Best Spotting Scope – A Spotting Scope Buyer Guide – Nov, 2022

Best Spotting Scope review for those looking for a quality spotting scope. In this review, you will discover the features of best spotting scopes, and how to use them when spotting targets, birding, or digiscoping.

Best Spotting Scopes Summary 2020

1. FEEMIC Upgrade 20-60×60 Waterproof Best Spotting Scope

2. Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom Best Budget Spotting Scope

3. Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Spotting Scope

4. MINOX MD 50 W Spotting Scope

5. Celestron Regal M2 Spotting Scope

6. BARSKA Spotting Scope 30-90×90 Spotting Scope

7. Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope

8. Vanguard Endeavor spotting scope

9. Swarovski 80mm spotting Scope

10. Leupold 20-60x80mm Ventana 2 Spotting Scope

11. Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scope

What are the best spotting scopes in the market? A spotting scope is an excellent investment if you are engaged in any activity where you need to enhance your vision.

That could be sharpshooting, hunting, birding or even photography. Spotting scopes should be used with a tripod, because they are heavy when you compare them with a binoculars.

Spotting scopes provide you with the better clarity and magnification, than any type of sporting optic can offer you.

That is why they are the best option for spotting hunts at long distances. This article will look at what to consider when shopping for the Best Spotting Scopes for 2020.

Budget Spotting Scope on the Market Today #1

It’s extremely hard to single out a spotting scope model as the best one in the market. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a general scope with good features that can be used in a variety of activities, and is reasonably priced, you should consider the Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope. best spotting scope

This scope’s 18-55x zoom eyepiece provides you with the right amount of magnification ideal for spotting.

It comes with a large objective lens that allows plenty of light without being too heavy. You will get the best image quality, thanks to its low dispersion glass (extra low), which other scopes may not provide you at its price range. Upland Optics offers you a great scope in this case, and it’s our feeling that it’s the company to beat.

Typical Spotting Scope Uses

You can use your spotting scope in several activities, but their general use is in providing you with a greater magnification than a binoculars can offer you. A spotting scope can be used in spotting wildlife, birding, archery, and hunting.

If you want to magnify a mountain range, a scope is perfect for the job. You can attach a spotting scope to a camera and take long-range pictures of animals without endangering yourself or disturbing them. You may also choose to use a spotting scope in conjunction with a smartphone.

It will enable you to get a much better view of the target before deciding to take a shot. During target shooting, spotting scopes are used to view the target hit at longer distances.

Features You Should Consider When Buying A Spotting Scope

Body Style

Spotting scopes come in two types. They are the straight body and angled body spotting scope. Both of these body designs will work well in several situations. However, in specific viewing distances, you may prefer one to another.

An angled scope is the best choice for looking across flat ground or up the target. It’s also the best option for viewing from a vehicle’s window. On the other hand, a straight body scope is ideal for viewing from a much higher position, for example, an elevated position on a mountain to view the valley below.

Objective Lens

An objective lens of high quality, which comprises of high-performance glass, is the best option for a spotting scope. If you have to choose, you should opt for lens quality instead of size. Poor quality but larger lens will give you a mediocre view when you compare it with a smaller lens, which is of good quality.

At higher magnifications, a larger lens will always give you a superior image that a smaller lens of similar quality. When it comes to price, you should realize that the size of the objective lens makes a huge difference. If you’re looking for a large scope, expect to spend more.


A spotting scope magnification is calculated for viewing at a distance where regular binoculars can no longer function. Most of the observation done using a spotting scope need a (30x – 40x) magnification, which gives an assurance that the majority of scopes have the capacity to produce reasonable images.

When the lens quality goes up, the image quality always increases. At higher magnifications, a bit of quality will always get lost, but a high-quality scope will minimize the image drop-off quality.

The atmosphere will always play a major role when it comes to the quality of the image you’re viewing. Wind, glare, dust and humidity are among the factors that can lower the image quality.  At high magnifications, high altitudes, which have dry climates, tend to produce high-quality images.

Low altitude areas, which are humid and dry, may need a low magnification to get a clear image. A majority of spotting scopes don’t go higher than 60x as result of the limitations that the atmosphere sets for magnified viewing during daylight.

Lens Coating

If you intend to view images at higher magnifications, one important feature you should consider in a spotting scope is lens coating. The lens can be multi-coated, fully multi-coated or fully coated. Each type of lens coating will improve the light transmission into the lens.

The quality on the other hand will depend on the coating, which has been chosen for the particular scope. Expensive spotting scopes tend to be fully multi-coated to offer you an optimal viewing experience.

Eye Relief

Eye Relief refers to the distance your eye can be from the scope’s eyepiece without you losing the field of view FOV. This feature is particularly important for individuals that wear glasses.

If the eye relief is big enough, even those who wear glasses that have thick lenses can see the full image without any problems. If you need glasses to see, it’s recommended you purchase a scope with at least 14mm of eye relief.

Prism Type

The majority of spotting scopes are refractors, which use prisms inside the scope for flipping the image left to right and right side up. Spotting scopes use two different types of prisms: a Porro prism and roof prism.

The roof prism type of (spotting scope) is compact and slim, but it sometimes lacks important features such as interchangeable eyepieces. It’s extremely portable and ideal if you’re always moving.

The Porro prism type is the least expensive to make and most efficient, which makes it common in the market.


When buying a spotting scope, you should remember that the eyepiece may not be included in the price. In the case that it’s included, it may not be removable.

Expensive spotting scopes use removable eyepieces that in most instances are not included in the scope’s price. The purpose is to give you the chance to choose from the various options available.

A (single-powered) eyepiece will offer you some optical benefits, but many users prefer the zoom eyepiece as a result of its convenience.

This type enables you to change the magnification easily in scenarios where the atmospheric conditions aren’t stable. A high-quality zoom eyepiece will offer you great eye relief in addition to producing exceptional image quality.

Close Focus

The nearest distance that a spotting scope can view is referred to as the close focus. Most models of spotting scopes don’t have a close focus of fewer than 20 feet. That means, you should ensure the image you’re viewing is at a good distance away. This feature is ideal for bird watchers since it enables them to view birds and see their feather’s intricate details.

Waterproofing and Fogproofing

Fogproofing and waterproofing are not absolute necessities; they are features, which protect your spotting scope from outdoor weather conditions. The seals that are designed to keep moisture out will also keep debris and dust from your scope. That means your scope will be in excellent condition for extended periods.


Some support of tripod is required to keep your spotting scope steady when in the viewing process as a result of its magnification levels. When viewing from a vehicle, a car mount will work well, but in most instances, you’ll need a tripod.

All the models of spotting scopes are threaded similar to a traditional camera, which means you don’t need a specialized tripod. The scope needs the tripod for support, so if your spotting scope is heavy, you’ll need a heavy tripod as well.

If you’re using a spotting scope while traveling or hiking, you should ensure you consider the tripod and scope weight before you embark on your journey.

Camera Adapters

Most brands of spotting scopes can integrate any camera for taking long distance images or pictures, and the process is known as “digiscoping.” However, you should make sure the camera and scope are compatible to make sure you get a clear and great image from the mountaintop.

For proper “digiscoping”, you may need specific adaptors for your camera to produce razor sharp and vibrant images, which are of exceptional quality.

Best Spotting Scopes Models for Hunting

For a discriminating hunter, the scope, which you use to identify a hunt, can determine when you get a perfect catch or a missed one. The best spotting scope should let you take a closer and better look an elusive hunt, for example, a deer, before you take a shot.

It can provide you with a chance to pick a target from a herd with just enough magnification. Hunting spotting scopes models differ slightly, but they can be of great help when you’re using a bow and arrow or a rifle.

Below are some of the best spotting scopes models for hunting

1. FEEMIC Upgrade 20-60x60mm Waterproof Spotting Scope with Tripod

If you desire to see crisp and brighter images, then you should consider the Feemic Spotting scope. It offers a magnification that ranges from x20 to x60, making it ideal for spotting objects that are about 1,000 yards away.

This scope will be of great help in birding, target shooting, and even watching scenery. You may also use your Smartphone’s camera to capture any great images, thanks to its eye-relief.

It also allows you to quickly lock target with its fast focus wheel, then optimally zoom them in using the slow focus wheel. It has a waterproof design to prevent the lenses from fogging, and it comes with rubber armor for additional protection.

Overall, this spotting scope will serve you well even when operated in a rugged environment. As with most filed accessories, the FEEMIC Upgrade 20-60×60 Waterproof will only take a limited amount of shock. So be careful not to drop it from heights.

best spotting scope

2. Celestron Spotting Scope

The Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope was mentioned above as arguably the best spotting scope in the market. However, you should keep in mind that it’s in hunting where the Celestron really stands outs. One company that exclusively focuses on hunters is Uplands.

The Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom is a perfect example of a hunting scope. It weighs 3.92 pounds, which means it is lightweight. If you want, you can carry this scope into the hunting field with you, as compared to other heavy models, which you have to leave in your truck or vehicle at the base of the hill.

The specs include 65 mm Refractor, 18×55 optical zoom, 18mm eye relief and 89-38 feet at 1000 yards FOV (field of view). You will find the Perception HD be an excellent buy once you start using it while in the woods hunting.

The Perception HD hunting scope is a sturdy and durable scope, which is another reason why you should consider purchasing it. Its price is another factor that makes it popular among hunters. Compared to other top brands that are available at high-end prices, this model gives you the best service at an affordable cost.

The stand out features on this scope include the Dispersion (ED) Glass (extra low) which ensure you enjoy exceptional clarity when using this spotting scope.

When purchasing this model, among the included items you’ll get is lens cloth, soft carry case and lens protectors, items that ensure your spotting scope lasts for longer.

This spotting scope is fog-proof, waterproof and has a durable body, meaning you will want to spend your money on this scope.

As a serious hunter, you know that having serious quality gear means the difference between getting your target and missing it. It’s the reason why you should purchase a product made by hunters.

This Celestron Spotting Scope model focuses exclusively on hunters needs. Overall, Celestron have the experience when it comes to designing optics that endure any scenario you may encounter while in the outdoors.

3. Bushnell Spotting Scope – Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm

When it comes to the outdoor optics world, Bushnell is a recognized spotting scope brand name. That is why the Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Spotting Scope should be among your top choices. Many users prefer this model since its durable, waterproof and compact.

The Bushnell Trophy is manufactured using the highest quality materials, while the manufacturer tests it extensively to ensure users get a reliable product. Its optics provide you with excellent service. For instance, you’ll get high definition and great clarity, which is what you expect after investing your money in a spotting scope. spotting scope review

Its design is appealing to the eye, while the scope itself is built to last. It measures slightly more than 13 inches and weight 42 ouches. This scope is rugged and waterproof, thanks to its rubber housing. If you’re looking forward to getting outstanding images, the multi-coated optics on this spotting scope will ensure you get your wish.

Among the included items when you purchase the Bushnell Trophy (XLT 20-60x 65mm) is a hard-sided case along with a compact tripod.

The Trophy XLT is clear, tough and bright, which means you will find it the perfect companion when hunting. Bushnell designed this scope to ensure it withstands outdoor extreme conditions. It’s a rubber armored and rugged performer and 100% waterproof. It magnifies every detail with its fully multi-coated optics.

This scope is easy to carry and portable and still provides you with an impressive zoom magnification of up to 60x.

Bushnell has been the market leader when it comes to offering sports optics (high performance) for more than 5 decades. Their guiding principle is to provide you with the most reliable, highest quality and most affordable sports optics for use.

Bushnell products ensure you enjoy your outdoor pursuits such as hunting, birding, stargazing, fishing and nature sturdy. It means you can have peace of mind that the Trophy XLT will provide you with excellent service.

4. Best Compact Spotting Scope: MINOX MD 50 W

If you’re a wildlife observer or hunter who is always on the move, you should consider buying a compact and light hunting scope. That’s because a lightweight scope is easy to manage when in dense foliage or trails, making the wildlife expedition exciting and easier. One compact and lightweight spotting scope you should purchase is the MINOX MD 50 W Spotting Scope. spotting scope review

For anyone looking forward to going out in the outdoors to view various types of wildlife, the Minox MD is a must have. It’s compact and lightweight, which means carrying it will be one easy experience.

The fully multi-coated lens and Porro prism ensure you get a view that has great clarity and color. The close focus is quite larger than some users or photographers may like, but it’s perfect for securing crucial detail during (long range) picture shots.

Its sturdy and strong metal exterior is fitted with a rubber armoring, which provides you with a non-slip and secure surface. That means this spotting scope is the best options for you if you’ll be climbing a mountain terrain with jagged rocks which could damage your spotting scope’s lens.

The Minox MD spotting scope comes with an eyepiece (16x – 30x) that’s fully adjustable in addition with weatherproof features that protect it from extreme outdoor weather patterns.

This spotting scope housing is nitrogen filled, ensuring you enjoy a non-fogging experience. The Minox MD is submerged up to 16 feet since its waterproof.  It weighs 24 ounces; you will find this scope easy to carry around, meaning longer outdoor moments. Another reason to buy this spotting scope is that its M-Lens coating ensures you get efficient light transmission.

You can use this optic in almost any situation since its angled eyepiece enables you to enjoy extended viewing times without any eyestrain or muscle fatigue. if you’re looking for a high magnification and compact spotting scope with multi-coated lenses and variable power, the Minox MD  is the best choice for you.

5. Best Spotting Scope for the Money: Celestron 52304 Regal M2 65ED

It’s important that you consider the performance of a spotting scope alongside its features before you decide to purchase it. A good scope should be one that comes with most of the important features and is offered at a lower cost when compared with other competing models. After careful consideration, this review finds the Celestron Regal M2 to be a great buy. spotting scope review

This spotting scope provides you with excellent images without any distortion. Its dispersion glass (extra low) enhances the image quality with a crisp resolution in addition to vibrant colors. The viewing area’s edges are never out of focus, even when this spotting scope is viewed at higher magnifications.

Its dual focus features enable you to make fine adjustments, enabling you to have an easier time using this best spotting scope for the money.

To prevent corrosion, this lightweight scope body is made using magnesium alloy, and its optics are totally protected from weather elements. Keep in mind that magnesium alloy is lightweight but strong and durable when you compare it with the usual aluminum alloy housings.

A magnification removable eyepiece (16x – 48x) is included when buying the Celestron Regal M2 in addition with a photo adapter that helps to get your spotting scope ready for “digiscoping” in the outdoors.

The ED Objective Len reduces chromatic aberration, increases contrast and resolution in addition to providing you with accurate color reproduction.

Whether its day or night, the Regal 2 is optimized to ensure you get the sharpest images possible. You’ll love this spotting scope when it comes to nature observing, bird watching, casual astronomical observing and long distance viewing, all at a friendly price.

This spotting scope comes with a rotating (tripod ring) which ensures greater flexibility when you’re viewing. The sunshade reduces any glare when you’re taking pictures, ensuring you get the best results.

As mentioned above, it’s important that you consider the features that come with a spotting scope. The Regal 2 offers you most of the advanced features found on more advanced models, but at an affordable price.

6. Best Spotting Scope under $200: BARSKA 30-90×90

In some instances, you may want a  cheap spotting scope, for example, if you’re a beginner. The BARSKA Spotting Scope 30-90×90 Colorado is one great spotting scope that you can get under $200. It’s designed with a straight body model and offers you a high magnification range of (30x – 90x).

That is quite exceptional for a spotting scope of this class. Its Porro prism (fully coated) helps increases the optics, which means that you’ll get a high quality and bright image. spotting scope review

Even at higher magnification libels, the Barska maintains noteworthy image clarity and quality. That means it’s a quality product that available at below $200. It’s imported, but what you should remember is that it’s among the best hunting spotting scopes.

The Barska scope is perfect for viewing up to 300 yards even in low light conditions, which means you should consider buying this spotting scope. Remember that there are scopes, which offer you better quality in the market, but compared to this one, you’ll have to break the bank.

It’s the best choice if you’re looking for a short range or starter shooting scope. However, you should make sure you have a strong tripod to handle this huge piece of glass.

However, anything that comes at a lower price will also have some issues. For instance, the Barska scope’s eye relief is pitiful, which means you’ll won’t be able to use it with eye protection, which is vital at a range. Another thing is that the tripod mount you’re using must be rock solid.

Otherwise, touching your scope even slightly, such as when adjusting the zoom or focus will push it off-target wildly at long range. This is not entirely the fault of the scope, but the manufactures should have made the Barska more tripod friendly by ensuring the knobs produce little less resistance when you turn them.

You may also want to check out their latest release, the Barska 20-60x60mm Colorado Spotting Scope. A good number of users say they have had a good experience with it.

7. Best Spotting Scopes under $500:  Vortex Optics Diamondback

Mid-priced spotting scopes can still offer you exceptional features. After some thorough research, we have settled on the Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope as one of the best selection below the $500 price range.

The Vortex (Optics Diamondback)is one amazing mid-range spotting scope. Among the reasons why you should purchase it is that its value is matched by impressive performance. This spotting scope has a reputation of offering you amazing features and service, which are at par with other models that cost twice as much. spotting scope review

This scope comes with fully multi-coated lens along with a prism coating (dielectric) which enhances light transmission. That means you’ll get an image which retains the bright colors you see in nature.

Its body design is classic straight and comes with water and fog resistant seals that protect your spotting scope from debris and moisture. If you’re looking forward to “digiscoping”, you should consider this sturdy and classic scope.

The sunshade, which is included, helps in reducing glare in the FOV (field of view).

If you’re looking for a heavyweight performance in a compact and light package, you should opt for the Diamondback 20-60×80. Another reason to purchase this spotting scope is that it features a (twist and lock collar) that lets you move your spotting scope in various glassing positions.

The eyecup, which is adjustable, twists down and up to ensures you enjoy maximum comfort while using the scope.

Other features that you’ll find convenient on this scope include the focus wheel, which is easy to use and smooth and powerful zoom eyepiece.

The Vortex Diamondback is nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed. That means it delivers you a fogproof and waterproof performance, meaning what you get is value for your money.

Moreover, the rubber armor provides you with enhanced grip and durability. As with other Diamondback optics, the rugged construction on this model ensures that it stands up to rough use while in the outdoors, guaranteeing you a bright image throughout its magnification range.

8. Vanguard Endeavor – Best Budget Spotting Scope

The Vanguard Endeavor spotting scope is well known in the industry for providing users with excellent service at a reasonable cost. For instance, its fully multi-coated lens and dispersion glass (extra low) ensure you get sharp details and vivid colors.

This scope combines its fully multi-coated optical system and nitrogen-filed magnesium housing. It offer users a well-equipped scoping mechanism perfect for long-range observation. spotting scope review

In addition to the weather-sealed construction and image quality, this Vanguard Endeavor scope comes with several features, which ensure you, enjoy enhanced functionality. Among them are the eyecup (rubber covered) and excellent eye relief even when this spotting scope is at its highest zoom settings.

The sunshield, which is built-in eliminates glare when in direct sunlight.

This spotting scope comes with an included padded coat with a sling for protection and carrying purposes.

It’s equipped with coarse and fine focusing wheels for precision and quick fine tuning adjustments.

the Vanguard Endeavor scope features a (15-45x Magnification) range and a 14 feet close focus top produce distortion-free and picture perfect images, giving you the ability to get the best results while in the outdoors.

The dual focus feature provides you with the ability to make small adjustments, which you need as a discriminating user.

The rubber armoring protects your spotting scope from damage, in addition to making it fogproof and waterproof.

This scope is designed with an extended eye relief to ensure you enjoy more comfort while observing in the impressive FOV (field of view)

Moreover, the Vanguard Endeavor (Spotting Scope) mounts directly to tripod heads from Vanguard (and others), which have the universal mounting plate without having to use the quick shoe.

Vanguard is well known for designing products that provide you with superior performance at a great value. It’s the reason why you should opt for the Vanguard Endeavor scope. What you’ll get is a scope that can withstand outdoor weather conditions and give you excellent images.

9. Best Spotting Scope for Hunting – Swarovski HD-STS 80

The Swarovski 80mm spotting Scope is one excellent choice for hunting in the outdoors. It’s a straight scope, that features fully multi-coated lens and high-density glass, which enable you to get high-quality images. For the best positioning flexibility, the tripod ring (rotating) ensures hunters get their wish.

It offers you a close focus of 16 feet, giving hunters the ability to view far or near wildlife.

This scope has a lightweight aluminum alloy body, which means you’ll find it easy to carry as you trek through the woods. For extra protection from weather elements, the Swaroclean Coating on this scope ensures your scope is well protected. spotting scope review

The Swarovski (HD-STS 80) scope is fogproof and waterproof, qualities that give you peace of mind when using the spotting scope in the outdoors. In addition, the rubber armoring on this spotting scope protects it against noise and shock, which means you enjoy a silent observation.

Its submersible up to 13ft, which means you’ll have peace of mind that even it drops on water while in the outdoors, it will still be intact.

It’s easy to use and provides you with the best clarity.

It features a sunshade that reduces glare in addition to shielding the objective lens. However, the eyepiece on this model is sold separately.

This spotting scope will impress you with its fine resolution, unique functionality, brilliant design and ergonomic design. Remember HD spotting scopes come with complex (high-grade) optical systems that allow for extremely detailed observation.

It enables you to get high contrast images and pictures up to the periphery in addition to absolute color fidelity even in low light conditions.

Swarovski (HD-STS 80) is sleek, streamlined and stylish, meaning it’s time to move on from boxy and big old-school spotting scopes. You will have an advantage when it comes to hunting, thanks to the optics that come with this model.

By looking through its eyepiece, you won’t have any trouble getting the finest details from extremely long ranges.

10. Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting is the Leupold SX-1

The Leupold 20-60x80mm Ventana 2 Spotting Scope offers you fantastic optical quality and comes in a sleek design. It will provide you with an expansive FOV (field of view), bright visual and high contrast. It’s smooth focusing, eyecups (twist up) and comfortable angled eyepiece ensure you get the best experience.

The objective lens on this scope is made from high-quality glass alongside optical coatings (specialized) to enable you to get bright and clear images. To prevent reflections and internal ghosting, the lens elements are multi-coated. The coatings are highly reflective, which means they minimize loss of light, boost contrast, and color fidelity. spotting scope review

This model is waterproof and fogproof in addition to having fully multi-coated lens coating.  This spotting scope has a body that’s nitrogen filled that enables it to have these qualities. When you compare with the other models that it competes with, you’ll find that it’s less expensive.

The Leupold (20-60x80mm) is designed to enable you to achieve bright visuals, high contrast with an expansive FOV.

This spotting scope (angled) comes with a tripod adapter (built in) port, which fits that ensures you enjoy maximum compatibility.

If you love outdoor target shooting, this spotting scope model should be your top choice. The SX-1 Ventana 2 spotting scope combines striking and sleek industrial design along with the best optical quality to give you a product, which enables you to enjoy target shooting.

With its magnification ranges and additional eyepiece choices, you will experience more confidence and greater comfort whenever you’re in the outdoors viewing.

It’s important to remember spotting scopes from Synergy bring together every detail of engineering, design, quality control and sourcing into one cohesive unit.

The kit comes with a soft case and hard-shell case for string and transport. It also includes a tiltable tripod with (adjustable legs and a shoulder strap.

If you’re looking for the best spotting scope that’s lightweight and offers you great clarity, you should consider choosing the SX-1 Ventana 2.

11. The Best Spotting Scope for Birding – Kowa TSN-880

The Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scope is one excellent spotting scope for birding. That’s because the optical and lens features are included. Its fluorite crystal lens and dual focus provide you with superb images, which have enhanced features such as resolution, contrast and color.

The Porro prism and fully multi-coated lens enable you to get a viewing experience, which has adequate intake, that’s even in low light conditions. spotting scope review

When viewing birds from a long distance, you will often get a distorted and sharp image. However, a higher magnification level maintains a perfect image quality.  A lens that offers you this quality is quite heavy. It’s for this reason that the body of the Kowa (TSN-880) is made of magnesium alloy material that’s corrosion resistant.

The reason is to help it offset the weight. Additional eyepieces of this model are purchased separately. To secure the removable eyepieces, the locking mechanism securely locks them into place.

The Kowa (TSN-880) Series is a high-performance spotting scope. It comes with high-end specifications and has a rugged construction. It’s designed using lightweight but strong polycarbonate materials, making it have a rigid structure.

It’s waterproof to protection standards (JIS class 7). That gives you peace of mind that your scope is safe while in the outdoors. In order to prevent the lens from fogging, it’s filled using nitrogen gas.

The featured eyepiece (angled) enables you to enjoy comfortable high-angle use. Moreover, this spotting scope features the Prominar objective lens, 88mm. The lens made out of 100% fluorite crystal. It completely eliminates chromatic aberration.

Its length measures 13.5 inches while the weight is 53.6 ounces. The Kowa (TSN-880) comes with a heart sided case, soft-sided case, tripod mounting system and eyepiece locking mechanism.

The body system, which is of magnesium alloy greatly reduces the scope’s overall carrying weight. It also gives it a rigid structure which can withstand any outdoor conditions. The Kowa (TSN-880) is one amazing spotting scope that you can use in any situation without fearing any dents.

What is a spotting scope used for?

You can use a spotting scope for:

  • Surveillance,
  • Birding,
  • Hunting,
  • Viewing wildlife,
  • Viewing landscapes,
  • Neighborhood watch,
  • Viewing distant ships,

And viewing anything that is not clear enough on a pair of binoculars. You may also use it to score targets on rifle, archery ranges, pistols and viewing stars.

Overall, a spotting scope gives the best images that you can get when viewing terrestrial objects from a long distant. The images you can get from using a scope are much better and detailed than those you get when using a quality rifle scope or binoculars.

How to Choose a Spotting Scope