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What Do You Need to Prepare For Early Season Deer Hunting?

Deer Hunting Tips

How many early season deer hunting tips do you now of? The early deer hunting season provides you with an opportunity to hunt with a smile.

But first, arm yourself with knowledge about How to Hunt Deer, and then continue to learn the following tips.

It’s a season, which offers you the best conditions for hunting. So get your rifle, best rifle scope, and other hunting accessories, and let’s have fun.

In this article, we’re going to look at the early season morning deer hunt strategies.

8 Early Season Deer Hunting Tips

1. Hunt in the Rain

Many hunters will pack and go home, or stay in their truck or tent, if it starts raining. If you do that, you are going to miss lots of opportunities to take down a whitetail. That is because deer are not affected by rain like it affects us. They are not worried about soaking their fur in persistent light showers or catching a cold!

As long as it’s raining lightly, deer will continue to feeding, unless it start raining cats and dogs. Therefore, what you need to do is get your rain jacket, and keep looking. It is even a plus for you when it rains, because there will be hardly any other hunters.

2. Set up Trail Cameras

When it comes to deer hunting, you should remember that they are predictable. For example, they carry out their daily routine as if they have a particular schedule to follow.

Every year, they will stick to the same pattern, that’s unless there is a change in the agricultural pattern.

If that’s the case, it will influence their bedding and feeding habits. If you want to enjoy success during the early hunting season, you should consider setting up trail cameras. They will enable you to know the deer’s points of exit and entry.

3. Use A Laser Guided Tool

You should make sure you range your shot when hunting deer. If you fail to do this, it will reduce your chances of getting the deer. The moment you miss the first shot, the second will also miss the target.

The deer will realize you’re around, and run away.From then on, it will be extra vigilant.

Using a laser guide tool enables you to hit the deer at the desired point. Moreover, determining the range before you take your shot enables you to figure out how far the target is.

4. Early Deer Season Tips – Know Their Travel Routes

Deer will change their travel route depending on where the water and food sources are. That said, you should make sure you focus on the food source as compared to the bedding place. When they venture out to the food source, they will follow a specific path.

You should place stands along this route. In addition, you should also place stands along routes that they take to get water. In most instances, they are close to the food and water sources, which makes it easy to guess where to find them..

5. Hunting Early Season Deer in the Morning

One of the best deer hunting tips for early season is to hunt in the morning. Remember that during the early season; the temperatures are high, meaning the deer will need to stay cool. The best time for them to move freely is in the morning.

Moreover, during this time, there are fewer hunters, and the deer move around with confidence. It’s during the morning hours that deer go back to their nests from the feeding grounds. That makes the deer hunting strategies early season more effective.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy deer hunting success, you should hunt in the mornings. You can get into a hiding spot without attracting the attention of deer.

6. Use A Good Rifle Scope and Spotting Scope

Your hunting equipment can be the reason you score a kill or not. Using a spotting scope is the best way to ensure you get to spot your deer faster. You can then turn to your long range rifle scope and take your shot.

These optical instruments ensure you enjoy spot on shots, during early season deer hunting. If you’re looking for the best equipment to use for early season whitetail hunting, the best scope should on that list.

7. Use Aerial Maps to Determine Early Season Deer Hunting Routes

Finding deer habitats can be one easy experience since you only need to know the food sources. For example, you can find them by driving along the roads in the early evening or late afternoon.

What you should realize is that some of them may be hidden from the road. Using aerial maps can enable you to find these hidden routes.

If you’re going hunting on private land, asking for permission can ensure you your time in the outdoors. If the landowner has been experiencing damage from deer activity, they will be willing to let you hunt them.

8. Avoid Hunting in Same Spots Every Year

You may have enjoyed success when hunting deer in one particular area. However, you should realize that deer will know your presence after some time. Looking for new areas can surprise you with impressive numbers of deer. That applies to all seasons, including the early December deer hunting tips.

Wrapping Up – Deer Hunting Tips For Early Season

Hunting deer during the early season increases your chances of encountering a deer. However, you should be ready to do a lot more than most people are willing to do. You need to prepare well, learn a little bit more about deer habits, and have some patience.

You should also have  some basic accessories that will make your hunting both fun and easy. We hope you found this guide to be informative, and you will collect some whitetail trophies in the next early deer season.

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