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Scope Sighting Bore sightingWhy Do You Need to Know How to Sight a Scope without Shooting?

Scope Sighting correctly is the most important part when using a scope. You may have heard that the best way to sight a rifle scope is when shooting.

This is entirely true. You can laser boresight your rifle using a laser boresighter, and save the ammo that could have been waste.

To sight a scope without shooting, you can use one of this four ways, which is visual, laser, magnetic and optical.

These methods give the best reference to start sighting, moreover, you will save yourself from unnecessary shoulder recoil.

A good sighted scope will ensure that danger will not happen to anybody in the field.

If you want to know how to sight in a scope in the traditional way then the article How to Sight In a Scope in 7 Simple Steps is for you

Sight In a Scope without Shooting

1. Visual BoreSighting – Eyeball Boresighting

This is a bit straightforward method of sighting a rifle scope as it is a traditional way. It is a simple and quick way that will get you started.

Here, you will need a steady platform to point your rifle at for stability. Note that your rifle will have to remain during the whole process of the sighting.

Start by removing the bolt and try to look through the bore with one eye and center your target at about 100m. Then fine-tune the knob ensuring that the rifle is still and does not move.

You will realize that the scope cross-hair will try to align them with the point of the target. Zero the scope with that specific target point and by this, you will have sighted your scope.

Another method that you can use is the ‘mirror method’, which as you can figure out it involves the use of a mirror. Here, you need to place a mirror at the furthest distance possible, and then look through the scope until you are able to see your own reflection.

Your rifle and the barrel should point straight in its own reflection. You can adjust your windage adjustment after that to ensure that it is aligns with the barrel.

Your rifle and the barrel should be pointed straight in its own reflection. You can adjust your windage adjustment after that to ensure it’s aligned with the barrel.

2. Laser BoreSighting with SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

With the advanced technology, there are methods that can help the shooters to use less time during the sighting. This device is as laser bore sight, which fits on the muzzle of the rifle when mounted on the arbor.

This requires somehow a reflective target a distance away to reflect your laser beam. This laser bore sight boast of being more professional and in line with the current technology.

The main advantage of using this laser bore method is the precision in it. The laser bore also puts you closer to the center compared to visual bore-sighting, which counts from 100yards.

This method will save you more time and money.


They are also found in mainly 2 shapes, which is bullet shaped and end mounted.

Mount the Laser Bore Sight into your rifle’s barrel, making sure that the bullet shaped end goes into the barrel. The laser end should face your target or what you are looking at when bore sighting. Turn on the laser and then look through your scope.

Rotate the adjustment of the scope dial carefully, until you center the cross-hair is on the laser pointer. You either lower is raise the elevation to get there, or make lateral adjustments to do that. Overall, this simple method will save you a lot of ammo and time.

3. Magnetic BoreSighting – Bushnell 740001C Magnetic Boresighter

Bushnell 740001C Magnetic Boresighter This method might not be known by many shooters but has proved to be an effective way to sight a scope. Here, instead of inserting arbors into the barrel, simply attach these using a strong magnet to your muzzle.

The main advantage when using this Scope Sighting method, is its versatility, caliber and fitting of all gauges without necessary adding or buying any other extra parts.

Moreover, this seems to be the remedy for people who are afraid of inserting anything to the barrel apart from the cleaning rod.


This method has proven its effectiveness when zeroing a gun after a hard drop, transportation or even high usage. People are now being encouraged to use this method when sighting a scope as it is simple, fast, and saves money.

4. Optical BoreSighting for the Best Scope

The same pattern will also be followed here. You just need to attach the optical boresighter just at the end of the barrel, ensure that the scope is lined up with the lens.

Look through the grid of the lens and make sure that you adjust the crosshair until it matches the center of the grid. After this, just remove the optical boresighter and get started on your shooting journey.

Final thought – Scope Sighting the Best Rifle Scope

Before choosing the best bore sighter for your rifle, it is best you consult and get to have some ideas. Whatever the method you decide to choose, always keep in mind some couple of rules put in place that will ensure the safety of others and yours.

Also, remember to test your zero before hunting, this will show your scope effectiveness in the field. Get started and save some ammo by trying these sighting methods that will cost you nothing. Always point the firearm at the right place and treat it as if it is loaded.

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