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The best five Nikon scopes are P-Tactical 223 3-9×40 BDC 600, P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600, Buckmasters II, BDC, ProStaff Riflescope, and M-308 w/BDC 800. I have also outlined their distinguishing features in the table below.

5 Nikon Rifle Scopes


Nikon Scope




223 3-9×40 BDC 600

Magnification: 3x to 9x

Field of View (FOV) at 100yd: 33.8′-11.3′



P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600

Magnification: 3x to 9x

FOV at 100 yd: 33.8′ at 3x, 11.3′at 9x




Magnification: 4x to 12x

FOV at 100 yd: 23.6′ at 4x, 7.9′ at 12x




Magnification: 4 to 12x

FOV at 100yd: 23.6′ at 4x, 7.3′ at 12x



w/BDC 800

Magnification: 4x-16x

FOV at 100yd: 25.2′ at 4x


Nikon riflescopes are renowned for their superior optics and performance, offering clear, vivid images with a wide range of features. Still, not all Nikon scopes are equal, some are better than others.

Read on their respective reviews to discover their best features. I have also linked to Amazon, where you can view what other users think about them.

Nikon Scope Magnification Objective Lens Diameter Exit Pupil Diameter Field of View at 100 yards Eye Relief Item Weight Pros Cons Tips
P-Tactical 223 3-9×40 BDC 600 3x to 9x 40 mm 4.4-13.3 mm 33.8-11.3 ft 3.6″ 0.06 Pounds Fully multicoated optics, BDC, Nitrogen purged optics chamber Limited magnification range Ideal for hunters who need a bright and clear image
P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600 3x to 9x 40 mm 3x – 13.3mm; 9x – 4.4mm 3x – 33.8′; 9x – 11.3′ 3.6″ 1.1 Pounds Effective multi-coated system, BRC reticle, Spot-On Program Optimized for .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO ammunition Great for shooting targets at a range or on the hunt
Buckmasters II, BDC 4x to 12x 40 mm 3.3 mm 23.6′ at 4x, 7.9′ at 12x 3.7″ 0.5 Kilograms Quality lenses, Patented BDC reticle, Shock resistant and weatherproof No specific cons mentioned Best for hunting in open sites
ProStaff Riflescope 4 to 12x 40 mm 10.3mm (4x), 3.3mm (12x) 23.6 feet at 4x, 7.3 feet at 12x 3.7 inches 1.2 Pounds Multi-coated optics, Quick Focus eyepiece, BDC reticle No specific cons mentioned Suitable for both professional and beginner hunters
M-308 w/BDC 800 4x-16x 42 mm 2.6 – 10.5 mm 3 – 25.2 ft 3.7 – 4 inches 0.31 Pounds Fully multi-coated optics, BDC reticle active for up to 800 yards No specific cons mentioned Ideal for long distance targeting

Top 5 Nikon Rifle Scopes 2023 Reviews

1. Nikon P-Tactical 223 BDC 600 3-9x40mm

Nikon P-Tactical rifle scope

The optics found on the Nikon P-Tactical Rifle Scope (3-9x40mm) are fully multicoated. They maximize light transmission, enabling you to get a bright and clear image.

The images will come with plenty of color and contrast reproduction. This scope uses the Bolt Drop Compensating (BDC), which is widely known for its markers.

The open circle range markers allow the user to see through them, meaning the hunter can’t lose sight of the target.


Buyers will be impressed to know that the optics chamber of this scope is nitrogen purged. In addition, the lenses are sealed using 0-rings. The values of its features are listed below.

  • Magnification-3x and 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter-40 mm
  • Field of View- 33.8-11.3 ft/100 yards
  • Exit Pupil Diameter- 4.4-13.3 mm
  • Eye Relief distance: 3.6“
  • Item Weight: 0.06 Pounds

2. Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope 4-12×40

When using a riflescope, lighting conditions are extremely important.

They ensure a successful target acquisition, that’s whether you’re shooting targets at a range or on the hunt.

Nikon uses an effective multi-coated system on the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 BDC 600 Rifle Scope.

It provides up to 98% light transmission, which enables you to enjoy improved visibility during dusk and dawn shootouts.

The Bullet Drop Compensation (BRC) reticle, which is common on Nikon rifles features supplementary points.

These points compensate for the trajectory of the bullet.


On this scope, these points are optimized for use with .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO ammunition and a 55-grain polymer tip. The Spot-On Program from Nikon streamlines the aiming process further.

The Spot-On Program was introduced by Nikon to provide its customers with hunters and shooters with correct field adjustment parameters.

It’s a useful feature when making the first shot, that’s if you input other factors correctly. This scope offers the user excellent incredible eye relief along with recoil.

  • Magnification- 3x to 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter-40mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter- 3x – 13.3mm; 9x – 4.4mm
  • Field of View at 100 yards- 3x – 33.8′; 9x – 11.3′
  • Eye relief distance-3.6″
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds

3. Nikon Buckmasters II, BDC, Rifle Scope 4-12x40mm

The Nikon Buckmasters II 4-12x40mm rifle scope offers you clear images in unfavorable conditions.

Its quality lenses ensure users enjoy good lighting, that’s even during the day.

It features a patented BDC reticle, which means you can use it in hunting ranges located in open sites.

Moreover, it’s shock resistant and weatherproof, which means you can use it during the day.

If you’re looking for the best device to hunt deer, this scope is the right tool.

You will get an unbeatable image and focus from distances of up to 100 yards.


To ensure you enjoy incredible daytime vision, this scope features anti-reflective lenses, which are multicoated.

The BDC reticle enables you to shoot targets from far and still enjoy accurate shots. Whether you’re at short range or long range, you will get a clear vision.

You can adapt and bring it to zero quickly, that’s if you want to start focusing again.

The Nikon Buckmasters II 4-12x40mm scope doesn’t lose its configuration, even when it has strong recoil. You can use your hands to carry out the adaptation.

  • Magnification- 4-12x
  • Objective Lens Diameter- 40 mm
  • Eye Relief-3.7″
  • Exit Pupil Diameter- 3.3 Millimeter
  • Field of View at 100 yards- 23.6′ at 4x, 7.9′ at 12x
  • Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

4. Nikon ProStaff Riflescope 4-12 x 40mm

Nikon offers customers many products, which are ideal for use on some specific bullet and rifle types.

However, the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Riflescope is an affordable option.

Both professional and beginner hunters will love it. Its compatible with several different bullet and rifle combinations.

The 40mm lens diameter and 4-12x zoom on this scope ensure you get a clear view of the target. That’s even if it’s at medium or long ranges.

Furthermore, this scope comes with multi-coated optics, which allow up to 98% light transmission. That means you can sight a prey at sunset or sunrise.

The Quick Focus eyepiece on this scope provides you with ample eye relief. You won’t have to worry about recoil in the case you’re using a bullet rifle or caliber which may introduce it.


On the other hand, the BDC reticle enables you to view the target even at long distances. If you use it with the Spot On program from Nikon, you may be able to hit the target on your first attempt.

This program needs you to input a number of parameters and gives back the best subtension values depending on your situation.

This scope also features adjustment controls that allow for accurate ¼ MOA adjustment. As you turn the dial, they will produce positive clicks and give direct feedback as you perfect the shot.

The scope is O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled to make sure its fog-proof and water-proof.

  • Magnification- 4 to 12x
  • Objective Lens Diameter-40mm
  • Eye relief- 3.7 inches
  • Exit pupil diameter- 10.3mm (4x), 3.3mm (12x)
  • Field of view: 23.6 feet at 100 yards (4x), 7.3 feet at 100 yards (12x)
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds

Here is another good selection from the Nikon ProStaff brand, you can check the article Review Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40mm Silver here

5. Nikon M-308 Riflescope w/BDC 800-Reticle 4-16x42mm

Nikon rifle scopes will never let you down. In this case, the Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope is the best in terms of light transmission.

It features fully multi-coated optics and Ultra ClearCoat optical system.

You will spend your money well by choosing to own this device. With this scope, you will get a scope that delivers you up to 95% light transmission.

The lens diameter and magnification are other things you will find impressive on this scope.


The BDC reticle makes this device remain active for up to 800 yards of range.

Even if you change the magnification, this model retains its accuracy.

  • Magnification- 4-16x
  • Objective Lens Diameter- 42mm
  • Eye Relief- 3.7 – 4 inches
  • Exit Pupil Diameter- 2.6 – 10.5 mm
  • Field of View 3 – 25.2 ft @ 100 yards
  • Item Weight: 0.31 Pounds

Our Opinion About Nikon Rifle Scope

In terms of durability, Nikon rifle scopes are among the best in the market. This company combines the best manufacturing processes and standards along with durable manufacturing materials.

If you want better suggestions then check out the article Best Tactical Rifle Scope Reviews And Buyer Guide

The outcome is a durable scope that will serve you for long. The above 5 scopes can withstand extreme weather conditions when using them in the outdoors.

When you compare these scopes with other brands, you will find that they stand quite well in terms of affordability and quality.

FAQs About Nikon Rifle Scopes

What is the warranty policy for Nikon rifle scopes?

The warranty policy for Nikon rifle scopes is essential for consumers as it offers protection against manufacturing defects, ensuring free repair or replacement

Consumers often want to know about the Nikon rifle scope warranty policy to understand the manufacturer’s commitment to product quality and customer service.

How does the Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) feature work in Nikon rifle scopes?

The Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) feature in Nikon rifle scopes is a type of reticle that helps shooters account for the effect of gravity on a bullet over long distances.

Understanding how the Bullet Drop Compensation BDC feature works can help users to improve their shooting accuracy.

What is the Spot-On Program in Nikon rifle scopes and how does it improve shooting accuracy?

The Spot-On Program is a unique feature of Nikon scopes that can enhance the shooting experience.

It’s essentially a ballistics calculator that allows shooters to determine the exact aiming point on their BDC reticle for any load or ammunition at a specified range.

How does the light transmission in Nikon rifle scopes compare to other brands?

Light transmission is a key factor affecting the clarity of the target image, especially in low-light conditions.

Light transmission in Nikon rifle scopes refers to the amount of light that can pass through the scope to the user’s eye, which is crucial for a bright and clear image.

Are Nikon rifle scopes suitable for all types of weather conditions?

Yes, Nikon rifle scopes are designed to be suitable for all types of weather conditions. They are built with robust materials and advanced technologies to ensure they can withstand the elements and provide consistent performance.

The ability to withstand different weather conditions is an important consideration for outdoor use.

How does the magnification in Nikon rifle scopes affect the clarity and accuracy of the target image?

Understanding the impact of magnification can help users to choose the right scope for their needs.

How durable are Nikon rifle scopes compared to other brands?

Durability is a crucial factor as it directly affects the lifespan and performance of the scope

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Charlie Lising
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They are all great and accurate Nikon One the best rifle scope ever i hope to have one them sometimes