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Why Do You Need Deer Hunting Tips?

You might think that because these creatures are massive, hunting them is going to be that easy. Shooting the Elf might not be the hardest part either, as it will depend on the skills that you have.

Finding an Elk is actually what will prove to be challenging. Below, we shall discuss some Tips on How to Elk Hunting for a beginner that might help you get a kill on your first hunt.

elk hunitng tips

1. Hunt after Rut

Rutting is the period that elks mate; this might take close to 6 weeks per year. Hunting after this period might ensure successful hunting.

This is because you will find that the elks will be quite tired after the intense competition, fighting, and mating. This means that they will be slower and weaker, thus giving you the advantage of finding and tracking them down.

2. Your Hunting Elevation

This is very important as it determines whether you will succeed. Depending on the laws of your area, if you go hunting before or during the rutting period, you will want to be at a higher elevation. This is because this is where the elks also want to be.

However, the elks will move to the lower ground once the rutting period is over because of the snow on higher ground. Another thing is that the elks will be hungry and will need food to eat; the good food that they eat always grows at the lower elevation. So, depending on your hunting time, ensure that you hunt at a proper elevation.

3. Finding Their Food

Finding an elk is not that easy, but finding their sources of food is a step forward in finding them. Alfalfa is one of the elk’s favorite foods, so if you come across a file or patch of alfalfa, you might be at the right place.

Another elk’s favorite place is on streambeds or shallow creeks; this is because they eat vegetation that is growing in water. Always ensure that you stay downwind to avoid them smelling your presence.

4. The Elk Call

There is a patented elk call that can ensure you find an elk and hunt it down. Using the female elk call before rutting is the best, this is because pretending to be a female elk will attract a bull which will want to mate.

But after rutting, a bull may be inclined to come to a cow because the last 6 weeks have been off fighting. So here you can try the bull bugle. Study these elk calls on the internet to properly get them.

5. Sight and Scent

Elks have a great sense of hearing, nose, and is good, therefore, to always maintain silence, wear the right camouflage, and stick to the bushes.

Avoid deodorants and limit your movement, as loud noise scares the elk away. Patience is always important; you might have to spend some time on that spot before you sport an elf.

6. Hunting Gear

Ensure you have the best spotting and Rifle scope for Elk hunting. You don’t want to miss a sure target or stop your tracking because you didn’t carry enough supplies.

Conversely, you don’t want to burden yourself with hunting gear and supplies, So carry just enough to get you by and carry out your hunting mission successfully.

Hunting Elk is Fun

You shouldn’t experience any difficulties with your hunting if you follow the above tips. Always keep in mind their eating, movement, and mating habits, and remember not to use any deodorants. Sticking to all this will ensure you enjoy your elk hunting.

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