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Binocular has gain popularity in the last decade and a lot of people are flocking into the market and buying them. Majority of them are mainly purchased for the purpose of bird viewing, hunting, and other activities. Unfortunately, not all people know how far they can view with their binocular and even don’t understand the meaning of numbers that are written on the binocular.

As people check on different specs before purchasing their preferred binoculars, a lot of people have gone for the binoculars with 10x50mm specs, but How Far Can You See With 10×50 Binoculars? It is with that that I have decided to specifically point out the major things that will help you understand how far you can see through this kind of binoculars.

Binocular Features

4 Features That Determine Magnification of the 10x50mm Binocular?

1. Magnification Can Be Adjusted

Magnification will always be referred by the first number in a binocular, so in a 10×50 binocular, the first number (10) is the power of binocular. Magnification basically is how an object will be enlarged and in this kind of a binocular, we find that an image will be able to be enlarged 10 times than it would appear on an unaided eye.

People always mistake and think that the more powerful a binocular is, the better it is. This might not be right as adding power to a binocular will result to an increase in weight. This might prove hard carrying it around considering it is heavy.

To be able to use binoculars most effectively, you must know how to adjust binoculars, the article linked here will help you answer those questions.

2. Objective lens

For the 10×50 binocular configuration, the second number will always refer to the diameter of the objective lens. The second number (50), hereby is the objective diameter and it is always in millimeters. Basically, the objective lens is always located at the front of a binocular and further from the eyes.

The main purpose of the objective lens is to absorb light and form a clear image of the distant object. The larger the objective lens the more light will be able to be transmitted through the device and this will result in a brighter view and a clear image.

Keeping quality in perspective is very important. A high-quality 50mm lens and its associated glass components will definitely give you a brighter and a better image in clarity.

3. Field of view

This is the width of the area that one can see at a 1000 yards. Generally, binocular magnification are always determined at 1000 for a 10×50 binocular an object that is at 1000 yards will appear 10 times larger compared when observed with 20/20 naked eye at a magnification of 1x.

Getting an expensive pair of binoculars so as to get a wide field of view will definitely be a poor investment. This is because the manufacturers will not want to lose money on a product that will possibly achieve a wide-angle view at the expense of clarity and sharpness of the image.

4. Exit pupil size

This is always the determinant of how the binocular will work especially in low light conditions. Exit pupil size is always the actual diameter of the beam of light leaving the is obtained by calculating the objective lens diameter with the magnification. Therefore, 10×50 will have an exit pupil size of 50/10 and this will result in 6mm.

During the day when there is sunlight, we find that the size of eye pupil will contract to a size of 2-4 mm and at night they expand up to 7mm. so in case the light beam is wider than your pupil, you find that you can’t be able to see through. A binocular with a 4mm exit pupil will seem more clear and brighter. But during the night when the eye pupil has enlarged, the 4 mm will be dim compared to the 5mm binocular.

Uses of 10×50 Binoculars

binoculars View

a) Astronomy

Since the 10×50 binoculars have a larger objective lens, it will allow more light to be transmitted through the device. This, therefore, means that you will be able to see clearly much better in the darker. The 10×50 binocular will also yield:

  • A clear and spectacular view of the moon,
  • An excellent view of the 8 planets that will appear like small dots,
  • And a spectacular view of the Jovian moon, stars, bright NGC objects and many more.

However, you will not be able to see much else, especially when you compare it to modern telescopes.

b) Nature viewing

When visiting attraction site, it’s always not possible to move around the whole area just touring as some of the areas are always risky. This kind of binoculars comes in handy now as they are ideal especially on large field area. Using this you will be able to get the images closer to you and possibly get to see the spectacular view of the mountain ranges, avian sanctuaries, deserts and many more. It is mostly perfect for terrestrial watching activities and bird watching.

c) Sport spectating

With a lot of sports enthusiast nowadays, we find that people are always packed at the stadium and some may not have a clear view of the things happening at the field of if you are stuck in a nosebleed section of a stadium, then you don’t have to worry. The 10×50 binoculars will guarantee you that you don’t miss any action in the field as you can easily use them to zoom in and catch every action.

Magnification of the 10x50mm Binocular

Despite its popularity, many people have not been able to use this kind of binocular to its full potential. Understanding how to use this kind of a device will help one experience the wonders of a binocular with no regrets. It’s also advisable to get a renowned brand of binocular which comes with good lenses as the market is flooded with different kind of fake brands that ends up frustrating and not fulfilling your need.

This article has highlighted the main areas that will help you know how far you can be able to see using the 10x50mm binocular and its overall performance. We hope that this information will help you understand better your device and get to use it appropriately.

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