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11 Best Long Range Scopes – Dec, 2020

Zeiss Victory ScopeWithout the Best Long Range Scopes, taking a long shot is not easy, especially when you can barely see your wild pig or deer. That is why you need the Best Long Range Scope in 2019.

Such scopes take advantage of the best military technology available today. In this Best Long Range Scope 2019 review, we are going to look at the best scopes available today.

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11 Best Long Range Scopes Reviews

1. NightForce NXS

1. Magnification: 5.5-22X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 17.5’-7.7’
4. Exit Pupil: 10.2mm–2.5 mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.9″

2. Vortex Optics Viper

1. Magnification: 5-25X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 24.1′-4.8′
4. Exit Pupil: 4-24mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.4″

3. Swarovski Z5

1. Magnification: 3.5-18X
2. Objective Lens: 35-44mm
3. Field Of View: 30′-6′
4. Exit Pupil: 10mm–2.4mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.74″

4. Leupold VX-6HD

1. Magnification: 3-18X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 38′-7′
4. Exit Pupil: 16.7-2.8mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.7-3.8″

5. Athlon Optics

1. Magnification: 8-34X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 12.5′-3′
4. Exit Pupil: 7-1.7mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.3″

6. Trijicon VCOG

1. Magnification: 1-6X
2. Objective Lens: 24mm
3. Field Of View: 95′-15.9′
4. Exit Pupil: 10.4-3.8mm
5. Eye Relief: 4″

7. Burris 200116 Eliminator

1. Magnification: 4-16X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 26′-7′
4. Exit Pupil: 12.5-3.1mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4″

8. Nightforce Optics 5-20×56 SHV

1. Magnification: 5-20X
2. Objective Lens: 56mm
3. Field Of View: 17.9′-5′
4. Exit Pupil: 8.7-2.5mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.15-3.54″

9. Vortex Optics Razor

1. Magnification: 1-6X
2. Objective Lens: 24mm
3. Field Of View: 115.2′-20.5′
4. Exit Pupil: 4-24mm
5. Eye Relief: 4″

10. Trijicon ACOG

1. Magnification: 4-32X
2. Objective Lens: 32mm
3. Field Of View: 36.8′
4. Exit Pupil: 8mm
5. Eye Relief: 1.5″

11. Leupold 115370

1. Magnification: 5-25X
2. Objective Lens: 50mm
3. Field Of View: 14.6′-35.4′
4. Exit Pupil: 8.5mm–2mm
5. Eye Relief: 3.54″

Best Long Range Scopes 2019 Reviews

Firearm enthusiasts are now using sighting device on their gun, this is because nobody wants to miss the target and aiming is always the key priority.

It is very much easier to train shooting using a scope compared to the iron sight. It is with that in mind we have decided to review some of the top-rated scopes in the market.

1. NightForce NXS 5.5-22×56 – Best Long Range Scope for .308

Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 has proven to be the best long range riflescope thanks to MOAR reticles. This riflescope stands out because of its quality build, intricate ballistic reticle option, and clear glass.

Although a hefty price tag has been placed on it, the scope has never disappointed and has what we can consider a decent size reviewer base.

With an objective lens of 56mm, the scope is able to transmit enough light needed for pristine clarity, resolution, and magnification range.

Best Long Range Scopes for .308

At long ranges, precision accuracy is achieved by the scope wide magnification factor of 5.5-22.

When taking close-range shots, a power of 5.5 will be the most effective for clear shots.

The scope also has an integrated power ring, parallax side focus, and a high-speed turret system. That ensures you get the best viewing experience.

When you are specifically the line of Nightforce scopes, you will realize that NXS is the best for hunters.

Nightforce became the first company that committed itself in perfecting power scopes of extreme magnification.

With years of experience in long-range optics, you can be assured of best quality scopes and this is evidently seen with the kind of quality scopes that they build.

2. Zeiss Carl Optical Conquest HD5 5-25×50.

Zeiss Carl HD5 5-25×50 is the most powerful high magnification scope that is found in Conquest HD5 series and compact rifle scope category.

This has become one of the favorite scopes among shooter because of its quality of optics, pristine clarity of image and, ease of shooting with the scope attached and it’s finally its compactness.

Also, the choices available for the reticle on different shooting situation has made it stand out among others.

The scope has a wide magnification range that not only gives pristine clear and good quality images, but also bright images.

Best Long Range Scopes for Hunting

The scope has a 5x superzoom feature and a 50mm objective lens that helps in clarity in any range of magnification.

With all these features, you will be able to easily locate an object that is at a long distance.

The scope features a side parallax adjustment that is available in Rapid-Z 1000 and Z-Plex and both can be used with lockable target turrets, this, therefore, makes the scope easy to use.

The Zeiss scope has been found to have two important popular uses in vast western terrain, which is predators and varmint hunting using magnum caliber.

The Rapid-Z reticle has been found to be perfect for this hunting activities.

3. Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44 – Best Long Range Scope 2018

When it comes to long-range shooting, precision matters. Swarovski Riflescope comes with a state of the art precision technology that will help you overcome any situation in the field.

The scope has a wide power range that will enable you to change your scope setting when in vast open plains or the wooded forest. The scope has also a side focus and 4 points coil spring system that makes it outshine other scopes.

Because of the optical power range of magnification, we get the phrase Z5.this basically means that the difference between the highest and lowest magnification power is a factor of 5.

Further, the scope is enhanced by a 44mm objective lens which ensures there is enough light transmission of up to 90% to the field of view.

The latex parallax correction in the scope ensures that the image is faultless regardless of the target range. With this scope, you are guaranteed to make the correct shot on the first time and every time.

The Z5 can be your best-trusted companion when you are in the plain for long range shooting or at the mountains. The Z5 has over the years proved to be the best long range scope in the market.

4. Leupold VX-6HD 4-24×52 – Best Long Range Scopes

The Leopold VX-6HD 4-24×52 is a new and upgraded scope that has been fighting to remain at the top of all scopes, it’s by this that this scope has come with upgrades that enhance its performance.

These upgrades are the twilight max light management system that ensures there is an improved light transmission in the entire spectrum and high definition optics that ensures high contrast and the original color of the object.

Also, there is a fast CDS-ZL2 windage and elevation dial.

Another highlight found in this scope is the second focal plane Firedot duplex illuminated. These reticles contain a red Centre, a crosshair and tapered posts.

Best Long Range Scopes for Tactical

The reticle further has a canting indicator that will flash in case your firearm get misaligned. The scope has a 75 MOA windage that will help to compensate on the ballistic bullet drop and wind drift.

The housing of the scope is amazing with the lightweight and the ultra-durable aluminum alloy that features the main tube of 34mm.

The tube is filled with a mixture of argon-krypton gas that ensures the scope remains fog proof and waterproof. Having this scope, guarantees that you will never lose your customized adjustment.

That is because the zero lock windage prevents accidental changes to your scope.

5. Athlon Optics 8-34×56 Riflescope – Best Budget Long Range Scope

If you are getting started or looking to start on the PRS, then you should start by checking the Argos BTR family line of scope.

This is because the Athlon Argos BRT has features that can only be found on high-end scopes. This makes it a unique scope that stands out when compared to a similar scope that is on the same category.

The scope boast of magnification of up to 4x which makes it versatile in multiple shooting activities.

It delivers pristine crystal clear bright images in the dark thanks to the fully multicoated optics.

In addition, the Athlon Argos BTR has an exclusive XPL coating. The coating ensures that the lenses are protected from grease, dirt and even harsh weather conditions.

Any high powered Athlon optic comes already equipped with side parallax adjustment. That gives you the ability to adjust to any power range. Which makes it among the Best Long Range Scopes.

The body of the scope is also made of superior aircraft grade aluminum tube that has superior mechanical integrity and much strength.

That ensures that the high-quality optics are protected in case of an impact or fall. The scope has also a choice of ATMR first focal plane illuminated MOA or APMR first focal plane illuminated MIL in it.

6. Trijicon 1-6×24 riflescope – Best Long Range Scope 2020

The Trijicon 1-6×24 scope is undoubtedly one of the top-rated device used for sighting especially when it comes to firearms. The scope is ideal for long-distance marksmanship and close quarter battles.

It ranging reticles and bullet dropping compensating. These ensure that you are able to quickly and easily estimate the range of a target and get a hit.

The scope features high-quality glass optic and has zero distortion on light gathering capabilities. This ensures that the shooter is provided with pristine clarity and brightness at any time of the day.

Among the Best Long Range Scopes for Tactical

The work of the first focal plane reticle in the scope is to ensure that the suspension and drop remains true at any magnification.

In addition, it makes the shooter more flexible on various shooting position. The housing of the scope has a remarkable durability which makes it one of its main selling point.

It is made of high quality forged aircraft aluminum alloy and rugged robust finishing that makes it withstand any beating or fall that might occur in the field.

The amazing part of this scope is that by using a single lithium AA battery, the VCOG is able to give you a continuous 700hrs working hours.

7. Burris Eliminator III 4-16×50 – Best Long Range Scope 2020

Long range shooting is a skill that will not only take a massive amount of your time but also discipline, dedication, and money.

Scopes come in handy in helping those interested in long-range shooting to identify their target easily.

One such scope is the Burris Eliminator III that comes with a reticle that is sophisticated and complicated known as X96.

The scope has a laser ranger of a capability of up to 1200+ yds. And 750+ yds. with a reflective target and non-reflective target respectively.

The optics of the scope are made of high-grade optical glass which ensures durability and provide excellent clarity and brightness that is required.

Also, the high Lume and indexed match aids the scope during low lighting conditions and glare elimination.

The scope can be mounted easily and quickly on any weaver using the integrated scope mount with works excellently

This riflescope provides the shooter with an invaluable ability and helps him place the shots within seconds by just using the ‘split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology’.

The scope has also an ergonomic activation button that helps the shooter not to fumble when activating the scope or making any changes on the setting. The parallax adjustment here starts to work from 50 yards to infinity.

8. Nightforce SHV 5-20×56-1400 – Tactical Long Range Scope

Nightforce scope manufacturers are known for their quality scopes that are good on precision. The SHV line of Nightforce scope give the same performance but at an affordable price.

Many have gone on to say that these kinds of scope is cheap but looking at the quality of material and the skilled workmanship that was put on to make it wasn’t cheap.

The scope is versatile and has a wide range of uses from varmint hunting to target shooting.

The Nightforce SHV scope provides an excellent crystal clear and color contrast images in its magnification range, unlike others that will deteriorate when magnification power increases.

The scope also features a main tube of 30mm, multiple reticle zero set and illumination option making it ideal for long range shooting adventure.

This kind of scope has a less complex design and manufacturing process when compared with others. But still, the scope features quality components that are only offered in Nightforce scopes.

And in a compact and simpler package with simpler controls. The scope has a lot of value and outshines any scopes that range within its price. The best part of this scope is that it is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Vortex Optics 1-6×24 – Vortex Long Range Scopes

The vortex optics scope is made in a way that every feature, components, and performance are well thought and executed.

This is an incredibly versatile scope and is ideal for short to a mid-range tactical operation that requires the pinnacle of optical performance.

Certainly, the scope has the right magnification and versatile configuration that allows for close to mid-range shooting.

The optics of the scope delivers the highest level of resolution, clarity, light transmission, color accuracy and edge to edge sharpness.

In addition, the scope uses the optically index extra-low dispersion and apochromatic objective lens glass element.

That maximizes this scope’s ability to gather light and reduces chromatic aberration.

The illumination control of this scope can easily be turned on and off with just a single click in between the eleven intensity levels.

This will allow for access to the preferred illumination setting without necessarily progressing through each level.

The housing of the scope is machined from aluminum also features a corrosion resistant finish and the tubes are argon filled to ensure that they remain waterproof and fog proof.

There is also the exposed lens surface that is finished with ArmorTek, which is a scratch resistant coating that is used to repel dirt and moisture.

10. Trijicon ACOG 4×32 BAC – Best Long Range Scope on a Budget

The ACOG 4×32 is mostly used on the battlefield by the US forces. This is fixed power scope with an illuminated pattern that is normally used in bright to low/no light conditions.

Every design and feature in this scope was specifically chosen to target acquisition easy in any lighting condition.

The Trijicon scope has a red dot sight that is used to provide optimum visibility on the target and helps in a quick acquisition of shot placement point.

Why Is It the Best Long Range Scopes?

The RMR (Ruggedized Mini Reflex) in the scope is configured with 4 red dots of MOA and powered just by a single CR2032 battery. That makes it reliable, and therefore, one of the Best Long Range Scope.

This will make the reticle remain red and will be visible anytime whether it’s during the day or night. The optical system of the scope exhibits zero distortion and has multiple anti-reflection coating.

The housing also of the scope is of high quality as it is made with military grade aluminum alloy that is very durable and nearly indestructible.

The aluminum alloy is further coated with a hard anodizing finish type also features a waterproof and fog proof performance to enhance its durability. Because of these, the scope enjoys a lifetime warranty from Trijicon.

11. Vortex optics viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 – Best Long Range Scopes

You have probably come across the name vortex if you are a long range shooter enthusiast. The vortex optic viper PST meets the needs of any long range shooter, thanks to the engineering design, and forward thinking.

The scope is ideal for close to long-range shooting application. This scope was specifically designed for anyone who needed an improvement for their guns.

The optical features of the scope are the XD lens element that is of extra-low dispersion, this increases resolution and color contrast resulting in crystal clear and sharp images.

The optics are also fully multi-coated allowing enough light into the scope and anti-reflective coating. ArmorTek coating protects the glasses against grease and dirt.

The first focal plane on the scope is used to maintain the subtensions through the entire range of magnification and hold any power accurately.

The body of the scope is constructed with high-quality aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finish. The tubes are filled with argon gas that is used to ensure the scope remain fog proof and waterproof.

The scope also has a shockproof design that is made to withstand impact and recoil. So if you have been checking the best rifle scope that fits your need, then vortex optic viper PST is what you should choose.

What is the Best Long Range Rifle Scope in 2019

Every scope has its usefulness and works best for its purpose, deciding the kind of scope you want to choose goes down to your preferred taste and preference.

It is good to understand the kind of job that you are going to task the scope before purchasing.

Why Buy the Best Long Range Scopes 2019?

If you need to performance from your scope, then you have no choice but to go for the best. The above scopes use lenses that are hand crafted and the machined to the highest precision.

They are all made from the purest glass, and coated with the best light absorption coatings.

You can therefore expect nothing but the best performer from the above scopes. We hope that you got what you were looking for.

Overall, these scope will exceed your expectations, an they last much longer than regular scopes. Overall, they are the best that you can buy, and use for years to come.

Long Range Scope Buyer Guide

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