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Discover 5 Vortex Razor 11-33X50mm Spotting Scope Features

The Vortex Razor HD 11-33X50mm spotting scope, is military grade device that offers you incredible performance and reliability.

It’s designed with High-end Razor quality glass and is available at an extremely competitive price.

It offers you the clearest and brightest images, at the same price as the entry-level spotting scopes.

In this vortex razor 11 33×50 review, you are going to discover the top features of the Vortex Razor HD spotting scope.

1. 50mm Objective Lens

The Vortex Razor HD 11-33X50 Scope comes with a 50mm objective lens, which you’ll find impressive. Its high-density glass delivers you crisp and bright images while viewing at longer ranges.

Moreover, it’s lightweight and offers you a magnification of 11-33. Depending on your preferences between orther spotting scopes, you can choose angles or straight eyepieces for comfort.

2. Ergonomic Design

This Vortex 50mm Scope is a well-designed device that you’ll find easy to handle. Its lens provides you with bright and clear images regardless of the range. When you compare the Razor HD 11-33X50 Spotting scope with other models, you will realize it offers you more in terms of clarity, weight and cost.

3. High-Density Glass

This spotting scope comes with high-density glass, which delivers you exceptional clarity. Keep in mind that other spotting scopes models will lose clarity when they are at their maximum ranges. However, when using the Razor HD, you will get the same detail at 33x the same way it does at 11x.

4. 33x Magnification

Some spotting scope models offer users a higher magnification of 45x or even 60x times. You may be thinking that the 33x magnification of the Razor HD isn’t enough. What you should realize is that these high magnifications result in loss of definition and detail.

On the other hand, the 33x magnification on the Razor HD provides you with a clear view of the target. Furthermore, you should realize that definition and quality are extremely important as compared to magnification.

High-end Razor HD spotting scopes will offer you improved magnification but you’ll have to spend twice the cost of the Razor HD 11-33x.

5. Lightweight and Compact

When using spotting scopes in the outdoors, you may need to move locations to ensure better results. That means you want a lightweight and compact scope.

Weighing only 25 ounces, this spotting scope is one model that you’ll find easy to carry around. Remember a spotting scope will serve you well when using it in the outdoors, not when it’s at home.

  • Magnification: 11-33X
  • Objective Diameter: 50 mm
  • Field of View: 191-96 feet/1000 yards
  • Exit Pupil: 6-1.5 mm
  • Eye Relief: 19-16 mm

Conclusion – Vortex Razor HD Spotting Ѕсоре

The Vortex Razor 11-33X50 spotting scope provides you with excellent value for money. If you’re searching for the best mid-range spotting scope, this model will serve you well.

This vortex 50mm scope review finds it to be lightweight and offers you incredible image quality.  Keep in mind there are three levels of spotting scopes from the Vortex manufacturer.

They are the Diamondback, the entry-level model and the Viper HD, which is their mid-grade version that offers improved clarity. The third one is the Razor HD, which features the highest quality glass.

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