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In the world of optics, few names are as revered as ZEISS. Known for its exceptional quality and precision engineering, ZEISS has been a leading manufacturer of optical systems for over a century. Among their extensive range of products, the ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 Image Stabilization Binoculars stand out as a remarkable piece of equipment designed for those who demand the best in their outdoor pursuits.

Whether you are an avid birdwatcher, a stargazer, or a hunter seeking the best binoculars for hunting, these binoculars promise to deliver unparalleled performance. This review will delve into the features, construction, and user experience of the ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 Image Stabilization Binoculars, exploring what makes them a top choice for serious outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.


Overview of ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 Image Stabilization Binocular

Feature Specification
Magnification 20x
Objective Lens Diameter 60 mm
Prism System Porro
Image Stabilization Mechanical, gimbal-mounted spring joint and magnetic damping action
Light Transmission Exceptional
Detail Resolution High, even at 20x magnification
Usage Longest distances, including space missions (ISS)
Brightness Extreme, supplied by the 60 mm lens and Porro prism system
Image Quality Exceptional
Grip Comfortable ridged grip
Shock Resistance Provided by tactile black rubber armoring
Eyecups Rubber
Diopter Adjustment Right eye diopter
Eyeglasses Compatibility Customizable with or without eyeglasses
Battery Requirement None (mechanical image stabilization)

ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 Image Stabilization Binocular Review

Zeiss has long been synonymous with high-quality optics, and the Zeiss 20×60 Image Stabilization Binoculars are no exception. Designed for serious enthusiasts and professionals, these binoculars offer unparalleled performance in various settings, from birdwatching to stargazing.

ZEISS Carl Optical 20x60 Image Stabilization Binocular Review

In this review, we will delve into the features and performance of these exceptional binoculars, examining their optical quality, construction, and user experience, among other aspects.

Optical Quality

The Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars are designed to provide high-quality views at higher magnifications. They employ a doublet achromat design with a very large air space and thick elements, providing better correction than a standard doublet. The coatings appear excellent, with the classic dark pink T* coatings from Zeiss. These coatings enhance light transmission and reduce reflections, producing bright, clear, and sharp images with excellent color fidelity. The binoculars are designed to minimize chromatic aberration, ensuring that the images you see are free of color fringing and distortion.


While the Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars do not feature a reticle in the traditional sense, their high magnification and image stabilization make them ideal for precise observations. Whether you are tracking wildlife or studying celestial objects, the clarity and stability of the image allow for detailed, focused viewing.


The Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars are unique, employing a purely mechanical system to stabilize their image, with no batteries required. The body is a single unit with no hinge, and the binoculars weigh 1640g. The armor is the classic shiny rubber, reminiscent of older Zeiss designs. This construction is designed for durability and longevity, ensuring that these binoculars can withstand the rigors of frequent use in various environments. The mechanical stabilization system is a standout feature, offering steady views without needing electronic components that might fail over time.

Magnification & Objective Lens

These binoculars have a magnification of 20x and an objective lens size of 60mm. This high magnification allows for incredibly detailed views of distant objects while the large objective lenses gather plenty of light for bright, clear images. This combination is particularly beneficial for activities such as birdwatching, where the ability to observe details closely is crucial, or for stargazing, where the large objective lenses can capture more light from distant celestial objects.

Other Features

The binoculars have an eye relief of approximately 11mm measured from the rim of the eyecup and an apparent field of view of 60°. They have a close focus of approximately 10m measured, with 14m claimed.

ZEISS Carl Optical 20x60 Image Stabilization Binocular Review

The binoculars are approximately 272mm in length, with the eyecups extended. These features make the binoculars versatile and adaptable to various viewing situations, from observing wildlife at a distance to enjoying architectural details up close.

User Experience

Glass Clarity

The optical quality is of the highest standard, with huge resolution, pin-sharp clarity, and definition. The colors are bright and realistic. Users can expect a viewing experience that is second to none, with crisp, clear, and vibrant images. The high-quality glass and coatings used in these binoculars ensure that every detail is rendered precisely.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The eye relief is approximately 10-11mm, which may restrict the field of view for users with glasses. However, the design is generally comfortable and allows extended viewing sessions without eye strain. The eye box is forgiving, making it easy for users to maintain a full field of view.


The binoculars are designed to last a lifetime and can be repaired by Zeiss if a fault occurs. They are built with high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, making them a reliable choice for avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Adjustment Knobs

The focus action is smooth and fairly light but has a more ‘mechanical’ feel. The large knurled knob feels surprisingly plasticky, considering the price of the binoculars. Still, it is responsive and allows for precise adjustments, ensuring that users can easily bring their subjects into sharp focus.

Mounting & Accessories

The binoculars come with an aluminum briefcase for storage and travel. They have a ¼-20 thread for direct fixing to a photo head, allowing for stable, hands-free viewing when desired. This makes them a versatile option for those wanting to use them in a stationary setup.

Price & Value

While the exact price of the Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars can vary, they are a premium product in the market. They are an investment but offer exceptional value for serious enthusiasts and professionals who demand the best performance. The mechanical image stabilization, superior optical quality, and durable construction justify the price for those looking for top-tier binoculars.


Compared with the Nikon 18x70s, the Zeiss 20x60s revealed more astronomical detail due to the stabilization, despite the Nikon’s aperture advantage. This comparison highlights the unique strengths of the Zeiss 20x60s, particularly their mechanical image stabilization system, which sets them apart from competitors.

Price and Value

The Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars are a premium product, and their price reflects this. However, for the discerning user who requires exceptional performance, the price reflects the value they offer. With unparalleled optical quality, mechanical image stabilization, and durable construction, they are a long-term investment in a superior viewing experience.


Frequent Asked Questions

What is the magnification of these binoculars?

The ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 binoculars have a magnification of 20x.

Do these binoculars have image stabilization?

Yes, they feature a unique mechanical image stabilization system that works without batteries.

Are these binoculars suitable for hunting?

Absolutely, they are among the best binoculars for hunting, offering high magnification and exceptional image clarity.

How heavy are the ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 binoculars?

The specific weight is not mentioned in the source material, but they are designed for handheld use.

Can I use these binoculars with glasses?

Yes, they have rubber eyecups and a right eye diopter that can be customized for use with or without eyeglasses.

What is the objective lens diameter?

The objective lens diameter of these binoculars is 60mm.

Do these binoculars require batteries?

No, the mechanical image stabilization system operates without the need for battery power.

What is the field of view for these binoculars?

The source material does not specify the exact field of view, but they are designed for detailed high-power terrestrial views.

Are these binoculars durable and shock-resistant?

Yes, they are constructed with high-quality materials and feature tactile black rubber armoring for added shock resistance.

Where can I purchase the ZEISS Carl Optical 20×60 Image Stabilization Binoculars?

These binoculars are available through authorized ZEISS dealers and various online retailers.



The Zeiss 20×60 S binoculars are a unique and high-end product designed for those who require high magnification and image stabilization in a handheld format. They offer supreme optical quality and a unique mechanical stabilization system. They are not easy to use and have a steep, heavy, and somewhat awkward learning curve. Their narrow field makes finding objects challenging, and the stabilization can make the view wander. However, for those willing to overcome these drawbacks, they are described as the highest-performing handheld binoculars for astronomy and detailed high-power terrestrial views without a tripod.


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