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how to clean binosCleaning binoculars might prove to be a tedious thing to do, especially when you are trying to avoid scratching the lenses.

Keeping your binocular at its best level is a good thing to do, this is because you will avoid small problems when using it.

A scratched lens on a binocular will lead to distortion of images as the scratched part become an inclusion on the lens.

This is why it is good to ensure your binocular is always clean and cleaned the right way. Below is a step by step guide you should follow when cleaning your binocular.

Step 1. Clean from outsides

It is very important to start by cleaning the body of the binocular, this is because dust and debris may find their way into the lenses. This is done using a dampened cloth which will work well in removing dust.

In case you notice any creases or crevices that have dust accumulation, you will have to use a compressed air can to blow them out.

Step 2. Cleaning the lenses

It is important you start by removing the loose dust on the lens surface, this is done by the use of lens cleaning pen. Use the brush end and brush to remove the loose dust on the lens surface.

This kind of brush is specifically designed for cleaning lenses and will not cause any scratches or remove coating to the lens.

Next, you need to use the microfiber cloth in the kit which is made for cleaning the optics. Use it to rub the lenses gently and in a circular motion to fully remove any dust.

In case you come across any hard stain, a drop of anti-fog cleaner solution will wipe it. Never use your shirt tail, tissue or handkerchief when cleaning your lenses.

This is because they may affect the coating of the lenses and interfere with your viewing.

Step 3.Drying up the lenses

Since the dust is now gone, you can use lens tissue or just use the dry corner of the microfiber cloth. Rub gently and in a circular motion the same way you did when cleaning until the lens dry and pristine clean. Remember to be always gentle.

Step 4. Cleaning the binocular sticky rubber

The rubber armoring might also need some cleaning when it gets sticky. The best way you can do this is by rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth and wiping the rubber armor. This takes any dirt’s off the rubber armor completely.

Step 5. Cleaning the binocular internal

If your binocular is not waterproofed, at times you might see that your lens appear foggy and cloudy on the inside. This is caused by condensation because of temperature change.

The best way to remove this is placing your binocular on a dry surface for at least 12 hours and they will be back to normal. Never open your binocular inside to clean or repair.

Final Thought -Keep Your Binoculars Clean

Cleaning of binocular is very important, but also, do not do the cleaning frequently. This is because frequent cleaning might lead to scratches. Always do the cleaning when it is needed. Use the right materials for cleaning and be assured of good service form your binocular.

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5 years ago

I feel like an idiot now. I cleaned my binoculars wrong all this time. Thank you for your help.