10 Best Electronic Hog Callers to Lure Pigs in 2023

Discover the best electronic hog callers for hunting hogs and other predators. With these hog calls, calling hogs is now easier. They all have great call selection, volume is great, and they are easy to use.

10 Best Electronic Hog Callers for Hunting Wild Hogs







American-Made Electronic Pig Call




Hunting Dogg Catcher 2 Call




Shockwave American Made Call




Ultimate Bluetooth Portable Call




GEN2 GC500 Programmable Game Call




GEN2 GC300 Electronic Hog Call




Hunting Bullet HP Call



Duck Commander

Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call




Hunting PS320 Hog Call



Cass Creek

Ergo Boar Call



Sounds from a good predator call are natural and are also loud.  And even when you think they are not loud, predators can actually hear them from as far as 100 feet away.

But the most important feature of a predator call is how natural it sounds. Basically, you want to sound as natural as possible.

Pig calling, or hog calling, is a pig-hunting technique that encourages wild pigs to approach you. There are ten main types of pig calls from eight brands. FOXPRO is the most popular among hunters. And they have various predator call models Let us look at them.

How to Use an Electronic Hog Caller to Call Predators?

Male Hog Call

You can use a male pig call to encourage territorial pig males to come out and defend their territory. Once they are within range, you can then kill them. This call works only on male hogs. However, the principle is the same for other predators such fox or even coyotes.

Female Boar Call

You can use a female pig call to lure males out that want to mate. This call will work best on male boars. Female hog calls are very effective when combined with pig footprints. You can use them to lure in elusive males. Again this will work with other predators.

Distress Piglets Call

A pig distress call can get both males and females to come out. This pig call makes both male and female pigs respond to their natural instinct to defend their piglets.

It is vital to get an electronic pig call that can make a piglet call. Otherwise, you may not have much success calling female boars. This strategy works with other predators and animals in general if they live in herds. That is because such animals tend to care for their young communally.

Happy Hog Call

The happy pig call entices pigs to come out and feast. When pigs are enjoying a meal, they usually make a happy pig call. Have you spotted some hogs about 300 yards with your binoculars?

A happy hog call can bring them closer for you to take a killer shot. Be sure to have a decent rifle scope too.

Other pigs can identify the call and approach to share in the meal. For a hunter, this hog call makes it easy to lure pigs and piglets into an ambush. We recommend that you use happy predator calls if there are many predators around. You will have much success with that as chances are they hungry.

Discover 10 Best Electronic Hog Callers in 2023

I have reviewed the best electronic game callers that you can use for pig calls as well as other predators. I have made my best effort to list the very best that has worked for others. If you are not sure which electronic pig caller to buy, this list can help you make the right choice.

1. FOXPRO HammerJack American-Made Electronic Pig Call

electronic pig caller review


This is the best predator call for making all four types of hog calls. If you have been having challenges getting the best hog caller, then this is it. You can operate it remotely, and it has a capacity of 300 sounds, and 111 of them are free!

You can use it to make not just the four hog sounds but also bear, lion, coyote, owl, and a multitude of other common predator sounds. This FOXPRO HammerJack weighs 3 pounds and is powered by 8 AA batteries.

While the batteries included are not rechargeable, this unit can be powered by rechargeable AA batteries. Overall, this is the type of hog caller you want when dealing with a “shy hog.”

2. Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher 2

Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher 2 Electronic Predator Call with 100 Yard Remote and 12 Randy Anderson Sounds 3851,Multi


The Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher 2 works quite well, and it is loud too. I would say if you are looking for the best budget hog caller, then this is it.

3. FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Predator Call

FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Electronic Predator Call


Another quality predator caller from FOXPRO is the Shockwave caller. It is like the HammerJack but way better if you want a powerful or super loud predator caller. It delivers natural-sounding but powerful calls, even when the battery is low. You can use for calling predators out of the woods or in a farm when there are crops in a field.

4. iHunt Ultimate Bluetooth Portable Caller with 750 Animal Calls, 59 species

iHunt Ultimate Electronic Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo, 750 Animal Calls, 59 species, Portable


If you are looking for a loud hog caller, then this iHunt Ultimate horn is what you need. However, it is not the best when you need a natural-sounding hog call rather than a loud one.

For the price that you pay for it, I would say it matches the investment. It is basically a speaker that plays MP3 hog calls, and it’s powered by 4 C-cell batteries. The long cable is a plus for this horn.

5. Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable Game Call – 200 Calls Included

best hog calling electronic review


I liked this unit because you can use custom hog calls, and it can work for a range of 300 yards. Moreover, you do not need a line of sight to operate it remotely. Its sound quality is excellent, especially if you have quality hog calls/sounds that you can add to its list.

It comes with 200 professional calls, and you can add up to 8 of your own into its two “favorite screens.” Once you have all your hog calls installed (if you wish to add any), it won’t disappoint.

Otherwise, it comes with some quality ones to get you started with hog hunting.

6. Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Hog Caller Review

best hog calling electronic review


The Icotec GC300, just like the Icotec GC350, is among the best electronic predator calls that I have had the pleasure of testing. It does not come with batteries, and neither does it allow you to load new sounds. But it works pretty well for hog calls. Frankly, I now understand why it has received so many positive reviews over the years.

Audible at Distances Over 200 Yards

You will also be happy to know that you can use it to call coyotes if there are any within 200 yards. If you happen to do so, be sure to kill as many as you can. Coyotes are pretty smart, and they will not come back anywhere near where they escaped narrowly with their life.

If you are buying it to get quality electronic hog calls, then I would like to assure you that in this Icotec GC300 review, this unit works! I hope to hunt deer using the electronic deer calls when I get a chance. My hope is that it will work with deer calls, as well as it has done with hog calls and coyote calls so far.

Best Electronic Predator Calls

I consider it to be among the best electronic predator calls, and it works just as well as the Icotec GC350. However, unlike the GC350, this one does not allow you to upload your own sounds or upgrade the 12 that are preloaded. You have to contact the manufacturer for that and pay a fee to get the upgrade.

If you are looking for coyote calls for sale, I believe this unit should be among them. However, you won’t be able to upgrade the inbuilt calls. I wanted to upgrade, but I realized it was not possible. The alternative is to shelve plans until I get electronic wild game callers, which can allow me to upgrade predator sounds.

If you are torn between buying the FoxPro inferno electronic game call and this unit, then I would say the FoxPro only stands out for one reason. It allows you to upgrade the predator calls or add more, which I have come to learn is a valuable feature in an electronic predator call.

Powerful Remote Control

I would also like to point out that the Icotec GC300 remote can work for a distance of over 200 yards, which makes it ideal for hunting hogs. It would help if you got a rifle scope that allows you to take your shots with ease. That will save you the pain of just killing one hog and the rest escaping.

Icotec GC300 Value for the Money

While the verdict on FoxPro Patriot vs. Inferno is still out there, I would say the Icotec GC300 is a good compromise. However, you should get the Inferno if you are looking for electronic crow calls for sale.

I have not tried the FoxPro patriot call with crow calls, but the Icotec GC300 performed exceptionally well with crow calls! Overall, I would say get this unit, and for its price, you will not have any regrets.

7. Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Complete Bluetooth Pig Calling System

best hog calling electronic review


8. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

 Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call | Must Have Hunting Accessory | Duck Hunting Realistic Sound Mouth Call


If you need a duck caller, then this is it right here. And its pocket size makes it portable and convenient to use. You can be sure that once you buy this caller, you won’t be needing to spend more money on duck calls. So, be careful, don’t use it unless you are ready to shoot all the ducks.

Otherwise you may have to find other ways to scare the ducks off your property. For me it’s a bonus that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. With less than $50, you have yourself the best sounding duck call.

9. Primos Hunting PS320 Hog Call Sound

electronic game caller review


If you want to spend less than $10 on pig caller, then you should consider this caller. However, since it is a manual caller, you won’t have the advantage of automatic calls as you shoot. But we decided to include it, just in case you run out of batteries. A backup won’t hurt.

10. Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call Review – Handheld Electronic Game Call

electronic pig call review


In this Cass Creek Ergo Review, I am going to share my experience with the Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call. This is a Handheld Electronic Game Call that you can use to make hog calls, turkey calls, coyote calls, among other predator calls.

Pig Calls

The Cass Creek Ergo turkey call is easy to carry around because of its small size. However, it is designed for making pig calls within 50 yards. If you are going to use it at night, you will be happy to know the low temperatures and reduced noise makes it quite effective.

I, therefore, recommend the Cass Creek hog call for use at night for distances of up to 100 yards. If you have used the Cass Creek mega amp coyote call during the day, this unit may not match it. Please be aware that it will be effective for distances of up to 50 yards.

Hunting Calls

When making hunting calls, this Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call can be pretty handy if you are good at stalking boars. Even better if they are already close to your barns. You can use it to lure them away from your livestock and then unleash your gunfire upon them.

Just like the Cass Creek Mega Amp Coyote Call, this one is totally worth what you pay for it as well. I would say its performance is comparable to that of the Cass Creek Spring Gobbler Call. It gives what you would generally call a mini predator call, and it works as well as the Cass Creek Predator 2.

Wild Hog Calls

For those who have used Convergent hog calls, you would agree that this unit is a little bit on the low end. That’s in terms of performance. However, when you consider what you pay for it and the type of electronic wild hog calls it makes, I would say it does its job very well.

It can make a pig squeal call that sounds quite natural at low volumes, which is something that hog callers cannot do. There was one time that I tried to use it within a 50-yard radius and did not get results from its hog calls.

Hog Feeding Sounds

I realized I was using wild hog feeding sounds, but the sounds were being projected against the wind. So that’s something you may want to consider. Last but not least, if you want to use it with the Glenn Guess, you should consider the other electronic wild hog caller we have discussed here.

If this unit could be operated remotely, its low power would not have been an issue. That’s all for this one. If you have a unique experience with it, please let me know about it in the comments below.

Best Electronic Hog Caller for Hunting

An excellent electronic hog caller will allow you to call hogs and other predators using multiple sounds. It should also allow you to use both proprietary pig calls and free hog calling sounds. We hope you found this list of the best electronic hog calls to be helpful. Let us know about your hog hunting experience in the comments section below.

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