How To Find Wild Hogs During The Day Easily

6 Tips On How To Find Wild Hogs During The Day Easily

How To Find Wild Hogs During The Day EasilyAre you searching for the best ways on how to find wild hogs during the day? When looking for fine eating options and year-round hunting options, wild hogs top the list. Wild hog hunting doesn’t have too many restrictions since they reproduce fast.

However, when hunting them during the day, you may find it a challenge. Hogs are nocturnal creatures and prefer hiding in areas with thick cover. This article looks at the best ways to find them during the day.

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How To Find Wild Hogs During The Day

1. Use the Best Hunting Equipment

When hunting wild hogs, you should make sure you utilize the best hunting equipment. For instance, you should use a spotting scope. A spotting scope will provide you with better range and magnification when looking for wild hogs.

That can come in handy if you doing a bush whack from a distance, by shooting randomly into the bush.

2. Consider Stand Hunting

The best way to hunt hogs in the early morning is to ambush them from a tree stand or ground blind. Keep in mind that hogs are active during this period. Wild hogs have poor eyesight, which means you only need simple ground blind construction.

Wearing camouflage and reducing your movements can ensure hogs don’t notice your presence. Another thing you should do is look for areas with signs of hog activity. Remember location is more crucial as compared to concealment.

3. Look for Hog Crossings

Finding hog crossings can help you hunt hogs during the day. If the hunting property has barbed wire fences, you should look for sections where the pasture meets the woods.

If you notice hog hair hanging from the barbs and hog tracks, that is the best area for an ambush. Moreover, crossings are the best points to start your search for the wallowing, feeding and bedding areas.

4. Find Hog Travel Routes

One of the best ways on how to find wild hogs during the day is to know their travel routes. Hogs use the same paths when walking or running to their bedding and favorite feeding areas. Look out for hog tracks. Their shape and size are similar to those of deer but are more rounded.

Additionally, hogs are short animals, meaning they prefer traveling in woody brush jungles. In these areas, the ground is clear and they can see well. Humans find these areas difficult to negotiate. For the best outcome, you should use pruning nips to clear the shooting lanes.

5. Look Out For Wallows

Wild hogs love wet ditches, natural seeps and shallow ponds. They will roll on the mud in order to cool themselves. However, you should only look for wallowing areas if it’s a warm and calm day. During breezy and cool days, you will only waste your time hunting a wallow.

6. Look for Food Sources

Hogs will change their feeding locations depending on which food is in season. In September, you will find hogs enjoying pear cactus or ripe fruits. Hogs also love feeding on commercial crops such as melons and grains. Make sure you look for them in the early morning since it’s the period they will be feeding.

7. Consider Stalking Them

Stalking wild hogs is one of the best ways to bring home the bacon. It involves reducing the gap between the animal and yourself after spotting it. Remember that even if you’re still hunting, once you spot the animal your hunt will become a stalk. You will need to reduce the gap for you to make an accurate shot.

Wrapping Up – How To Find Wild Hogs During The Day

If you’re a stalking hunter, you should look for feeding hogs during cool and breezy days. Make sure you use the best optics. They will help you determine the hog’s size.

When carrying out long-distance hunts in variable terrain, using a spotting scope can improve your chances of success.

They will help you find out important details about the environment. If you’re sitting in an area where you can observe your surrounding terrain, a scope is the best option.

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