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elk hunting scopeHunting of Elk has proved to be the hardest hunt that anybody can accomplish in his lifetime.

However, you might have the easiest kill if you understand how to track and hunt these animals.

How hard and smart you hunt the Elk will determine how successful you will be in killing the Elk.

The guide below will help you on how well you will hunt for Elk.

Tips on How to Hunt Elk

1. Do Proper Research and Scout

It is good to understand the topographical maps of where you are going to have a better understanding of the terrain. There are lots of places for elk hunting in the States. So always remember to concentrate on the flat spot amid steep slopes, as these areas are great bedding for the Elf’s. Also, they are in close proximity to the watering hole and feeding areas. Understanding where these places are will help you minimize the walking distance, which might even send them away.

2. Understand the Wind

It’s good never to ignore the wind. This is because the elk rely on scent to keep them out of danger, playing wind is very important at all times.

When hunting in the mountains, you need to understand how the thermal and swirling wind is going to affect your hunting.

Note that the wind always travels up the mountain during the morning hours and down the mountain when the sun sets.

It’s essential to have quality wind checkers as they will give you an insight into where the thermal is headed. When you combine that with the best rifle scope, you will be able to hit your target with a single shot. It will also help that you adjust your scope within the same locality you will be hunting.

3. Water and Food Sources

On every single day, an Elk will hit the waterhole when there is heat and sometimes when the temperature is cold. Understanding the sources of both food and water will help you set yourself up properly for the evening hunt. Many of these elks hunted have either been found in their food and water sources. Having a good map and the right gear will help you locate the water sources quite easily.

4. Calling the Elk

Elk calling always requires the making of some sounds, and knowing how and when to make use of those calls is very important. The trick that most hunters use is placing one or two hunters in front of the caller, the elks will be attracted to the caller sound that he is producing. The elk will get more focused on the caller and pass the hunters who can now take it/them down.

5. Practice and Improve Your Aim and Shoot Skill

For you to be a successful elk hunter, practicing and improving your shooting skills should be your top priority.

This can be either through the rifle or bows. A bull elk can be killed by archery from 5 yards to almost 50 yards.

Those using the rifle for hunting can make a shot from 30 yards to 350 yards. To enhance your accuracy and vision during these shots, consider checking out the Best Scopes For Elk Hunting.

6. Be In Shape

Elk are basically big animals, and there is a need for you to be in shape. Walking to almost 6 miles where you find the elk and carrying one 70 pounds of elk back will require your stamina. Being ready for elk hunting is different as you have been ready to run with a load on you when need be. Always be fit and in shape before going to hunt elk

Final thought – Hunt Skillfully, not robustly

Elk hunting will require a certain degree of patience and discipline, which are essential. Also, be mentally prepared and always wait until the last minute, as you never know when your time will be. A right mindset will be needed so as to get the best shot of a quality elk.

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