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Pig Footprints – How to Identify Pig Footprint When Hunting Pigs – Jan, 2023

Pig FootprintOne of the most exciting types of game to hunt is the wild pig. When hunting this game, you need to know how to identify pig footprints.

Hog tracks have ends, which are rounded. The spread between the tracks of hogs are shorter compared to those of deer.

Let’s look at three things you should do when hunting them.

Pig Footprint – Applying Them in Hunting

1. Use the Right Equipment

Before you head out to the outdoors, you should first make sure you have the right targeting and shooting equipment. For instance, the best rifle scope, such as Armasight Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope, can help you shot targets day and night accurately.

Check out these rifle scope reviews for more on scopes. The right spotting equipment will enable you to enjoy accurate shots. You can then use the pig footprint to track the wounded animal. Binoculars will serve you well when searching for pigs in a wide area.

However,before using your binoculars to look around for pigs, you need to spot some fresh pig footprints or excrement. That will indicate the pigs aren’t far off.

2. Use the Pig Footprints to Learn Where the Wild Pigs Roam

Wild pigs are large animals, making them easy to hunt and shoot at. When hunting them, you should ensure you know where they are heading. The direction of Footprints help you to do that.

Know how to react if they charge at you. Using the right binoculars or spotting scope enables you to spot them from a distance. Moreover, you should have use a powerful rifle to shoot it and have some patience.

3. Combine Pig Footprint Tracking and Boar Baits

If you’re going to use baits when hunting, you should leave them out for some time before you begin hunting. After a few days, the hogs will relate them to safe feeding areas.

They will reduce their suspicions, enabling you to hunt them easily. Remember wild pigs are creatures of habit, meaning they will keep coming back to eat.

The best combination is a footprint and pig calling. That is, immediately you spot fresh pig footprints, use your electronic pig call to lure them to ambush.

Wrapping Up – Pig Footprint

Hunting wild pigs can be exciting if you use the right spotting equipment. For instance, a spotting scope will offer you better range and magnification, but you should carry a tripod.

If you’re going to move around a lot, you should consider using binoculars since it’s portable. These two devices will serve you well if you prefer intensive hunts.

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