However, it would be best if you remembered that these beasts were once diurnal species. Consistent hunting pressure has made them prefer to venture out in the evenings when moonlight is shining.

4. Hunt Coyotes the Same Way You Would Carry Out a Deer Hunt

You need to check the wind direction and conceal your scent when approaching the coyote hunting spot.  You should look for a spot that will enable you to see coyotes from far without them seeing you.

Make sure you use the right camouflage, scent control and height advantage to increase your chances of landing a coyote.

5. Don’t Over-stress Yourself Regarding the Choice of Call

Most hunters stress themselves thinking about the coyote call to use. However, if you find the right hunting spot and choose the best times to hunt, you’ll increase your chances.

You can still attract coyotes using a few call options. Remember that the call will bring the coyotes to you, but know that they aren’t the most important thing.

6. Move Away From Heavy Traffic Roads

Due to the heavy hunting pressure and other threats, coyotes are sensitive. To increase your chances of success, you should choose hunting spots that are far from heavy traffic.

Coyotes living on property near heavy traffic roads are more cautious when compared to those living in the wilderness. Any car sound will make them sensitive, meaning they won’t respond to your calls.

7. Private Land and Fringe Areas – Best Places to Hunt Coyotes

Public land areas are not among the best places to hunt coyotes. Coyotes, similar to whitetails respond to hunting pressure by being more cautious.

For the best outcome, you should consider hunting in private land. The owners control the hunting pressure, meaning you have higher chances of attracting coyotes.

If you can’t find private property to hunt, you should look for fringe areas. For instance, you can venture out away from your hometown. Make sure that hunting is legal in areas that you go hunting and get creative.

8. Look for Coyote Tracks

You may not be sure about where the weather conditions will place the coyotes. Searching for fresh coyote tracks before you start calling can improve your hunting chances.

Avoid calling for coyotes aimlessly if you don’t know whether they are near or far away. Looking for tracks reduce frustrations when looking for coyotes to hunt.

Wrapping Up – How to Hunt Coyotes

Coyotes are formidable adversaries to hunt, thanks to the hunting pressure, which makes them wary. However, if you’re looking to enhance your hunting skills, they are the best predators to look for.

Whether you’re in the open hunting areas or in the deep hardwoods, finding these predators can be challenging. Coyote hunting will test your patience, setups and calling effort.

The best way to start is by using the right hunting equipment and tricks.

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3 years ago

On 2 whitetail hunts this past year I had 1 coyote follow 1 hour behind a small buck on a evening hunt and on a morning hunt I dragged deer urine across several trail to my stand at 10:00 am a coyote followed the drag line right to my stand 20 yards away.I think hunting coyotes on deer trails would be a good choice even using a sent line to your position.