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When hunting, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Among the essential tools for any hunter is a reliable pair of binoculars. The Best Binoculars for Hunting enhance the overall experience and provide a critical advantage in spotting prey from a distance. The Bushnell Powerview series has emerged as a standout option for those seeking quality without breaking the bank in the crowded optics market.

This Bushnell Powerview Binocular Review aims to delve into the features, specifications, and user experience that make these binoculars a top choice for hunting enthusiasts. With a blend of optical clarity, ergonomic design, and rugged build, the Bushnell Powerview binoculars cater to both novices and seasoned hunters.

Whether you’re tracking deer through dense forests or scanning open fields for game, these binoculars promise to enhance your hunting experience. Their affordability and performance place them among the “Best Binoculars for Hunting.” In the following review, we’ll explore what makes the Bushnell Powerview series a worthy investment for anyone looking to elevate their hunting game. Join us as we uncover the aspects that set these binoculars apart from the competition.

Bushnell Powerview Binocular Overview

Specs & Features Details
Product Weight 7 oz.
Close Focus 21’
Eye Relief 10 mm
Field of View at 1,000 yds 378’
Fold-Down Eyecups Yes
Center Focus System Yes
Fully Coated Lenses Yes
BK-7 Roof Prism Glass Yes


Bushnell Powerview Binoculars review

Bushnell, an American company founded in 1948, has been a renowned name in optics. Their Powerview series, especially the 10×42 model, has garnered attention for its affordability without compromising quality. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, these binoculars blend functionality and value.

Optical Quality

The optical prowess of the Bushnell Powerview series is commendable. With lenses crafted from crown and flint glass, the clarity is unparalleled in its price range. The BK-7 prisms, although a budget-friendly choice, deliver crisp images with minimal scatter. The multi-coated lenses enhance the viewing experience by reducing glare and improving light transmission. The chromatic aberration, although present, is barely noticeable at 10x magnification, ensuring that the images remain sharp and vibrant.

Design and Build

Bushnell has always prioritized user comfort. The ergonomic design of the Powerview series ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. The rubber armor coating provides a non-slip grip and protects the binoculars from minor shocks and abrasions. The adjustable eyecups are a thoughtful addition, catering to both eyeglass wearers and non-wearers. The center focus knob is strategically placed for easy access, making on-the-go adjustments a breeze.


Performance is where the Powerview series truly shines. With a field of view spanning 288 ft at 1000 yards, users get a panoramic viewing experience. The generous 17.5mm eye relief ensures that eyeglass wearers can comfortably use the binoculars without strain. The 65° apparent field of view provides an immersive experience, making it feel like you’re stepping into the scene rather than just observing it. Whether you’re bird watching, hiking, or attending a sports event, the Powerview binoculars ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Durability and Weatherproofing

While the Powerview series boasts a robust build, it does have its limitations. The absence of waterproofing means they aren’t suitable for wet conditions. However, the rubber armor coating offers protection against minor mishaps. Handling them with care is essential, especially since a significant fall could compromise their alignment. For the price point, though, the durability is reasonable, and they can last a long time with proper care.

Accessories and Add-ons

Bushnell ensures that users have everything they need to start their viewing journey. The binoculars come equipped with a protective carrying case, ensuring they remain safe during travels. The lens covers to protect the optics from dust and scratches, while the neck strap ensures they’re always within reach. Including a lens cloth is a thoughtful touch, allowing users to keep the lenses clean and clear. The tripod adaptability further enhances the viewing experience, especially during extended sessions.

User Experience

Users have consistently praised the Powerview series for its user-centric design. The lightweight build ensures they can be carried around effortlessly, making them perfect for all-day excursions. The intuitive design and high-quality optics ensure that even beginners can make the most of these binoculars. However, eyeglass wearers might find the 10mm eye relief on the 10x50s slightly restrictive.


In the world of binoculars, the Bushnell Powerview series holds its own, especially when considering its price point. While there are other binoculars with superior optics and build, they often come with a heftier price tag. The Powerview series offers a perfect blend of quality and affordability for those on a budget. They might not be the absolute best in the market, but they certainly offer value for money.

Price and Value

The Bushnell Powerview binoculars are a testament to the fact that premium quality doesn’t always come with a premium price tag. In the vast optics market, where high-end binoculars can often be a significant investment, the Bushnell Powerview series offers an exceptional balance of top-tier features and affordability. Their competitive pricing, without compromising performance, makes them an attractive choice for both novices and seasoned binocular users. This series proves you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a superior viewing experience. Their value proposition and outstanding features position them as a top choice for those seeking excellence and value in binoculars.

Frequent Asked Questions

How much do the Bushnell Powerview Binoculars weigh?

The binoculars weigh 7 oz.

What’s the minimum distance I can focus on with these binoculars?

The close focus distance for these binoculars is 21 feet.

I wear glasses. Will the 10 mm eye relief be comfortable for extended viewing?

Yes, the binoculars offer an eye relief of 10 mm. While this might be suitable for short durations, some eyeglass wearers might find it a bit restrictive for extended viewing.

How wide is the field of view for these binoculars at a distance of 1,000 yards?

The field of view at 1,000 yards is 378 feet.

Can I fold down the eyecups if I’m wearing glasses?

Yes, the binoculars are equipped with fold-down eyecups for added convenience, especially for eyeglass wearers.

How do I adjust the focus for clearer viewing?

The binoculars feature a center focus system, allowing you to easily adjust the focus using the central knob.

What does “fully coated lenses” mean, and how does it benefit my viewing experience?

“Fully coated lenses” means that the lenses have a special coating that reduces glare and enhances light transmission, resulting in clearer and brighter images.

What material is the prism made of in the Bushnell Powerview Binoculars?

The binoculars use BK-7 roof prism glass.

Are these binoculars suitable for use in rainy or wet conditions?

No, the provided information does not specify if they are waterproof. It’s recommended to check the product manual or contact the manufacturer for this detail.

Is there an option to mount these binoculars on a tripod for steadier viewing?

No, the information provided does not specify tripod adaptability. However, many binoculars in this range offer this feature. It’s best to refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer for confirmation.


In conclusion, the Bushnell Powerview binoculars are a stellar choice for those seeking quality optics on a budget. Their blend of performance, design, and affordability makes them a favorite among novices and seasoned users. Whether you’re into bird watching, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, the Powerview series promises an unparalleled viewing experience. They can be a trusty companion for years to come with proper care.



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