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best long range hunting scope

You may have a rifle capable of shooting 1000 yards with great accuracy. However, only the best long-range hunting scope can help you hit the bull’s eye on your first try.

The best scope helps you to see your distant target clearly, and make accurate calculations. For some of you, you may have only one chance to do that.

Therefore, you will definitely want to get it right the first time. That’s what the best long-range rifle scope is for. Unfortunately, rifle scopes are not multi-purpose optics.

That is why you need to have the right scope for the job.

The Best Long-Range Scope – Top 9

1. AR15 Combo C4-16x50EG Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

2. ATN X-sight II 3 Military Grade Tactical Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

3. Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1 Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

4. Leupold 115044 Mark 6 Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

5. AR15 Tactical Rifle Combo C4-16X50 EG – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

6. UUQ C4-12×50 Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

7. Bushnell Torphy Rifle Long Range Tactical Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

8. Eotech 512 Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

9. UTG 3 – 12X44 30mm scope Long Range Hunting Scope – CHECK LOWEST PRICE

How to Choose the Best Long Range Hunting Scope

A basic scope that does not include night vision technology. Therefore, it will not give you a clear image under low light conditions.

Moreover, it helps if the scope includes a laser system in its design. A laser will come in handy during target practice.

That is because it allows you to test your calculation against what you are seeing on your scope, with greater accuracy. With that in mind, we found some high-performance scope rifles that may help you get your shots right.

First, check out what I considered when reviewing them and if you are looking for a hunting scope that doesn’t have to be a long range hunting scope, then the article Best Hunting Scope is for you.

1. Scope Magnification

rifle scope magnificationScopes come with two types of magnification; fixed power and variable power. A fixed power scope uses one specific magnification power, and you cannot change it.

This gives clear and brighter visuals as it has one less lens for light to travel through. However, this has the disadvantage of not changing the power if need be.

On the other hand, variable power scope is more versatile as it gives the shooter the control to change the power under different conditions.

2. Scope Objective Diameter

rifle scope partsThis is important as it determines how much light will go through the scope. A 40mm objective lens will allow less light compared to a 50mm objective lens.

You should always consider what power and scope you will need when choosing an objective lens size. If you need a more powerful scope, then go for a bigger objective lens.

The bigger objective lens will give you a clear image even under low light conditions.

3. Reticles

rifle scope reticleEvery shooter has his preference when it comes to reticles. Manufacturers are now developing the mil-dot reticle, duplex reticle, and the MOA and BDC.

Those are advanced reticles you may use for long-range shooting. The mil-dot reticle is gaining popularity thanks to its ranging estimating capability.

It is actually a military-grade reticle, which you may use for fast targeting and shooting. You will also find it to be valuable when you are taking long-range shots.

4. Scope Eye Relief

long range hunting riflescope eyer eliefThis is also an important measurement when choosing a scope. A scope’s eye relief is the distance that you have to hold the ocular or rear lens from your shooting eye.

At that distance, you should see a magnified and sharp image. Typically, the more magnification a lens has, the shorter the eye relief.

That means your eye gets much closer to the scope. Generally, you want to have as much eye relief as possible. High caliber rifle and shotgun firearms should be coupled with optics that have long eye relief range.

That is essential for the safety of the shooter.

5. Field of View

Best Long Range Rifle scope FOVWhen checking through different scopes, you will find that the field of view varies from one scope to another; this is because each scope is manufactured slightly differently.

When shooting on a thick cover, having a wide field of view will help you to pick the target faster. This is because when you see more you will pick your target quickly.

The field of view will always not be critical when shooting longer distances.

6. Parallax

Parallax compensation rifle scopeThis is an important feature, especially when shooting at a distance that is more than 100 yards. Parallax occurs when an object’s primary image is formed either behind or in front of the reticle.

When the eye is moved from the optical axis of the scope, then we find that the image parallax occurs. That is why parallax correction is important.

Get a high-magnification scope with parallax correction. That is quite important for long-range shooting scopes, where even slight error gets highly magnified.

In the parallax animation, the first image where the reticle is shifting from the target, there is no parallax compensation. The lower stabilized image is what you would see through a scope with parallax compensation.

7. Turrets

Turret rifle scopeDepending on your shooting, turret style, and turret adjustment are very important. Turrets are offered either covered or exposed from ½ MOA adjustment to 1/8 MOA.

Each with specific needs for precise target shooting and hunting. Exposed turrets are used for target shooting as adjustments are made easily during changes in distance to the target.

Covered turrets are used for hunting since the scope is sighted once and cannot be changed.

8. Tube Diameter

rifle scope tube widthScopes are usually made in different tube sizes, with most of them being 1 inch and 30mm. Many people have always misunderstood the tube diameter for allowing too much light which is just false.

Scopes that are made with tube diameters of 30mm and larger have proven to be strong and versatile as they can offer more adjustment with turrets. This is ideal on high magnification scopes when adjusting them to long ranges.

9. Light Transmission

Rfile scope Light TransmissionThis is where the light transmitted through the lens of the scope is measured. High-quality scopes are known to transmit light at a rate of 95% and higher. This means that 95% of light is not reflected back from the lens.

Another factor that may determine the transmission of light is the magnification lens. A scope will be clear and easier on your eyes if it has good light transmission.

10. Exit Pupil

rifle scope exit pupilThis is the measurement of light transmitted through the scope to the eyes. It is measured by taking the measurements of an objective lens and dividing it with magnification or power.

This number is important since we understand that a healthy human being eye pupil will only dilate 7mm.  Any measurement above this is just wasted.

As a person gets older, the ability of the eye to adapt to low light. That affects the amount of light that can be accepted in the exit pupil.

11. Brand

We all know the popular saying, ” You get what you pay for”. The majority of brands are making good scopes but there are brands that are out there to make a profit on their cheap scopes.

Checking within the brands, you will realize that there is a substantial difference. Knowing the basic terminology of riflescopes will help you when buying a scope as it will give you confidence that you purchased something of quality.

For example, a brand such as American Technologies Network Corp (ATN) offers military-grade scopes, only available to Americans. International buyers need special licenses to buy them.

Best Gun Mounted Camera For Hunting is Tactacam 4.0

hunting camera with Flat Black Stabilizer Rechargeable BatteryThis is among the best-selling cameras in the market. The kit comes with a battery, camera, USB cable and charger, user manual, camera bag, and a tactical decal.

The Tactacam 4.0 most unique feature is the ability of one to be able to have control of the camera by using the phone through the Tactacam app.

With this app, one is able to change the setting or begin recording without reaching for the camera.

You can also set a timer, change from video to pictures, and basically do everything virtually. The camera and mount here are made very well with durable and good-quality materials.


The stabilizer mount in it is made purposely to replace the stabilizer that is on the bow and by this, the camera automatically becomes part of the bow.

The video quality from the camera is just clear and this enables one to clearly see the target. Adding on the camera is a 360-degree mic that is able to capture and record any sound around the camera.

5x Zoom Capability

The Tactacam 4.0 also has 5x zoom ability which is very important in getting that clear target. Regardless of the distance you want to shoot or the mode of the camera, this ultra-sharp lens is able to maintain the focus.

There is no footage that is wasted by the camera. The best part of this is that the camera is able to record low-light quality video like no other.

Tactacam 4.0 is ideal for hunting and range shooting. It can also be used for other recreational activities as they also offer head mounts. By purchasing this, one is assured of a long-lasting scope camera.

Discover Top 9 Best Long Range Hunting Scope

2. 1000 Yard Scope On A Budget Hunting – AR15 Combo C4-16x50EG

XOPin Hunting Rifle Scope Combo C4-16/12x50EG Dual Illuminated with Green Laser Sight 4 Holographic Reticle Red/Green Dot for Weaver/Rail Mount The high optical clarity in the Hunting AR15 scope makes it the ideal Tactical Rifle Scope as well as a hunting scope. The scope has a magnification ability of 4X to 16X and a 15mm objective diameter.

It’s by this that hunters prefer this scope as they can easily have a wide view from the 15mm objective diameter and bring the target by zooming and pulling the trigger.

The scope is multi-optical coated and illuminated with green or red color which ensures that the scope can function well under different light conditions.

The red laser and sight allow for quick target acquisition of fast-moving targets, and a close quarter at a range of 300 meters. That is why it is among the 1000-yard scope on a budget.


The other good thing with the scope is that other equipment like a flashlight can easily be installed, this may come in handy when hunting in a dark environment.

Unlimited Eye Relief for Increased Shooting Comfort

The scope has a field of view at 100 yards and unlimited brightness controls. This ensures that the scope can still perform under low light situations as the eye relief is also unlimited.

Mounting this scope does not come with challenges as there are no tricks required when mounting it on a rifle. This is made even easier as it comes with the user manual that guides one on the steps to be followed.

The scope is built to last long with quality materials, this is because the scope is waterproof, shock resistant, fog proof and the lens is fully coated and filled with dry nitrogen.

The scope can work under these conditions without any problems. That is why we had to include it here as among the Best Long-range Hunting Scope.

Buying this scope comes with a 12-month warranty that will ensure any problems arising are repaired. In case of any issues the customer care service is available and is offered to everybody.

3. The Best Rifle Scope Under 500 is the ATN X-sight II 3

The world has been revolutionized by night vision technology. This technology has made low-light surveillance and hunting possible during dark situations.

This is evidently proven by the new ATN X – sight II – 14x/50mm, which offers high-performance visibility in low-light situations.

This product is highly developed and is geared towards achieving digital optic that is fully packed at a reasonable price.


The best feature of this optic is the built-in smart rangefinder that helps in taking perfect shots.

It also helps in calculating short and long-distance shots. Its two–click feature is used to range a target easily. The shooter only needs to know the approximate size of the target.

The best part comes when the shooter is ready to fire. Its reticle automatically adjusts the point of impact. That helps you to hit the target successfully on the first shot.

HD Recording for Quality Shares

best long range hunting rifle scopeWith the full HD 1080p video recording, one is able to record interesting videos. You will also capture stunning photos that you wish to remember in later years.

The zooming ability is also designed very well. With the 3-14x magnification, you can zoom in and out without losing what is in the FOV. That makes it the Best Long Range Hunting Scope for hunting.

You will also have a clear vision under low light conditions. The optic also has a 3D gyroscope that is inbuilt. That is important as it is the one that keeps the image steady and with no blur.

This scope is also wifi enabled, and with this, one is able to share the photos and videos recorded. You can send them to your tablet or a Smartphone. That feature is very important, especially when training new shooters, because you get to compare notes easily.

Owning this state-of-the-art, high-caliber, digital night vision scope is within everybody’s reach. Every shooter should at least have one.

4. Best FFP Scope For The Money Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1

Armasight Orion 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope This is a midrange night vision scope that provides high performance in low light and dark conditions. The optic is made up of Gen 1+ vision technology.

It gives you the required accuracy to hit the target. During the dark hours, you will be able to shoot with precision using this technology. The Armasight Orion 5x also has turrets for elevation adjustment and windage.

If you are looking for magnification, then Orion 5X is what you need, as it performs best on hunting operations and midrange tactical. The illuminated red cross reticle and variable reticle are used in amplifying ambient light in dark conditions.


That enables the shooter to see clearly bright images in the dark. Additionally, below the accessory rail is the dedicated dial that can be used to adjust the brightness in the optic.

Rigged Design

best long range hunting scopeThe construction of the Orion 5X is top-notch. With the rugged and weather-sealed aluminum body that is rubberized, this Best Long Range Hunting Scope can withstand recoils that come from light caliber.

Also, inside the body house, there are image intensifier tubes and optics that are shock-protected and cannot break in case of impact. When making adjustments, the grip is maximized by the adjustment dial and the texture control.

If you are looking for a durable optic, then this is the best, especially for night vision. The lenses in the optics come with a cover that protects them when not in use.

The batteries are long lasting hence you should not worry while on the field. Lastly, the optics come with a two years warranty, and this is quite enough time to have it replaced or repaired freely within that period.

5. Leupold 115044 Mark 6 – Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money

best long range hunting scopeThe Leupold Mark 6 was engineered to overperform with its superior optics and gain an advantage in law enforcement, tactical operators, and competition on shooters from midrange to CQB scenarios.

The optic is small and nimble in size compared to other optics and can be used on any AR-15 variant.

The magnification range of the Leopold Mark 6 ranges to 12X.  That brings the target closer and offers a wide field of view which enables the shooter to quickly pick the target.


The professional grade lenses in the optic use the extended twilight lenses system. It is known to offer edge-to-edge clarity and has an anti-reflection coating that maximizes transmission of light wavelength.

Also, one is able to use the zero lock to fine-tune the measurement hence locking out the elevation turrets and windage.

The scope has a Ballistic Aiming System (BAS)

best long range hunting scopeThe reticle of this optic is located just within the first focal plane, which is visible in any light setting and has a Ballistic Aiming System (BAS).

This is very important as the BAS improves the accuracy of the shooter while shooting on longer ranges by providing various aiming points.

In addition, the reticle also features a 0.5 MOA Dot that is surrounded by a circle of 5-MOA. Being a light optic, the housing is lightweight. It’s made from durable materials, which enable it to be waterproof and shock-resistant.


The best part of this Best Long Range Hunting Scope, is that it is made in a fog-proof design and this comes in handy when moving in places where the temperature fluctuates.

The housing also features a low-profile tactile zoom lever that allows a very first one-finger operation and a lockable fast-focus eyepiece.

Purchasing this optic may not be easy like other optics, this is because export of this optic is regulated by the US Department of State and the Department of Commerce.

That goes to show you how much value this scope offers you. Overall, this scope is the Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money.

6. Best Long Range Scope For 308 is the AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope

XOPin Rifle Scope Combo C4-16x50EG/12x50EG Dual Illuminated with Green Laser Sight 4 Holographic Reticle Red/Green Dot for Weaver/Rail Mount Finding the best scope for hunting is every hunter’s dream as hunting requires accuracy and precision. The AR15 tactical rifle, Combo C4-16X50 EG, may be an option for the undecided hunter.

Known for its clarity, this rifle scope can be ideal for long-range shooting as they can easily magnify and zoom in images that are at a distance by bringing them closer and enabling the shooter to hit the target.


The 50 mm objective diameter in the scope is just enough to give the shooter a wide field view. This is important as the shooter will be able to easily acquire the target; this also helps the shooter shoot the target when moving at speed.

The red laser and sight play a major role in the acquisition of the target. The optic has a magnification ability of 4-16/4-12.

Illumination Feature

long range hunting scope

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope features dual-illuminated range finders that help the shooter in determining the target. The scope has unlimited brightness control and by this, the shooter is not affected in any way by the reflected rays of light.

Moreover, the scope is able to transmit enough light and this ensures the shooter can conveniently view the target clearly at a distance.

The scope is ideal for AR15 rifles as it is designed to fit in Picatinny rail of has 5 levels of multi-X reticles and the scope itself being red. Interestingly, the holographic sight can be mounted separately or on top of the riffle.

When it comes to the 4 reticles, they all work well. Adjustment on elevation and windage can only be made using an Allen wrench.


The scope is made to last for long periods as it is waterproof, fog proof and shock resistance. In addition, the scope comes with a twelve-month warranty.

That ensures that the scope will work for the longest period possible without incurring many expenses on it.

7. Long Range Scope On A Budget is the UUQ C4-12X50 Riffle Scope

best long range hunting scopeIf you are tired spending more time hunting and getting nothing, then UUQ C4-12×50 will take your hunting experience to the next level.

This has been every hunter dream scope with its high optical clarity at 4x to 12x zoom that ensures you are able to bring closer the target without losing the focus.

Also the scope features a the 50mm objective diameter that offer a wide view and ensures you are able to acquire a shot on the target of a fast moving object.


The wide field of view from the tubeless design has intense magnification that allows easy shooting at moving target and also normal shooting.

The optic also features a dual-illuminated range-finding reticle that ensures you have aid in acquiring the target at ease.

It also ensures you have unlimited brightness during dark conditions and during sunlight. This is made possible by the red dimming and green dimming mode as transmission is seamless to any context.

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope is Easy to Install

Installation of this scope comes without a hassle as long as you are using the correct gun. The built 22mm rail is compatible with the 22mm and 11mm rail.

The lasers in the optic are detachable and they contain a tube of 26mm in diameter.

The laser is compatible with any 22mm rail. The best thing about the rail is that they are inbuilt and one does not necessarily need to re-zero, when mounting it to a dismounted sight.

You can count it among the best long range scope for 308. The UUQ C4-12×50 has proven to be up for hunting challenge.


The scope is coated in a high-quality black matte that ensures the scope lives its long life. Also, the scope is fog proof, waterproof and the scope are filled with dry nitrogen.

The scope comes with a 1-year warranty that guarantees no damage will happen within that period. Lastly, should anything happen, you should not be afraid to get in touch with customer care as they are very friendly and phenomenal.

8.  Best Rifle Scope Under 100 is the Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope

long range scopeThe Bushnell Torphy Rifle is little scope but performs well thanks to its multi-X Recticles design. This is an all one piece that is less likely to break and it’s durable.

This kind of optic can spot up to 100 yards and it is easy to zero in. It features multi-coated lenses which helps the shooter to be free of the light reflection and glare.

In addition it transmit up to 91% of light even in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, the reticles are not illuminated and this may become a problem in low light as you cannot make out the reticle. However, that also makes it the long range scope on a budget.


Looking at the magnification, this Best Long Range Hunting Scope performs quite well as it ranges between 3X to 9X . You will be able to bracket your target at 3X and zoom in up to a magnification of 9X.

The image resolution is just fantastic when you zoom as this gives you an excellent accuracy in your target image. Moreover, the scope offers an eye relief of 5 inches which is enough for one to slide his cheek.

You may then get an amazing image quality without affecting your eyeball during the recoil.

Easy Mounting

Mounting this riflescope requires no special tricks and this, therefore, minimizes any challenges. Sighting in is made easy thanks to the fingertips windage and elevation adjustment knob.

You don’t have to use additional tools. Since they do not come with rings, you will be required to purchase one and you will be good to go. CHECK THE BEST PRICE ONLY FOR YOU

The Bushnell is built to last long as it is waterproof and fog proof. The 30mm one-piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum and this ensures that it is durable.

The best thing with this optic scope is that after you purchase it, you are assured of a lifetime warranty on repair.this gives you a peace of mind as you know the scope will last you for years.

9.  Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under 500 is the EOTech 512.A65

long range hunting sightThis scope is among the best tactical weapons that use holographic image illumination technique. It is designed mainly for close range shooting. The Eotech 512 scope is able to reflect a laser into complicated raticles compared to the red dot optic.

This optic features a square lenses and body. This gives the shooter a wider view of the field thereby creating higher situation awareness.

The sighting system is mainly based on a holographic technology, this simply means that the equipment carry out the bulk work and the shooter only thing is to pull the trigger.

This Best Long Range Hunting Scope boast of its many brightness settings that ensure the scope can perform perfectly under any light condition without the reflected light affecting the shooter.


This optic is ideal for shooting within a range of 200 yards and works better in a bad breath distance. The reticles in here are made for both extended and close ranges.

Using it with both eyes open will work well with the parallax 0* magnification. it works perfectly on AA batteries which can either be alkaline or lithium. The battery lasts for about 4-8 hours and includes a low battery indicator option.

65 MOA reticle Circle

Using this optic FOV is totally passive and this means that since it does not emit any light and therefore locating the shooter might not be easy. Think of it as the best fixed power scope for long range shooting.

It also features a rapid target acquiring property that enables the shooter to easily locate and shoot the target. The optic has a 65 MOA reticle circle and a 1 MOA aiming dot. It is with this reason that the military have preferred this choice.

Installation of this scope is simple and as it comes with user manual to guide you through. The scope is made up durable material that will ensure it lasts long, it is weatherproof and the casing gives it an advantage over the competition.

In case of any inquiries, the Eotech customer cares are always ready and willing to help when reached.

10.  Best Rifle Scopes Under 200 is the UTG Compact Scope

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, RingsThe UTG 3 – 12X44 30mm scope has been well designed using the latest technology that ensures your hunting experience is convenient and fun. It is among the best long range scope for 6 5 creedmoor.

The Best Long Range Hunting Scope can also be used in tactical hunting, big game hunting, and predator hunting as it has shown its capability in these fields.

The locking target turrets and zero resetting ensures that there is accuracy in acquiring and shooting the target as you can easily modify and adjust to match your aim.


The scope also features an illumination enhancing reticle that contains personalized illumination and multi-color mode which uses a total of 36 colors. Using the spectrum in different environment and lighting condition is just amazing.

The lenses are multi-emerald coated with integrated angled sunshade that ensures there is maximum light transmission.

Moreover, the scope has sunshades used to lower glares, as well as lens caps that are of high quality. The housing is also designed in a way that the scope’s  illumination is not interupted even under heavy recoil.

Side Wheel Adjustable Turrets (SWAT)

The Side Wheel Adjustable Turrets (SWAT) helps the shooter in achieving an excellent shot from 10 yards and more. The SWAT make it easy to adjust the scope setting without having much movement.

In addition, one is able to get an optional wheel that will allow one to turn the setting to his preference with ease.

With the magnification of between 3X to 12X, the scope is very versatile. The TS in the scope ensures that the scope is waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant. The TS further, allows you to continuously enjoy your shooting even when the temperature changes.

Moreover, the scope also includes a Smart Spherical Structure (SSS) that is used to control the joint between the inner and outer tube of the scope.

Tactical Mil-Dot Ranging Estimating

Which One Is The best Long Range Hunting Scope for Money?

Your budget doesn’t matter when going out to purchase a rifle; this is because there is always a rifle scope that is purposely designed for your needs.

Finding the best rifle scope that will fit your needs will be the best thing you do for your rifle. A great scope allows you to have a pleasureful shooting experience.

For example, if you need to shoot in low light conditions, then you can go for the Armasight Orion 5x.

Buying unknown Hunting Scope brands may end up to be waste of money. Choose a well-known Best Long Range Hunting Scope brand such as American Technologies Network Corp (ATN) best long range thermal scope. It’s also advisable to check on reviews.

They will help you to understand the experience people have encountered while using that specific brand. Any worth mentioning optic has been reviewed here, this will help you in making decision before purchasing.

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