Hog Tracks

How to Spot Hog Tracks During a Hunt – Jan, 2023

Hog Tracks

Hunting hogs can be challenging if you don’t know what hog tracks look like.

One of the reasons is that they are nocturnal, which means finding them can be difficult.

The prints of hogs have a square like shape.

Moreover, they are usually shorter, wider, and rounder than deer tracks.

If the toe’s tip is blunt, you should realize that it’s probably a hog’s.

Let’s now look at tips to put you in their zone, and hunt these invasive animals.

Hog Tracks – Use them to Track Hogs

1. Get a Spotting Scope, or Binoculars, and Rifle Scope

Hogs wreck damage on wildlife and crops and reproduce fast. Their adaptable diet and nocturnal nature make them among the most difficult species to control. Hunting them is one excellent way of controlling them and enhancing your diet.

Once you spot the hog tracks, you should use the best spotting scope, or binoculars to enable you to spot them from afar. If you do not have one, you can buy it here, and I recommend this one that everybody seems to agree is the best. Once you get close enough to take a shot, having the best rifle scope will ensure that you don’t miss.

2. Know the Character of Feral Hogs

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that hogs are aggressive and mean. They can run up to 30mph and have a keen sense of smell. These characteristics make them quite difficult to hunt.

If you’re looking forward to a successful hunt, knowing these characteristics will improve your chances. You want to enjoy your pork chops on the dinner table, meaning any weakness should be used to your advantage.

3. Remember Hogs Have Poor Eyesight

Hogs are among animals with poor eyesight. However, when it comes to their sense, you should realize they have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell odors up to 7 miles away and from 25 feet underground.

When hunting them at night, you should use their poor eyesight to your advantage. Moreover, if you have the right spotting equipment for hunting at night, you will have a better chance of scoring a kill.

4. They Are Always Hungry

Feral hogs are pigs, meaning they are always hungry and looking for food to eat. You should use their hunger a hunt them. Knowing their tracks is one great way to start.

For instance, if you spot their tracks, you should bait them. They will feed for long periods, making hunting them easier.

Moreover, once they find a good food source, they will keep coming back. Their omnivores nature means you can fill the feeder with anything. It can include homemade food, nuts, fruits and acorns.

5. Listen to Their Loud Sounds

Hogs make loud sounds when mating and feeding. For instance, they will make squealing and mating sounds, which are noticeable from far. As a hunter, you should use these sounds to find the hog’s location.

Moreover, you can use their noise against them. Expert hunters lure hogs to the open by making predator or distressed piglet calls. I would recommend you buy this caller as it is the best in the market today.

6. Use Observational Tactics

Hogs are among creatures with repetitive habits. They use the same trails repeatedly when walking to food and water sources.

Once you determine their presence, find out if the track they use is worn or if their tracks are fresh. If they are, you should know they hideout is nearby.

7. Look for Rooting and Wallowing

Feral hogs use their snouts to find food and root through vegetation. That means if you find uprooted soil, you should know a hog may be around.

In addition, they will dig up land near creeks and water sources and wallow in the mud. That’s in order to cool themselves from heat.

Summary – Spot Hog Tracks During a Hunt

Feral hogs are among the most challenging animals to hunt. They reproduce fast and damage native crops and wildlife. They are difficult to slow down since they are omnivores.

One way of controlling them is by hunting them using the right equipment. Moreover, knowing their weaknesses enable you to find their hideouts easily.

Remember that when hog hunting, the location you choose can determine whether you’ll succeed faster or not. The best states to hunt them are Texas, Florida and Louisiana.

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